Weekly recap, April 18-24, 2021 home sales in Davie

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There were 39 reported residential sales in Davie for the week of April 18-24, 2021. The median sale price was $365,500.

12922 Grand Oaks Drive
Davie West$1,544,049
Buyer: Milson De Moura and Tatyanna Bezerra Gondim
Seller: Driac Investments LLC

3777 N.W. 78th Ave.
Davie East$149,500
Buyer: Ana V Elias
Seller: Matthew J. and Maria R. Petersen

1811 Sabal Palm Drive
Davie Central$208,000
Buyer: Elias D. and Vida G. Sabat
Seller: Angela M McCue-Carreras and Angela M. and Luis R. Carreras

2600 S. University Drive
Davie East$205,000
Buyer: TT 907 LLC
Seller: Howard A. and Gail R. Spier

2867 Quail Run Lane
Davie Central$412,000
Buyer: Francisco Anthony Castaneda and Ivelisse Gonzalez Segui
Seller: Michael Vincent and Barbara R. Vincent (trust)

5720 S.W. 37th St.
Davie East$290,000
Buyer: Jhon S Ossa Muneton
Seller: Xiaowen Luo and Luozixi Wu

4199 N.W. 76th Ave.
Davie East$256,000
Buyer: Kevin A. Jean
Seller: Yahya Nadeem Usmani and Ayesha Arshed Saeed

4806 Grapevine Way
Davie West$365,500
Buyer: Jacqueline Olivia Pedraza and Jose Mario Jauregui III
Seller: Kathleen Conlon

13402 S.W. 29th St.
Davie West$749,000
Buyer: Pablo and Nadesda D. Bazano
Seller: John J. Di and Maria Di Paolo

4174 S Pine Island Road
Davie Central$290,000
Buyer: Efran Boone and Michelle A. Rodriguez
Seller: Neil and Morgaine Witriol

4341 S.W. 67th Terrace
Davie East$355,000
Buyer: Yenier B Gonzalez Padilla
Seller: Alfred Lazaro

4431 S.W. 70th Terrace
Davie East$262,000
Buyer: Haili Luo
Seller: Simeon and Florea Gizel

1520 Whitehall Drive
Davie Central$208,500
Buyer: Jacquelin Abreu and Yoshio Sugawara
Seller: Ann Carol Moroney (revocable living trust)

13131 S.W. 19th St.
Davie West$1,400,000
Buyer: Jack and Ilene Flechner
Seller: Maria Caridad Pereira and Yoel Tejada

12004 S.W. Ninth Manor
Davie Central$325,000
Buyer: Rachel L. Gines
Seller: Raquel A. Salazar Fletes

3116 Peachtree Circle
Davie Central$790,000
Buyer: Jason Nigrelli
Seller: Richard A. and Amanda M. Foster

15111 N. Longbow Bend
Davie West$162,288.96
Buyer: Lenia Charles and Julien Nkosi
Seller: Lenia Charles and Pierre Joseph Montinard

9234 Greenbrier Court
Davie Central$450,000
Buyer: Xiaofeng Cai and Chengxia Hu
Seller: Donnalyn Garvin, Ann C. Doyle and Ann C. Mustell

4011 Blue Grass Lane
Davie West$1,200,000
Buyer: Stephen Edward and Janice Rose Mills
Seller: Ruben A. and Danielle Sierra

3150 W. Rolling Hills Circle
Davie Central$153,000
Buyer: Michael B. and Michelle K. Parker
Seller: April Angela Piscopo and April A. Vaccarello

720 Rock Hill Ave.
Davie West$431,000
Buyer: Lydia Y. Castillo
Seller: Louis Allistair & Pamela Mary De Verteuil (revocable trust)

11885 S.W. 12th Place
Davie Central$350,000
Buyer: Brandon Wood and Ariadna Mujica
Seller: Marjorie Gomez and Marjorie Zeledon

10950 S.W. 29th Court
Davie Central$548,500
Buyer: Yves Lubin
Seller: Joanne Coates

15079 S.W. 39th St.
Davie West$1,100,000
Buyer: Ondrej Staviscak Diaz and Sara E. Echenique
Seller: Ernesto Dominguez Jr. and Sol Diaz

5911 York Lane
Davie West$435,000
Buyer: Lay L Rivacoba
Seller: Danny and Esther Redman

8621 Bridle Path Court
Davie Central$318,000
Buyer: Yasmin Baddour Pichel
Seller: Jessica Hazelcorn Chapman and Kathleen Hazelcorn

7173 Orange Drive
Davie East$154,000
Buyer: Craig J. and Shannon Faye Stephens
Seller: Linda L Troncale and Salvadore J. Troncale & Linda J. Troncale (revocable trust)

12765 S.W. 34th Place
Davie West$920,000
Buyer: Michael Shawn and Dawn Shipley Broksch
Seller: Joanne F Housman and Mary Ellen Charapko

6936 S.W. 39th St.
Davie East$197,000
Buyer: Gregorio Batista
Seller: Carmen Curbelo and Karla C Lehmann

6740 S.W. 56th Court
Davie East$990,000
Buyer: Feliciano and Maria Conchita Pacanins and Betania Capital (revocable trust)
Seller: Mark Levitt

2331 S.W. 86th Terrace
Buyer: Anthony and Linda Suarez
Seller: Vincent and Diana and Diano Lino

13730 Newport Manor
Davie West$499,000
Buyer: German Perea Pineda and Katia Goldvarg
Seller: Jorge Manuel Casanova and Joana G Abritta

15921 Huntridge Road
Davie West$480,000
Buyer: Marielys Armas
Seller: Elizabeth 15921 Ranch LLC

6201 Sedgewyck Circle
Davie West$710,000
Buyer: Sameer R. and Prutha S. Pagnis
Seller: Jorge E. and Elizabeth Acosta Hernandez

8010 S.W. 18th Court
Davie Central$186,607
Buyer: Petrona Monique Alexander
Seller: Annette J. Sandra D. and Alfred Sutherland Sandra D.

521 Danville Terrace
Davie West$369,000
Buyer: Blake Williams
Seller: Mauricio Yanez

5590 S.W. 41st St.
Davie East$355,000
Buyer: Alexander Castro
Seller: Orlando G Lopez

14441 S.W. 17th St.
Davie West$718,500
Buyer: Dalia Attia
Seller: Nelson Florentino and Gloria Navarro

3260 S.W. 136th Way
Davie West$1,300,000
Buyer: Jacob and Melisso Osceola Demayo
Seller: Elias S Barbar and Claudia I Perez

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