April 11-17, 2021: Hollywood home sales

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of April 11-17, 2021. The median sale price was $340,000.

3340 Simms St.
Hollywood Central$230,000
Buyer: Andrey and Irina Shmulyarenko
Seller: Terry Koppel Tait

2501 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$222,000
Buyer: Zorak LLC
Seller: A & E Propiedades 1419 LLC

1500 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$220,000
Buyer: Sylvie Gaudreau and Dominique Gauthier
Seller: NTA Wellness Inc.

3800 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$345,000
Buyer: Ayman Garis and Randa Sedra
Seller: Alexei Gulia Janovski, Lioudmila Gulia Janovskaia and Lioudmila Gulia Janovkaia

7400 Taylor St.
Hollywood West$340,000
Buyer: Yosvany Peraza Pineda and Yuraibis Duque
Seller: Eduardo E. and Estrella Rimblas

2114 N. 41st Ave.
Hollywood Central$476,000
Buyer: Walter Julca and Jennifer Denise Cortiella
Seller: James E. and Sonia C. Martin

1141 N. Northlake Drive
Hollywood East$870,000
Buyer: 1141 N Northlake LLC
Seller: Manuel and Susan Rivas

2427 Washington St.
Hollywood East$355,000
Buyer: Jean Luis Martinez MacHado
Seller: Reina Garcia and Jaime Dejesus Rivas

6110 Call St.
Hollywood West$115,000
Buyer: Roy T. Ward (life estate), Gurdlyn Ward (life estate) and Joan Ward Cuff
Seller: Roy T. and Gurdlyn Ward

3690 N. 56th Ave.
Hollywood Central$130,000
Buyer: Jack and Taylor Massre
Seller: Leon and Audrey McAllister

2115 Anton Terrace
Hollywood East$308,000
Buyer: 2115 Anton LLC
Seller: Mircea and Elena Balean

4109 Grant St.
Hollywood Central$377,000
Buyer: Maurice and Rosario Allison
Seller: Subose Dasari and Hepsiba Palle

1201 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$225,000
Buyer: Ross and Wendy Cooper
Seller: Mivo Miami LLC

4931 Van Buren St.
Hollywood Central$575,000
Buyer: Brian Phillip and Dominique Chantel Narcisse
Seller: Cristina Costa-Agnone

312 Bougainvilla Terrace
Hollywood East$775,000
Buyer: Rafael and Elena Mordukhaev
Seller: William and Jeanne Marie Smith

2527 Roosevelt St.
Buyer: One Step Investments LLC
Seller: Reef Properties 2 LLC

400 S. Luna Court
Hollywood Central$140,000
Buyer: Xtradevelopment LLC
Seller: Marianna Giolitti

1270 Harbor Court
Hollywood East$3,000,000
Buyer: Rami and Joanna Boaziz
Seller: Bogdan and Valentina Georgescu

322 Buchanan St.
Hollywood East$319,900
Buyer: John R. and Janet M. Smith
Seller: Pedro Angel and Gail Garro

923 N. 14th Ave.
Hollywood East$540,000
Buyer: Ilya Kosenkov
Seller: Ryan Saab

2501 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$245,000
Buyer: Elina Turyants
Seller: Sam & Son's Investments Inc.

1510 S. 24th Court
Hollywood East$362,000
Buyer: Odlina Tousaint
Seller: JSER1 LLC

1400 Sheridan St.
Hollywood East$269,000
Buyer: Jose M. Oronoz Cabrero and Fabiola Garcia Martinez
Seller: House Group Assets LLC and Bpd FL Land Trust #2

1201 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$300,000
Buyer: Leslie Michelle Bennett-Granata and Matthew Edward Granata
Seller: Joseph Thomas II and Diane Kay Bennett and Bennett Family Trust

7511 Taylor St.
Hollywood West$345,000
Buyer: Ronald J Salazar Lopez and Paula X Molano
Seller: Jose Santiago Pillo Jr. and Maria E. Batista

