Fort Lauderdale weekly recap of home sales during April 18-24, 2021

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of April 18-24, 2021. The median sale price was $413,000.

1235 S. Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$1,300,000
Buyer: Rus's Property LLC
Seller: Olimpia Rossi

2666 Gulfstream Lane
Fort Lauderdale South$510,000
Buyer: Anthony L Frederici and Dana Marie Stumpf
Seller: Carl Alan and Virginia A. Chin

3101 N.E. 47th Court
Fort Lauderdale East$365,000
Buyer: Melissa Marie Sweredoski
Seller: Ne 47TH Court 304 LLC

1407 N.W. Eighth Ave.
Buyer: Benjamin Okoh II

1445 N.W. Third Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$324,845
Buyer: Bianka Filipowicz
Seller: Michael K. and Heather M. and Kathy L. Camp

2141 N.E. 68th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$125,000
Buyer: Diana Vitenas and Lynda Vallozzi
Seller: Gary and Gloria Winston, Dawn Evelyn and Winston (irrevocable trust)

1460 N.E. 18th St.
Fort Lauderdale Central$165,000
Buyer: Strata Trust Co. and Richard Moon Ira
Seller: Sunset Holdings Poinsettia 112 LLC

1951 S.E. 25th Ave.
Barrier Island$1,300,000
Buyer: Edward and Barbara Mazzaferro
Seller: Mark X. and Kristine Lowney

2808 Middle River Drive
Buyer: Raymond and Francois Cineus
Seller: Maureen Vb Freeman

5910 N.E. 14th Lane
Fort Lauderdale North$493,500
Buyer: Mark A. Yoder Jr.
Seller: Serge Roumi and Elizabeth Rallou Tegge

2720 N.E. 56th Court
Fort Lauderdale North$1,250,000
Buyer: Andrew and Miselle Goffman
Seller: Dennis Weyland and Jennifer Thomas-Sassone

315 N.E. Third Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$315,000
Buyer: Elizabeth Buck
Seller: William H. Hayward and Blair Hamaty

511 S.E. Fifth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$290,000
Buyer: Vito Saladino (revocable living trust)
Seller: William F. D'Amico and Susan D'Amico

333 Sunset Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$676,200
Buyer: Steve Stevens Capital Partners LLC
Seller: Bank of New York Mellon

700 S.W. 17th St.
Fort Lauderdale South$335,000
Buyer: Alexander Max Kaim
Seller: Patricia S Hayes

1851 N.E. 46th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$490,000
Buyer: Maya Sutanto
Seller: Saapaz Beach Properties LLC and Yira De La Paz

1900 S. Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$252,500
Buyer: Charles D. and Jennifer J. Bauer
Seller: Breakwater Towers Corp.

3271 N.W. 63rd St.
Fort Lauderdale North$378,000
Buyer: Sergio Orlando and Karella Rodriguez
Seller: Timothy Francis and Rebecca Hamlett

1720 S.W. 35th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$371,000
Buyer: Chesihasi and Addison Williams
Seller: Howard W. and Kaitlin M. Dayringer

1604 N.W. 11th Court
Fort Lauderdale Central$434,000
Buyer: Beau J Townsend
Seller: Casa Brasil Investments LLC

3909 N.E. 21st Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$570,000
Buyer: Joseph and Kathleen Schaar
Seller: Jack W Johnson

2555 N.E. 11th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$162,500
Buyer: Vincent Esposito Enterprises Inc.
Seller: Gregory and Cherilyn Anne Tripp and Cherilyn Anne Valenzuela

5401 N.E. 16th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale North$361,000
Buyer: Diana Andersone
Seller: 800 LLC

615 N.E. 17th Way
Fort Lauderdale East$1,055,000
Buyer: Rhonda D. Bandy
Seller: Media Naranja LLC

324 W Park Drive
Fort Lauderdale South$448,000
Buyer: Carlo Alberto Cardellini
Seller: Dongal Investments LLC

620 Coral Way
Fort Lauderdale East$3,500,000
Buyer: Spyridon Kodounis and Kalista Zackhariyas
Seller: Jan Magnus and Anna Ingeborg Lundberg

336 N. Birch Road
Barrier Island$465,000
Buyer: Michael G. Allison
Seller: Paula S Yukna

1625 S.E. 10th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$235,000
Buyer: Scott Schneider
Seller: Francis X. Olney (revocable trust)

5100 Dupont Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale North$180,000
Buyer: Felix G. McAleer and Karelia Del Carmen Ortiz Alvarado
Seller: James F. and Rosemarie G. Leone

