Home sales during March 28-April 3, 2021 in Deerfield Beach

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of March 28-April 3, 2021. The median sale price was $230,000.

2444 S.W. 15th St.
Deerfield Beach Central$248,000
Buyer: Colton J Smith
Seller: Carlos Adriano and Cristina Camargo

333 N.E. 21st Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$860,000
Buyer: Giuseppe and Rosalie Gagliardi
Seller: Bennett and Donna Marks

3328 Deer Creek Alba Circle
Deerfield Beach Central$267,000
Buyer: Johana Zuluaga Largo
Seller: Daniel J. Heter III

1182 S.W. First Terrace
Deerfield Beach East$315,000
Buyer: Katrina Lamott
Seller: Lisa Earhart and Jennifer Faith O'Brien

1115 S.E. 12th Terrace
Deerfield Beach East$1,550,000
Buyer: Arthur Michael Castiglia
Seller: URS Minder

90 Farnham
Deerfield Beach Central$75,000
Buyer: Gladys Martinez Rosado
Seller: Neisha Mungroo and Parbatee Singh

421 S.E. 14th St.
Buyer: Forbicini Inc.
Seller: Douglas T. Falkiewicz

1910 N.E. Fifth St.
Deerfield Beach East$340,000
Buyer: Arlette and Marissa Ploen
Seller: Jason Zimmer and Nguyen Le HOA

3 Capitol Court
Deerfield Beach West$400,000
Buyer: Jean-Pierre Charest
Seller: Donald E. McCollum Jr. and Gail A. McCollum

1319 E. Hillsboro Blvd.
Deerfield Beach East$418,000
Buyer: Frances and George Juskin
Seller: Roger D. Veile and Nancy Palmer-Veile

1001 S.E. Third St.
Buyer: Daniel and Meital Amzallag
Seller: Jeffrey A. and Christina L. Fleming

1061 Ventnor
Deerfield Beach Central$120,000
Buyer: Baden Ross Eckley and Anna Eisenberg
Seller: Gaetana and Lawrence Ghersi, Laura Lasky and Linda Puchall

3041 Durham
Deerfield Beach Central$95,000
Buyer: Michel Bellerive (life estate), Louise Corbeil (life estate) and Fanny and Marc-Andre Bellerive
Seller: Raymond Lebel and Francine D'Amours

333 N.E. 21st Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$635,000
Buyer: David J. Magar and Nancy Knudson-Magar
Seller: Giuseppe and Rosalie Gagliardi

4026 Cambridge
Deerfield Beach Central$105,000
Buyer: Maria Aparecida David
Seller: Ellen Bosco

272 N.W. 52nd Court
Buyer: Martin Gabelier (life estate), Joanne Bolduc (life estate) and Patrice and Fannie Gabelier
Seller: Sylvain and Jean-Guy Pitre

1068 Cambridge
Deerfield Beach Central$80,000
Buyer: Raymond Lebel (life estate), Francine D'Amours (life estate), Josee and Martine Lebel and Philippe Dumais
Seller: Walter Barry and Mariano Teresi

251 Markham
Deerfield Beach Central$64,500
Buyer: George and Joan Veigh and Lisa Adriani
Seller: Gonzalo Gil and Fulvia Contreras

1250 N.W. 51st Way
Deerfield Beach Central$299,900
Buyer: Primitiva Salvatrice Creel
Seller: Joseph Anthony Cona

239 Markham
Deerfield Beach Central$57,000
Buyer: Denis Emond (life estate), Michelle Pellerin (life estate) and Stephanie and Emilie Emond
Seller: Roland Heroux (life estate) and Monique Lacoste (life estate)

2056 Cambridge
Deerfield Beach Central$100,000
Buyer: Nathalie Rousseau (life estate), Francois Corbin (life estate) and Antoine and Pierre Oliver Corbin
Seller: Roger and Doris Montpetit

1246 S. Military Trail
Deerfield Beach Central$160,000
Buyer: Luz E Betancur Botero
Seller: Jmp Investment LLC

1960 N.E. First St.
Deerfield Beach East$125,000
Buyer: Maria and Philip Bozzelli, Lucia and Vincenzo Lomonaco and Angela Iannucci
Seller: Deerfield Surf Corp.

