Weekly recap, March 28-April 3, 2021 home sales in Margate

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of March 28-April 3, 2021. The median sale price was $187,000.

5400 S.W. 11th St.
Margate South$290,000
Buyer: Xamarah Seda
Seller: Juliet Leslie-Hollins and Frank Hollins

6911 N.W. 27th Court
Margate North$450,000
Buyer: Angelo L Savastano
Seller: Sean M. Mullings and Latesha Ramcharan-Mullings

3351 Bonito Lane
Margate North$255,000
Buyer: Joseph Kliger
Seller: Jennifer Izaguirre, Suzanne and Gianna M. Burgess and Dawn Grieco

6507 Winfield Blvd.
Margate North$90,000
Buyer: Sebastian Ariel Sassano
Seller: Barbara Van Airsdale

3267 Festival Drive
Margate North$76,000
Buyer: Thomas J. Hahner and Corine M Smith
Seller: Thomas J. Hahner

675 S.W. 66th Ave.
Buyer: Fam Lot 10 LLC
Seller: Golden Global Equity LLC

7561 N.W. First St.
Margate South$120,000
Buyer: Joseph Jacob and Elizabeth Joseph
Seller: Jose and Ruby Alanoly

725 Banks Road
Margate Central$224,000
Buyer: Matthew L. Mundy
Seller: Karen Munder

651 N.W. 76th Terrace
Margate Central$85,000
Buyer: Patricia Avila
Seller: Edward S. Zielnicki Jr. and Louise Zielnicki (revocable living trust)

3182 Marion Ave.
Margate North$295,000
Buyer: Deloris Smith and Casie-Jean Nicole Norman
Seller: Michael Smith

3241 Holiday Springs Blvd.
Margate North$109,000
Buyer: A. Claudia Kadera
Seller: Angeline Suarez

7605 W. Atlantic Blvd.
Margate Central$68,000
Buyer: Martha Lucia Garcia and Luz Miryam Calderon
Seller: Graciela Ortiz

7301 N.W. First St.
Margate South$81,000
Buyer: Carlos Alberto Marzullo
Seller: William and Nancy D. Marrale

480 N.W. 76th Ave.
Margate South$113,000
Buyer: Lenford T Mills and Precious Smith
Seller: Amy Thomas

6920 N.W. 34th St.
Margate North$456,000
Buyer: Lisa Michelle Keyes
Seller: Jose F. and Elsie Cortes

6150 S.W. Seventh St.
Margate South$245,000
Buyer: Rafael A. Lopez
Seller: Giovanni Falzone and Louise Falgone

3320 Pinewalk Drive
Margate North$165,000
Buyer: Nyus 11 Corp.
Seller: Coral Key Investments III LLC

2010 N.W. 70th Ave.
Margate North$390,000
Buyer: Stephanie Vonhedt
Seller: Marcela Nunez and James D. Gourlay

278 W. Hemingway Circle
Margate South$262,000
Buyer: Adrien Denis Manoach Glezil
Seller: Ah Properties II LLC

1490 N.W. 70th Lane
Margate Central$187,000
Buyer: Luis Sanchez and Nanette Gonzalez
Seller: Corinne Rodi

6075 N.W. 16th Court
Margate Central$118,500
Buyer: Joseph Achille and Carole Mondesir
Seller: Marie J. Joseph and Clarence Achille Joseph

7330 N.W. Eighth St.
Margate Central$270,000
Buyer: Michael Naftaniel
Seller: Paul and Susan Barasch

1402 N.W. 80th Ave.
Margate Central$113,000
Buyer: Rosario Molina and James Cullen
Seller: Brunilda Casiano

3350 Pinewalk Drive
Margate North$130,000
Buyer: Ariel Ivan Martinez Sr., Ellen Martinez and Ariel Ivan Martinez Jr.
Seller: Roberto Orlandi and Dario Dilustro

551 N.W. 80th Ave.
Margate Central$85,000
Buyer: Liliana Molineros
Seller: Enrique and Graciela Roca

2770 N.W. 51st Terrace
Margate North$385,000
Buyer: Nancy B. and Oliver F. Frias
Seller: Michael H. Barone II

5551 Lakeside Drive
Margate Central$149,500
Buyer: Monica J Venegas
Seller: James Charles Fiorito

5621 S.W. Second Court
Margate South$67,500
Buyer: Robert Desrosiers (life estate), Sylvie Ouellet (life estate) and Yves Desrosiers
Seller: Anthony J Peraica

7637 N.W. 25th St.
Margate North$375,000
Buyer: Stacy-Ann Preddie
Seller: Nathan J. and Kimberly P. Veirs

1455 N.W. 69th Terrace
Margate Central$198,000
Buyer: Realty Wholesalers Inc.
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Rochelle Chapman

6917 N.W. 32nd St.
Margate North$342,000
Buyer: Tamir Shachr
Seller: Tanisha M Williams

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