1506 Brickell Drive
Buyer: Donna M Stevenson and 1506 Brickell Land Trust
Seller: Jorge Gil

1613 N.E. 18th St.
Fort Lauderdale Central$450,000
Buyer: 1613 Ne 18TH Street LLC
Seller: Andrew D. Plivka (revocable trust)

1625 N.E. 17th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale Central$450,000
Buyer: 1625 Ne 17TH Terrace LLC
Seller: Marlo Arlene Jones

908 S.W. Seventh St.
Fort Lauderdale South$555,000
Buyer: Derek J Dayton
Seller: Rio Vista Holdings LLC

3250 N.E. 28th St.
Barrier Island$199,000
Buyer: Daniel Aaron and Tammy Hinojosa
Seller: Michael Wenzel

1216 N.E. First St.
Fort Lauderdale East$610,000
Buyer: Paul G. Marcincin
Seller: Gina Epstein and Marc Infante

5530 N.E. 18th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale North$250,000
Buyer: Equinox Realty Holdings LLC and Coral Ridge FL Land Trust
Seller: Gregory W Kabel and Larry William Brigman

347 N. New River Drive
Fort Lauderdale South$450,000
Buyer: Kristaq and Evgeni Koteci
Seller: Hugh O'Neill IV

2711 Mayan Drive
Barrier Island$1,102,000
Buyer: Chris Achong
Seller: Kevin Corrigan and Herta Camilo De Ramos Barros

815 Middle River Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$165,000
Buyer: Amanda S. Tennyson
Seller: Charles W. Farrell

301 N.E. 15th Ave.
Buyer: Kyle Stabile
Seller: Gab Land LLC

1321 N.W. Seventh Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$320,000
Buyer: Patty Duarte LLC
Seller: Jason Souwed

3381 S.W. 15th Court
Fort Lauderdale South$362,500
Buyer: Kerri and James Kibler
Seller: Paula L Shavers

1497 S.W. 28th Way
Fort Lauderdale South$345,000
Buyer: Lezila Francois and Marie and Aubinai Cherizol
Seller: Anthony T Napoli Jr.

432 N.W. 16th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$270,000
Buyer: Shawn and Cindy Vanessa Shelton
Seller: Dl Property Plus LLC

2303 N.E. 35th Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$840,000
Buyer: Pierre A. Pozzo Di Borgo (revocable trust)
Seller: Patrick T. Vanbiesen and Raul R MacHado

515 S.W. 12th St.
Fort Lauderdale South$390,000
Buyer: Francisco Valdez and Katia Gabino
Seller: Kevin Coffey and John Walsh

2515 Castilla Isle
Fort Lauderdale East$3,400,000
Buyer: Mark Edward and Cheryl Lynn Lyden
Seller: Robert and Stephanie Tocci

2031 N.E. 54th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$774,900
Buyer: Patrick and Kristen King Murray
Seller: Jeffrey R. and Barbara N. Jones

2090 N.E. 55th Court
Fort Lauderdale North$655,000
Buyer: Andrew John and Christina Curran Nassar
Seller: Paracha Investments LLC

3750 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$415,000
Buyer: Alberto Rezzonico
Seller: Sharon Kay Sharon K. and Sharon Ryave Brody Sharon K. and 2017 (revocable trust)

5742 N.E. 17th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale North$525,000
Buyer: Charles Adams and Amanda Louise Beekman
Seller: Claudia Madrigal

4280 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$421,000
Buyer: Frank and Maureen Corasaniti
Seller: Charles W. Andrews

523 N.W. 23rd Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$205,000
Buyer: Osamu J Jones
Seller: Equity Trust Co. and Benjamin J. Figgie Roth Ira Inc.

2837 S.W. 10th St.
Fort Lauderdale South$249,500
Buyer: Stephanie Jane Justrich
Seller: Aam Investments LLC

1230 S.W. 29th St.
Fort Lauderdale South$290,000
Buyer: Meagan Ann Headrick
Seller: Elizabeth Lauren Litt and Elizabeth Lauren Rodriguez

100 S. Birch Road
Barrier Island$705,000
Buyer: Martin T. R. Maurice, Martin Maurice (living trust) and James P. Kader (living trust)
Seller: Joseph Francis Stanton

100 S. Birch Road
Barrier Island$2,360,000
Buyer: Serge and Irene Khoury
Seller: 171 Freeman Avenue Realty LLC

819 N.E. 14th Place
Buyer: Michael Baharestani and Iren Sedaghatpour
Seller: T Morgan J Inc.

1101 River Reach Drive
Fort Lauderdale South$235,000
Buyer: John Paul and Amelia C. Brigneti
Seller: Sean and Stephanie Spiegelman

