Oakland Park home sales during March 28-April 3, 2021

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of March 28-April 3, 2021. The median sale price was $192,500.

113 Lake Emerald Drive
Oakland Park West$125,000
Buyer: Greg Cassimatis, Peter and Margaret Cassimatis (irrevocable trust)
Seller: Richard M. and Ingeborg M. and Tanya Marie Maximoff

1530 N.E. 40th St.
Oakland Park East$465,000
Buyer: Ihar Martsemyanau
Seller: Gary A. and Patricia A. Winik

811 N.W. 39th St.
Oakland Park Central$357,900
Buyer: Tanner Simms Johnson
Seller: Manhattan Associates Leasing Co. Ltd.

411 N.E. 58th Court
Oakland Park Central$375,000
Buyer: Kimberley and Marthe N. Allonce
Seller: Ateed LLC

111 Royal Park Drive
Oakland Park West$158,000
Buyer: Alison Taylor
Seller: Betty A. Schuler

4460 N.W. 19th Way
Oakland Park West$372,000
Buyer: Sean Sebastian and Ayshea Angelene Lewis
Seller: Andras and Erika Bedo

3320 N.E. Fifth Ave.
Oakland Park Central$11,073
Buyer: Allied Liberty Development Corp.
Seller: Patricia Ware, Constance Freeman and Anthony Robert Johnson

4450 N.W. 17th Ave.
Oakland Park West$393,000
Buyer: Angela Merlo
Seller: Janet E. and Mark S. McDougall

112 Lake Emerald Drive
Oakland Park West$147,500
Buyer: Michelle Aguirre and Joel Williams
Seller: Allmar Property LLC

735 N.W. 35th St.
Oakland Park Central$400,000
Buyer: Arneitha McCall Johnson
Seller: Kyle Oakes II and Jody R Howard

114 Lake Emerald Drive
Oakland Park West$144,500
Buyer: Diane Barnes
Seller: Paul Cuoccio

330 N.E. 42nd Court
Oakland Park Central$310,000
Buyer: Leverock & Associates LLC
Seller: Marc A. Beard

5296 N.E. Second Terrace
Oakland Park Central$315,000
Buyer: Jamaal Enrique Gill and Melisza McPherson
Seller: Bridgewater Capital LLC

5265 N.E. Third Ave.
Oakland Park Central$135,000
Buyer: Loushy Laurent
Seller: Douglas and Curt Berry

5265 N.E. Third Ave.
Oakland Park Central$135,000
Buyer: Loushy Laurent
Seller: Margaret E. Vosburg

4900 N.E. First Terrace
Oakland Park Central$349,900
Buyer: Noelle Tatiana Williams
Seller: Valentina Sierra and 4900 Family Land Trust

4721 N.E. Sixth Ave.
Oakland Park Central$380,000
Buyer: Camilo S Franco
Seller: Shawn Michael and Jon Clifford Anderson

5220 N.E. Sixth Ave.
Oakland Park Central$187,300
Buyer: Jonathan Zurbel
Seller: Magali Salazar

113 Lake Emerald Drive
Oakland Park West$169,900
Buyer: Lamonte D Purdie
Seller: Alex M. Fong Yee and Maria Wong

1581 N.E. 34th Court
Oakland Park East$147,500
Buyer: Deborah Silver
Seller: Sean Frampton

3040 N.E. 16th Ave.
Oakland Park East$175,000
Buyer: Robert William Clark Moss
Seller: Brian F Reddy and Heraclides Franco Flores

2850 N. Oakland Forest Drive
Oakland Park West$170,000
Buyer: Wadieh Samir Asfour & Marianne Esmat Adly Ayad 2019 (revocable trust)
Seller: Delroy Dennett

115 Lake Emerald Drive
Oakland Park West$150,000
Buyer: Patricia Horan (life estate) and Steven Hanley
Seller: Steven Hanley

511 N.E. 59th St.
Oakland Park Central$195,000
Buyer: All About Real Estate LLC
Seller: David Vera

3520 N.W. 21st Ave.
Oakland Park West$420,000
Buyer: Tracy and Antonia Perkins
Seller: Susan Godfrey (living trust)

1871 Coral Heights Blvd.
Oakland Park East$500,000
Buyer: Olivier Cantagrill
Seller: Matthew Schneider

3401 N.W. 44th St.
Oakland Park West$192,500
Buyer: Dg & I Group LLC
Seller: G & J Group LLC

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