March 28-April 3, 2021: Dubuque home sales

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of March 28-April 3, 2021. The median sale price was $210,000.

815 Euclid St.
Buyer: Richard A. and Susan L. Erickson
Seller: Michael E. and Andrea S. and Mike E. Gomoll

2094 Carter Road
Buyer: Jacob J. Semann and Amanda E. Ricci
Seller: Mitchell John Mitchell J. and Kara Evelyn Skul Mitchell J. and Kara Evelyn Scherbring

280 Devon Drive
Buyer: Gregory A. and Nicole Atnip
Seller: Colin M. and Christina M. Sinnott

540 Stevens Court
Buyer: Jared G Nyabuti and Elizabeth Kwamboka
Seller: Zoros Investments LLC

330 River Ridge St.
Buyer: Joshua R. and Grace A. Volgarino
Seller: Mark J. and Chasity N. McCue

2724 Tiffany Court
Buyer: Loren R. and Lara L. Legrand
Seller: Jeffery A. and Teresa I. Glover

2655 Dove St.
Buyer: John G. Smith
Seller: Mary T. Sweeney

2035 Admiral St.
Buyer: Steven C. and Dagaiah J. Olson
Seller: Joann Weigel

1888 Tyler Road
Buyer: Dionte T Stewart and Kristie L Carroll
Seller: Jeremy P. and Kelly A. Noel

994 Indian Ridge
Buyer: Mark J. Higley (trustee) and Mark J. Higley (trust)
Seller: James C. Nesler (trustee), Margaret M. Nesler (trustee) and Nesler Family Trust

1625 Lucy Drive
Buyer: Joshua Joe and Stephanie Lynn Berlage
Seller: Ross P. and Haley N. Milne

2156 Main St.
Buyer: Natalie A. Heck
Seller: Bessie L. Carter

858 Patricia Ann Drive
Buyer: Matthew A. and Kathryn A. Wartick
Seller: Aaron J. and Donyelle K. Dalrick and Donyelle K Inhulsen

743 Cleveland Ave.
Buyer: Jason P. and Jessica M. Spautz
Seller: Thomas J. and Brigite E. Omara

1296 Langworthy St.
Buyer: Steven Jerome and Irma Z. Kirpes
Seller: Raymond L. Kirpes (trustee), Raymond L. Kirpes (trust) and Raymond L. Kirpes Living (revocable trust)

406 Almond St.
Buyer: Stanley S. and Leah Murray
Seller: Alec R Bauer

3684 Welu Drive
Buyer: Clayton E. and Nia N. Ortmann
Seller: Todd A. and Suzanne M. Ellison

375 Alpine St.
Buyer: Robert F. and Thea M. Dement
Seller: David T. and Marianne M. Resnick

2326 Central Ave.
Buyer: Bfk LLC
Seller: Hg Apt LLC

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