511 S.E. Fifth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$440,000
Buyer: Keith and Sherry Gregor
Seller: Epd Investments LLC

4100 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$400,000
Buyer: Efim Alexandrovich Toutchinskii and Tatiana Yurievna Toutchinskaia
Seller: Donna J Mai and Shirley M. Heck (trust)

347 N. New River Drive
Fort Lauderdale South$325,000
Buyer: Ken Barnes
Seller: Michael T. O'Connor and Lenard L Parisi

1642 N.W. 10th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$335,000
Buyer: Ana Gabriela Hernandez Pineda and Roberto A. Hernandez Mendoza
Seller: Diana P. and Jairo Tovar

1039 N.W. Seventh Terrace
Fort Lauderdale Central$299,500
Buyer: Robert V. Libertini and Nadia V Johnson-Libertini
Seller: Dragoinovo LLC

3700 S.W. 13th Court
Fort Lauderdale South$175,000
Buyer: Umbrella Empire Group LLC
Seller: Serenisima Gran Logia De Lengua Espanola Para Los Estados Unidos De America Inc. and Serenisima Gran Espanola Logia De Leagua

511 S.E. Fifth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$362,000
Buyer: Kenneth E. Crosby
Seller: Dekorsey Demare

5320 N.E. 16th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale North$650,000
Buyer: Igor Priven and Inessa Grinblat
Seller: Elmer R. and Virginia I. Jones

1337 N.W. Seventh Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$340,000
Buyer: Cesar M Rodriguez
Seller: Zerubabel Asare

305 S.W. 16th St.
Buyer: Carrie Freeman
Seller: SW 16TH Street LLC

1424 N.E. First Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$275,100
Buyer: Realty Wholesalers Inc.
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Elitaine Roche

2400 Barcelona Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$1,425,000
Buyer: 2400 Barcelona Drive LLC
Seller: Dusan and Laura Eaton Jankov

1701 N.E. 56th Court
Fort Lauderdale North$528,000
Buyer: Tamara Doan
Seller: Cynthia M Fischer and Cynthia W. Fischer (living trust)

1324 Bayview Drive
Buyer: Jeffrey Hendricks
Seller: 1324 Bay View Drive LLC

1920 S. Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$140,000
Buyer: Maria De Los Angeles Rivera Lameda and Piero Umberto Bove Cardone
Seller: Atlantic Towers Corp.

520 S.E. Fifth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$255,000
Buyer: Dagne Y Garcia
Seller: Ethan Skolnick

341 N. Birch Road
Barrier Island$400,000
Buyer: David T. and Kathleen B. Donahue
Seller: Edward R. Weigel

301 S.W. 16th St.
Fort Lauderdale South$625,000
Buyer: Scott Schipske
Seller: SW 16TH Street LLC

610 W. Las Olas Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale South$243,000
Buyer: Melissa Barbagallo and John Barbagallo Sr.
Seller: Chaya Boks

1748 N.E. 16th St.
Fort Lauderdale Central$462,000
Buyer: Kristen Anne Beinke
Seller: David and Barbara Beinke

3400 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$635,000
Buyer: Steven Eckert
Seller: Antoinietta Recchilungo Argento

2100 S. Ocean Lane
Barrier Island$560,000
Buyer: Jonathan M. Dickstein
Seller: Gregory Paul Cranmer

2100 S. Ocean Lane
Barrier Island$780,000
Buyer: One Rodeo LLC
Seller: Lorilee and Frank Amedia

1708 S.W. Ninth St.
Fort Lauderdale South$329,900
Buyer: Matthew R. Denson and Robert A. Benson
Seller: Hi-Land Properties LLC

1800 N. Andrews Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$129,950
Buyer: Kyler W Brown
Seller: Barbara Anne Henderson and Harry A. Peterson

1612 S.E. 14th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$1,320,000
Buyer: Gregory Blanco
Seller: Ronald A. Francoeur

4861 N.W. 10th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale North$289,500
Buyer: Manuel Alfredo Noboa and Maria Renee Magana
Seller: Aixel Tusell Gonzalez and Yoanka Yulet Acevedo Hernandez

1000 S.E. Fourth St.
Fort Lauderdale East$262,500
Buyer: Rene M. and Edda Bockart
Seller: Mildred L. Green (revocable trust)