3001 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$100,944.50
Buyer: Alberto A. Espinoso (life estate) and Yinelis Silvente Trujillo
Seller: Alberto A. Espinosa

1525 Rodman St.
Hollywood East$365,000
Buyer: Xinye Cao and Yiqi Zhu
Seller: George Steve Cavros and Eileen Mary Smith-Cavros

1521 N. 72nd Ave.
Hollywood West$300,000
Buyer: Kimberly Petropol and Susan Barber
Seller: Zohar Lavi

2201 N. 23rd Ave.
Buyer: Anthony and Elisa M. Tabasso
Seller: James Dempsey

1223 Jackson St.
Hollywood East$1,199,000
Buyer: Volodymyr Davydovych and Denys Paniv
Seller: James S. and Nicole N. Banner and Nicole N Mokri

1410 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$365,000
Buyer: Yakov and Yevgenia Fridman
Seller: Alfred and Angela Frenze

5932 Polk St.
Hollywood Central$330,000
Buyer: Myrlene Gabriel
Seller: Andres and Carolina Cruz

3505 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$390,000
Buyer: Katelin Bennett
Seller: Aaron J. and Genevieve Rafael and Susan Fallon

5109 Hayes St.
Hollywood Central$555,000
Buyer: Wilson Marte
Seller: Astrid Restrepo and Mariano J Pache

801 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$370,000
Buyer: Aldo E Lobos and Sealed
Seller: Charlene M Dykman

6891 Park St.
Hollywood West$365,000
Buyer: Alejandro Perez Perez and Naila Pelegrin Corrales
Seller: Paul Feldman Esq and 6891 Park St. Land Trust

4001 Hillcrest Drive
Hollywood Central$110,000
Buyer: Marguerite Fralick and Jada Shelby Lee
Seller: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.

2751 Taft St.
Hollywood East$162,400
Buyer: Eduardo Gomez Jr. and Maria Gomez
Seller: Peter A. and Donald Spencer Corrao

2201 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$485,000
Buyer: William Sergautis
Seller: Lnp Real Estate LLC

6351 Simms St.
Hollywood West$335,000
Buyer: Vellton Bardales, Lesbia G Canales and Jose Rosas
Seller: David Reinshuttle

1919 Van Buren St.
Hollywood East$179,900
Buyer: Christian Velez
Seller: Harry Kevin Miller

801 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$83,842
Buyer: Karen Goldstein
Seller: Adam S. and Karen Goldstein

2311 N. 70th Ave.
Hollywood West$354,900
Buyer: Diego Mesones and Yohandra Rodriguez Cabrales
Seller: Catherine Downey

1007 S. Northlake Drive
Buyer: Neil Matthew Bernstein and Julie Beth Schwartzbard
Seller: Future Properties LLC

1210 S. 23rd Ave.
Hollywood East$335,000
Buyer: Suzannah F. and Jeffrey P. Skinner
Seller: Maritza Martinez

3050 Garfield St.
Hollywood Central$139,074
Buyer: Volodymyr and Tetiana Tymchenko
Seller: Volodymyr and Tetiana Tymchenko and Denis O Vinogradovs

1401 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$388,000
Buyer: David Michael Pronchick
Seller: Mirela and Leos Zahorovsky

706 31st Road
Hollywood Central$330,000
Buyer: Alexander Vasquez
Seller: Edward P. and Amy E. Stevens

501 S. 61st Terrace
Hollywood West$169,900
Buyer: Atlantic Investment LLC (estate)
Seller: Ony Trucking Inc.

1110 N. 74th Terrace
Hollywood West$330,000
Buyer: Alejandro Bringuez Diaz and Jessica Borges Dalessandro
Seller: Pedro and Katiria Herrera

1400 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$225,000
Buyer: Alla Privis
Seller: Sara Jacobs Sichel

