Home sales during April 11-17, 2021 in North Lauderdale

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of April 11-17, 2021. The median sale price was $209,500.

860 S.W. 80th Ave.
North of McNab Road$200,000
Buyer: Colors of the Wind LLC
Seller: Hi-Land Properties LLC

608 S.W. 77th Ave.
North of McNab Road$272,000
Buyer: Luis and Stephanie Perez
Seller: Manhattan Associates Leasing Co. Ltd.

1830 S.W. 81st Ave.
South of McNab Road$125,000
Buyer: Jose Zuleta
Seller: Tonbel LLC

8131 S.W. Seventh Court
North of McNab Road$320,000
Buyer: Joan Luis Rosa
Seller: Victor Manuel Agudelo

1215 Hampton Blvd.
North of McNab Road$219,000
Buyer: Wendell and Lisa Marie Boynes
Seller: Victor D. and Ana S. Sanchez

6822 S.W. 18th Court
South of McNab Road$225,000
Buyer: Vista Orion LLC
Seller: Viet T Luong

8010 Hampton Blvd.
North of McNab Road$147,000
Buyer: Lester M. and Barbara M. Anderson
Seller: Roxana and Yuri Antonio Rilo

1730 S.W. 64th Terrace
South of McNab Road$180,000
Buyer: Florida Foreclosure Management LLC
Seller: Julie Rivlin

1010 S.W. 83rd Ave.
North of McNab Road$89,000
Buyer: Bhimsingh and Salome Tina Harrilal
Seller: Bhimsingh Harrilal

6070 N.W. 64th Ave.
Buyer: Argentina Tejeda Garabitos
Seller: Paula Santos

8160 S.W. Fourth St.
North of McNab Road$330,000
Buyer: Pedro and Dirsia Betty Soto
Seller: Susenie Delva and Olrick Pierre

6406 Blvd. of Champions
North of McNab Road$335,000
Buyer: Noula and Lumona Dorvilus
Seller: Sandra D Scarbary

7211 S.W. 14th St.
North of McNab Road$179,900
Buyer: Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Christiana (trust) and Pretium Mortgage Acquisition (trust)
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Charles Richard and Lesley Laura Stevens

8221 S.W. Seventh St.
North of McNab Road$300,000
Buyer: Rosa Elena Martinez and Andres Inestroza
Seller: Ernest and Christine Banfalvy

1004 Belmont Lane
South of McNab Road$165,000
Buyer: Christian Crespo
Seller: Alicia Lynn Nigro and Alicia Nigro and Michael Balado

8409 N. Coral Circle
South of McNab Road$285,000
Buyer: Ruth Merolus
Seller: Tiffanie Gonzalez

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