5911 N.E. 14th Lane
Fort Lauderdale North$136,000
Buyer: Rosa Marlin Latuff Aguilar
Seller: Tara Gartner

1228 N.E. 18th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$495,000
Buyer: Alexandra Jeanne Johnson
Seller: Michael Santoro

1019 N.W. Fifth Ave.
Buyer: Cityflats LLC
Seller: 1014/1019 Scjjc LLC

1213 Chateau Park Drive
Fort Lauderdale Central$160,000
Buyer: Community Home Buyers LLC
Seller: Wayne M. and Connie D. Gayle

232 S.W. 12th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$235,500
Buyer: Mes El Investments LLC
Seller: Alexander Nardi

1400 N.E. 57th Court
Fort Lauderdale North$175,000
Buyer: Joshua S. Yassky
Seller: Eugenio S Maneiro

2100 S. Ocean Lane
Barrier Island$715,000
Buyer: Kevin V Cochrane
Seller: Jonnie's Place LLC

620 N.E. 17th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale East$875,000
Buyer: Patrick De Paula Coelho and Anne Perry
Seller: Zachary Rose General Contractor LLC

3051 N.E. 48th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$353,000
Buyer: Irving Gerb, Linda J Wegner and Wegner-Gerb (revocable trust)
Seller: Tamara K Pope

834 N.W. 19th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale Central$150,000
Buyer: Hi-Land Properties LLC
Seller: Cassandra Evans and Cassie Evans Isaac (revocable trust)

6235 Bay Club Drive
Fort Lauderdale North$248,000
Buyer: John Ian Stratemeyer
Seller: William David Parkerson

1433 N.E. 17th Way
Fort Lauderdale Central$535,000
Buyer: William J. Perl and Lola G. Colberg
Seller: Stefan A. Russell

1504 S.W. 13th Court
Fort Lauderdale South$260,000
Buyer: Dongal Investments LLC
Seller: Damian Albert

1400 S.W. 34th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale South$265,000
Buyer: Adaya One Corp.
Seller: Damian F Kozak

4770 Bayview Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$305,500
Buyer: Cook Land Development LLC
Seller: Earl P. Hooper, Hanna and Hooper (revocable living trust)

888 Intracoastal Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$419,000
Buyer: Victor M Lozano and David Lebron
Seller: John Merchant

4250 Galt Ocean Drive Phh
Barrier Island$415,000
Buyer: Andrew Colon and Yanetsi Flores Landa
Seller: Robin McKenzie and Paula McKenzie-Smith

901 N.E. Third St.
Fort Lauderdale East$61,144.64
Buyer: Alexandra J Sarno
Seller: Bridget A. Sarno

1627 N.E. Fifth St.
Fort Lauderdale East$1,200,000
Buyer: Jordan M. and Siona R. Bieber
Seller: Vincent Trocheck III

1033 N.E. 17th Way
Fort Lauderdale Central$330,000
Buyer: Pompee Uppal
Seller: Snarkell-1301 LLC

76 Isla Bahia Drive
Barrier Island$4,223,000
Buyer: Michael and Lainie Zager
Seller: 76 Isla Bahia LLC

4010 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$285,000
Buyer: Sandra Munevar
Seller: Judy Heiss (trust)

3200 N.E. 36th St.
Barrier Island$295,000
Buyer: Joseph Lanz and James E. Morris
Seller: J Timothy Gobleski and Gregory W Bowe

5201 Bayview Drive
Fort Lauderdale North$1,170,000
Buyer: Michael Holstein
Seller: Hcf & Iovine LLC

2176 N.E. 62nd Court
Fort Lauderdale North$706,000
Buyer: William G. Thomas III and Luis R Domenech
Seller: Franklin D. Rubis and Leroy T. Lewis

520 S.E. Fifth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$290,000
Buyer: AJ35 LLC
Seller: Keith H. and Karin M. May

2175 N.E. 56th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$167,000
Buyer: Oanh Nguyen
Seller: Donna L. and Sway L. Ritchey

535 Hendricks Isle
Fort Lauderdale East$345,000
Buyer: Uri Ben and Deganit Ben-Yashar
Seller: Eugene Pacelli Sullivan Sr.