6716 Farragut St.
Hollywood West$269,000
Buyer: Ashley Nicole Sellers
Seller: Keith and Trina Spillman

2612 Wilson St.
Hollywood East$330,000
Buyer: Matthew Robert and Rebecca Stead Schulze
Seller: Daniel Alfonso, Daniel Alfonzo and Sol Maria Mercado

2547 Wilson St.
Buyer: Reef Properties LLC
Seller: Coral Gables Trust Co. and Naia Graham Baron (trust)

2301 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$530,000
Buyer: Debra Drane
Seller: Shaul Nahmias

47 Greens Road
Hollywood Central$505,000
Buyer: Hilary and Daniel Gitlitz
Seller: Federico F. and Margarita M. Yong

7111 Moseley St.
Hollywood West$390,000
Buyer: Yadira Garcia
Seller: Travis M Rinehart and Chelsea Peirce

3801 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$270,000
Buyer: Sunshine State International Inc.
Seller: Mapuche One LLC

1730 Sweetbay Way
Hollywood East$525,573
Buyer: Justin Delsesto and Lorena Basualdo
Seller: Jovi Dowell, Jasti Salem and Jonna Slaybaugh

3725 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$156,800
Buyer: Ada Armando and Giovanni Marcenaro Armando
Seller: Manuel and Magaly Carvajal

2201 Greene St.
Buyer: 2201 Greene Street LLC
Seller: Lucky Enterprises IV LLC

3232 Abbott Lane
Hollywood Central$160,000
Buyer: Lillian and Jose Mejia
Seller: Carolyn K Starkweather

2240 Johnson St.
Hollywood East$98,000
Buyer: Stefano Salocchi and Casa Nova Land Trust
Seller: Gerard and Joyce Barone

3901 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$350,000
Buyer: Fan Sun
Seller: Zhulduz Kongyrbay

2731 Taft St.
Hollywood East$130,000
Buyer: Pink Dot Inc.
Seller: Louis Smith

1450 Monroe St.
Hollywood East$725,000
Buyer: Yosef Y. and Rivkah Franklin
Seller: Helene M. Hansen (revocable trust)

330 N. 69th Way
Hollywood West$315,000
Buyer: Alfredo Ferreira
Seller: Northern and Keiva N. Greene and Keishea C Edwards

2431 N. 62nd Ave.
Hollywood West$265,000
Buyer: Irongate Investment Group LLC
Seller: Carol Lovins

1919 Van Buren St.
Hollywood East$207,000
Buyer: Zv Rolls Inc.
Seller: Harry K Miller

5641 Simms St.
Hollywood Central$272,000
Buyer: Guy Shalev
Seller: Rosemary Hartford and Terry L Rogers

4020 N Hills Drive
Hollywood Central$230,000
Buyer: Joshua Greenstein
Seller: Adam B. and Michael J. Glazer

209 Bonnie Brae Way
Hollywood Central$348,000
Buyer: Alexa J Grillo
Seller: Camille Buccelleto

3315 Water Oak Drive
Hollywood Central$295,000
Buyer: Elizabeth A. Calhoun
Seller: Oren Hilel

1517 Wiley St.
Hollywood East$480,000
Buyer: Miguel Furmento and Mora Brindisi
Seller: Thomas Eugene Dudkiewicz

2501 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$207,420
Buyer: BIGWAVE037 Inc.
Seller: Robse 305 LLC

2615 N. 66th Ave.
Hollywood West$345,000
Buyer: Maikel A. Armas and Leonor Del Tejeda Carmen
Seller: Frankly Luis and Yvonne Victorina Itzkowitz Forte

4401 Sanders St.
Hollywood Central$800,000
Buyer: Yitzchok Klein and Esther Elbogen
Seller: Steven R. and Abbe Becker

6226 Taylor St.
Hollywood West$355,000
Buyer: Courtney and Robin Nicole Mills
Seller: Scott Anthony Davis and Nilynn Claudette John