3475 Deer Creek Palladian Circle
Deerfield Beach Central$369,900
Buyer: Elliot and Nathalie Irizarry
Seller: Iris J. Pellach (living trust)

4334 N.W. Fourth Ave.
Deerfield Beach South$247,500
Buyer: Krystal and Austin Bierman
Seller: Jose Amria De Paula

44 Columbia Court
Deerfield Beach West$325,000
Buyer: Raquel A. Salazar and Ivelisse Hernandez
Seller: James S. and Patricia A. Olsen

4669 N.W. Ninth Ave.
Deerfield Beach South$230,500
Buyer: Ariel and Nayra Aranda
Seller: Timothy G Shealy

101 S.E. 20th Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$545,000
Buyer: Denis and Denise Muzio
Seller: Lei LI, Yuejian James Wang, XI LI Family (irrevocable trust), Coral Gables (trust) and XI LI Family (revocable trust)

2013 S.E. Third St.
Buyer: Fmo of Boca Raton Inc.
Seller: 1 Ocean Avenue LLC

1029 S.E. 14th St.
Deerfield Beach East$345,000
Buyer: Active Zone LLC
Seller: Ryan H. Krisher and Sein Goo

1258 S. Military Trail
Deerfield Beach Central$195,600
Buyer: Isabela Maria Vieira
Seller: Costa Blue Group LLC

560 S.E. Second Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$130,000
Buyer: Jamil and Maria Elias
Seller: Neusa Ferreira

4015 Harwood
Deerfield Beach Central$75,000
Buyer: Bruce Nilsen
Seller: Ronald Andrew Sandler

959 S.E. Second Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$93,500
Buyer: Wilson Martinez
Seller: Larry C Hinze

1026 S.W. 42nd Terrace
Deerfield Beach West$300,000
Buyer: Stephanie Gutierrez Beauchamp and Andrew Scott Lopez
Seller: Michelle Denise and Tanya Joy Minor and Tanya Joy Meredith

1011 Farnham N.
Deerfield Beach Central$89,500
Buyer: Laurel Zucker
Seller: Anna Tarandiene and Artuuras Arturas and Aida Taranda Arturas

1370 S.W. Fifth Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$300,000
Buyer: Orale USA LLC
Seller: Gmax FL LLC

405 Tilford S.
Deerfield Beach Central$95,000
Buyer: Valentin and Lucia Vazquez
Seller: Donato and Chiara Molle

62 Markham
Deerfield Beach Central$88,000
Buyer: Daniel Turgeon (life estate), Isabelle Brochu (life estate), Charlie and Laurie Cabana and Jean Christophe and Amelie and Marie Soleil Turgeon
Seller: Alain and Patricia Raspaud

701 S.E. 21st Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$1,342,500
Buyer: Silvana Scotto-Zangri, Monica Scotto-Bruton, Pugliese and Tina Scotto 2018 Credit Shelter (trust)
Seller: Lawrence A. Schlussel (revocable living trust)

139 Tilford
Deerfield Beach Central$77,000
Buyer: Krystyna Jewusiak-Kaniuk
Seller: Leszek Saracen

4200 Crystal Lake Drive
Deerfield Beach South$140,000
Buyer: Job Clermont and Syncia Saint Louis
Seller: Adam Baker

884 S.E. 19th Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$650,000
Buyer: Robert E. Allard (living trust)
Seller: Mark G. Dreyer & Doris M. Dreyer (revocable trust)

110 S.E. Seventh St.
Deerfield Beach East$159,000
Buyer: Michelle Galperin
Seller: Robert Brett Huber

1315 S.W. 48th Terrace
Deerfield Beach West$306,000
Buyer: Manuel Jose Cuadrado Hambuerger and Jackeline Aragon Egea
Seller: Christopher P. and Jennifer Lee

3108 Congressional Way
Deerfield Beach West$215,000
Buyer: Emil E. and Grace Salman
Seller: Louis G. Dupont

164 Upminster
Deerfield Beach Central$71,000
Buyer: Shavie Friedman
Seller: Alison and Gary S. Eager

1803 Dolphin Place
Deerfield Beach Central$40,000
Buyer: Gerard J Martin
Seller: Tidewater Estates Co-Op Inc.

1013 Berkshire
Deerfield Beach Central$32,000
Buyer: Gary Laufenberg and 1013 Berkshire A. Land Trust
Seller: Sandi West

41 Deer Creek Road
Deerfield Beach Central$140,000
Buyer: Veronica Patassy
Seller: Patagonica LLC

2393 Deer Creek Woodlands Way
Deerfield Beach Central$289,000
Buyer: Daniel Flook
Seller: Ann S. Tranghese

299 Durham
Deerfield Beach Central$63,000
Buyer: Leydi Fortini (life estate), Linda Fortini (life estate) and John Fortini
Seller: Francine Lacaille

4706 N.W. Sixth Ave.
Deerfield Beach South$230,000
Buyer: Christopher and Tashay Malcolm
Seller: Maria De Lourdes Freitas Lima

664 S.E. 20th Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$305,000
Buyer: Francis Beaulieu
Seller: Donald W. Baldwin

601 S.E. Eighth Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$400,000
Buyer: Brian M Corn
Seller: Diego A. Aguilar

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