Weekly recap, March 28-April 3, 2021 home sales in Davie

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of March 28-April 3, 2021. The median sale price was $233,500.

5560 S.W. 40th St.
Davie East$32,143
Buyer: Carmelina Samayoa
Seller: Elmers Medina

14070 S Forest Oak Circle
Davie West$353,000
Buyer: Fouad M. and Adriana Aguiar Alli
Seller: Debra A. McMillon

2375 S.W. 83rd Terrace
Buyer: Ronald D Rubin
Seller: Patricia Lightfoot

11130 S.W. 11th Place
Davie Central$325,000
Buyer: Heather Chamberlain
Seller: Leslie Harrington

6976 S.W. 39th St.
Davie East$193,000
Buyer: Tal and Lee Cohen
Seller: Steven G. and Valerie Schwartz and Valerie Turnbull

3151 E. Stonebrook Circle
Davie West$1,675,000
Buyer: James Caron and Andrea Lorine Butler
Seller: Sandra L. and Corey B. Heller

1121 S.W. 110th Lane
Davie Central$306,000
Buyer: Katelyn F Saxton
Seller: Alexandra Dolores Lopez Feliciano and Kevin Moreno

4247 N.W. 76th Ave.
Davie East$265,000
Buyer: Jose A. Laconcha
Seller: Jean E. and Patricia N. Collins

11005 S.W. 11th Place
Davie Central$84,350
Buyer: Lissette M. Ference (life estate) and Alannah L. and Zachary S. Ference
Seller: Lissette M Ference

13240 S.W. Seventh Court
Buyer: R & P Property Corp.
Seller: Patricia Shane and Robert F. Tapp

6601 S.W. 41st Place
Davie East$209,000
Buyer: Orbis Voyage LLC
Seller: Jie Guo and Quingmei Liu

4132 S.W. 130th Ave.
Davie West$1,140,000
Buyer: Christopher Wong and Viviana Andrea Enciso Upegui
Seller: Scott A. Orth and Vivian L. Munoz-Orth

43 Madrid Lane
Davie Central$180,000
Buyer: Olenka N Molineros Solorzano, Fausto Rafael Espinoza Molinero and Yolanda Vanesa Espinoza
Seller: Michael and Kathalyn F. and Barry Haimo

12640 S.W. 13th Manor
Davie West$480,000
Buyer: Jimy Sanchez
Seller: Leslie M. and Carol V. Kovach

1512 Whitehall Drive
Davie Central$233,500
Buyer: John C. and Annmarie C. Foley
Seller: Elizabeth Mavin

11020 S.W. 40th St.
Davie Central$770,000
Buyer: Kathryn Lynne Letourneau and Benjamin Wheeler Stiles
Seller: Ellen W. Amigo and Ellen Wiener Amigo (living trust)

6400 Huron Terrace
Davie West$760,000
Buyer: Jeremy Alberto Cepeda Ramirez
Seller: Carlos E Barbosa and Renata Zani Santoro

9410 Live Oak Place
Davie Central$125,000
Buyer: Eric Dounn (life estate) and Samuel Adam Dounn
Seller: Maoxin Zhao

7173 Orange Drive
Davie East$138,000
Seller: Gary and Shirley Subratie

11913 S.W. 13th Court
Davie Central$116,050
Buyer: Lasonya S Potter
Seller: Susana Potter

8410 S.W. 41st Court
Davie Central$357,500
Buyer: Shawn Strickland and Larissa Nicole Renna
Seller: Nicole E Miller

9340 Lagoon Place
Davie Central$111,000
Buyer: Hector E Perez Acevedo, Hector Perez Otero and Maribel Acevedo Rivera
Seller: Francisco and Beatriz Garguillo

4310 S.W. 82nd Way
Davie Central$356,000
Buyer: Leslie Hill
Seller: Darryl S. and Kristyn S. Gray and Kristyn S Castillo

7781 N.W. 36th St.
Davie East$320,000
Buyer: Yulissa Alvarez and Edward Sosa Jr.
Seller: Lionel Laborde

8300 S.W. 21st St.
Buyer: David J. St. and Audrey J. St. John
Seller: Anthony J Sapienza

4158 S.W. 65th Ave.
Davie East$90,000
Buyer: Raymond Hansen and Evelyne Ng
Seller: Chui Wong

10278 Laurel Road
Davie Central$1,150,000
Buyer: Albert Iian and Joyce J. Trojanowski
Seller: Thomas Guttman

14900 S.W. 20th St.
Buyer: Philip and Lindsey Digiacomo
Seller: James J. Crocker

2196 S.W. 83rd Ave.
Buyer: Ronald Hill
Seller: Carol Pappalardo and Reginald Stonier

2357 S.W. 84th Ave.
Buyer: Rosa E. Carranza and Lesli Salazar
Seller: Nona J Kennedy and Sheila A. Fountain

2941 W. Abiaca Circle
Davie Central$685,000
Buyer: Matthew Libman
Seller: Darren Litwin and Roberta Lee Rosenfeld (revocable living trust)

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