1400 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$259,000
Buyer: Alexander Santiago
Seller: Caterina Alvaro

1330 N. 65th Way
Hollywood West$377,000
Buyer: Yenislay Cortinas Perez and Eliany Capote
Seller: Alfredo Berland and Suvieta Losada Gonzalez

1907 N. 41st Ave.
Hollywood Central$414,900
Buyer: Angel Muino Ramos and Maileder Ayala
Seller: Richard and Joan Rossi

314 Oregon St.
Hollywood East$1,240,000
Buyer: Lisa Pinkerton Stampp
Seller: Ira L. and Ginger and Genevieve Zuckerman

2600 S. Ocean Drive S.
Hollywood East$350,000
Buyer: Cameron Murray
Seller: Richard and Nancy Abbinanti

2123 N. 14th Terrace
Hollywood East$440,000
Buyer: Garth Emmerson and Melaine Dottin
Seller: Paul and Rachel Katchmere

4101 N. 50th Ave.
Hollywood Central$515,000
Buyer: Moshe Freilich and Tova Toubin
Seller: Darryl and Nancy Kaplan

3481 S.W. 52nd St.
Hollywood Central$430,000
Buyer: Rachel and Ezra Shemtov
Seller: Marybel Basagoitia

5316 Adams St.
Hollywood Central$576,000
Buyer: Joseph Safdeye and Jas 2021 (trust)
Seller: Joseph M. and Allison M. Grella

2741 Taft St.
Hollywood East$117,500
Buyer: Sofia Di Lorenzo
Seller: Patricia Dolan Laehn

3800 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$318,000
Buyer: Juan Anna Romano
Seller: Harbans and Parveen Sodiwal

1220 Fillmore St.
Hollywood East$1,250,000
Buyer: Fcp Group LLC
Seller: Jennifer Yosowitz and Mihai Boloni

1125 Cliffrose St.
Hollywood East$450,000
Buyer: Ana Janeth Mora Cardona
Seller: Scott and Monica Yankton

3847 S Circle Drive
Hollywood Central$70,000
Buyer: Susana Corria-Arias
Seller: Gail Pratt

326 Harrison St.
Hollywood East$295,000
Buyer: John T. Appelen
Seller: Steven and Suzanne Friedman

7311 Cleveland St.
Hollywood West$303,000
Buyer: Jordan Mack
Seller: Joel J Rosa and Cinthya Silva

320 S. Surf Road
Hollywood East$350,000
Buyer: Ira and Paula Vernon
Seller: Temprine Real Estate Holdings LLC

909 S. 26th Ave.
Hollywood East$405,000
Buyer: Huong Thi LAN Truong
Seller: Alan and Priscilla Lamp

3247 S.W. 49th St.
Hollywood Central$525,000
Buyer: Isak Mirzakandov
Seller: Shirley Carfati and Shirley Baruk

1621 Harrison St.
Hollywood East$450,000
Buyer: Jennifer Cabreja and Oliver N. Espaillat
Seller: Brett and Jolene Elaine Howard

2701 N. 34th Ave.
Hollywood Central$240,000
Buyer: Maria Del Carmen Ulloa Diaz
Seller: Ani Five Corp.

1630 Mayo St.
Hollywood East$1,012,000
Buyer: Hsiao Lin Chen and Mirela Feliciano
Seller: Ioan Muntean

2325 Wiley St.
Hollywood East$350,000
Buyer: Sandy Lopez Oliva
Seller: David A. Suero and Daibelis Almonte

4752 Sheridan St.
Hollywood Central$315,000
Buyer: Zaur and Hanti Laven
Seller: Anthony Borino (trust)

4200 Hillcrest Drive
Hollywood Central$101,000
Buyer: Henry A. and Hipatia D. Lopez
Seller: Lisa Beth Older

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