Recent Parkland home sales, March 28-April 3, 2021

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of March 28-April 3, 2021. The median sale price was $684,000.

5725 N.W. 65th Terrace
Parkland East$775,000
Buyer: Stephany L Seuell and Mark Hughey
Seller: Barbara A. Mugnano (revocable trust)

12660 N.W. 78th Manor
Parkland West$525,000
Buyer: Michael and Carolyn Reitz
Seller: Salvatore J. and Olga M. Catanese

6041 N.W. 68th St.
Parkland East$790,000
Buyer: Siobhan Proksell and Brian Scott Gilmore
Seller: Erika Y Gamboa and Thomas J. Esposito

6663 Stratford Drive
Parkland East$382,000
Buyer: Sherif Fouad Abdelfattah Hussein and Julia Zubkova
Seller: Realty Wholesalers Inc.

6263 N.W. 110th Ave.
Parkland West$585,000
Buyer: Hien V Le and Loi Nguyen
Seller: Alfonso Lopez Jr. and Eva Lopez

12540 N.W. 79th Manor
Parkland West$684,000
Buyer: Esar and Esau Gangadin
Seller: Carina Rampello Carrerou

12038 N.W. 69th Court
Parkland West$1,150,500
Buyer: Robert D. Bolber
Seller: Olga Belikova and Sergey Belikov

8166 Emerald Ave.
Parkland West$775,000
Buyer: William Adams
Seller: Stephanie Farmer (revocable trust)

9525 Kenley Court
Parkland West$780,000
Buyer: Antonio and Laura Moscatelli
Seller: Gal Capital Group Inc.

7525 N.W. 61st Terrace
Parkland East$324,000
Buyer: Eyleen De Lourdes Armas Hernandez
Seller: Stephanie Vieira, Sharon Gail Rutherford and Sharon Gann

10285 N.W. 60th Place
Parkland West$660,000
Buyer: Keisha Nicholas Hoilett and Sheridan Maxwell Davis
Seller: Tonia Celine Boul

7500 N.W. 124th Ave.
Parkland West$1,070,180
Buyer: Shir and Gilad Bechar
Seller: Daniel S. and Corey M. Best

7525 N.W. 61st Terrace
Parkland East$346,000
Buyer: Jorge and Nelida Vasiliadis
Seller: Benjamin Snow and Carmen Ludtke

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