715 Bayshore Drive
Barrier Island$1,025,000
Buyer: Sharon Barnwell
Seller: Stevie W Ellison and Stevie Ellison Briles

1624 N.E. 16th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$503,000
Buyer: Lynda Brady
Seller: William J. Perl and Lola Colberg

720 Bayshore Drive
Barrier Island$335,000
Buyer: Dwayne A. Helt and Michael A. Hayes
Seller: Luke and Danielle Fynn

1224 N.E. 13th Ave.
Buyer: Cuili Deng
Seller: Domi OHM LLC

2236 N.W. 20th St.
Buyer: Jacques Elie and Marie Fleur Aime
Seller: Latoya S London

333 Las Olas Way
Fort Lauderdale South$1,400,000
Buyer: Merrick L. and Rosa S. Gross
Seller: Kcw Boston Properties LLC

3031 N.W. 68th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$150,000
Buyer: Azeta International LLC
Seller: Carlos Osvaldo Rodriguez and Premium Center (trust)

1800 N. Andrews Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$245,000
Buyer: Kenya Williams and Miguel Corvalan-Williams
Seller: Raymond Faulkner and Kenneth Miller

2001 N. Ocean Blvd. S.
Barrier Island$525,000
Buyer: Andrew and Susan Singer
Seller: Michelle K Fahrer

1905 N. Ocean Blvd. E.
Barrier Island$650,000
Buyer: Walter Francis Strasser
Seller: Sukh Dham LLC

215 S.W. 11th St.
Fort Lauderdale South$607,500
Buyer: Steven Shenton
Seller: James and Antonio Palladino, JP Family Trust, Tony Pallandino Family Trust, Domenico Cammalleri and DC Family Trust

1316 Middle River Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$950,000
Buyer: Sheri Dwyer (trust)

2310 N.E. 12th Court
Fort Lauderdale East$1,159,150
Buyer: Sheri L Dwyer and Sheri Dwyer (revocable trust)
Seller: Matthew Dyas

333 Las Olas Way
Fort Lauderdale South$750,000
Buyer: Richard B. Sizer
Seller: PNC Bank

1320 Miami Road
Fort Lauderdale East$137,000
Buyer: Gabriel Andrew Ortiz

4812 N.E. 23rd Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$260,000
Buyer: Daniel Moolman and Sara Vargas
Seller: Keith A. and Teresa Furman

3500 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$500,000
Buyer: Sophia and Van Bishkoff
Seller: Christos S Kantzavelos

3850 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$890,000
Buyer: Christopher W. and Karen A. Bernier
Seller: Michael H. Lipman (revocable trust)

680 Tennis Club Drive
Fort Lauderdale Central$215,000
Buyer: Scott Echard Robbins
Seller: Diana M Freese

3300 N.E. 36th St.
Barrier Island$400,000
Buyer: Robert Birnbaum and Rick Reddington
Seller: Shore Drive Apartments Inc. and Coral Ridge Towers East

1600 Brickell Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$4,350,000
Buyer: Jorge Gil
Seller: Sunshine Enterprise Investments LLC

511 S.E. Fifth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$410,000
Buyer: Andrea Ettore
Seller: All USA Corp.

2881 N.E. 33rd Court
Fort Lauderdale East$290,000
Buyer: Jeffrey Ryan
Seller: Jawara E Flowers and Loreiny Mendoza Amaro

2650 S.W. 12th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale South$295,000
Buyer: Kevin J Clevenger
Seller: Guillermo Lopez-Novillo and Silvia Hernandez Gonzalez

347 N. New River Drive
Fort Lauderdale South$390,000
Buyer: Timothy Nigro
Seller: MTD II LLC

3020 N.E. 32nd Ave.
Barrier Island$395,000
Buyer: Edward T. and Janice A. Corr Koszowski
Seller: Katherine C. Royster

808 S.W. 18th Court
Fort Lauderdale South$515,000
Buyer: Andrew Schein
Seller: Josh H Abrams and Carmen Declercq

2832 N.E. 26th Court
Fort Lauderdale East$945,000
Buyer: John Howard and Geraldine Ruth Shook
Seller: Susan K. Goldman and Richard S. Goldman (revocable trust)

1342 Holly Heights Drive
Fort Lauderdale Central$163,000
Buyer: Liat Bornshtein and Ilan Cohen
Seller: Sunset Holdings Asoka 13 LLC

3100 N. Ocean Blvd.
Barrier Island$950,000
Buyer: 4605 St. Joseph Way LLC
Seller: Marianne A. Lilore

615 Bayshore Drive
Barrier Island$2,885,000
Buyer: William Lafever
Seller: Fll Ventures LLC

333 Las Olas Way
Fort Lauderdale South$413,000
Buyer: Kcw Boston Properties LLC
Seller: Philip Allan and Janice Lynn Weiss and Weiss Family (revocable trust)

1313 S.W. Fourth Court
Fort Lauderdale South$420,000
Buyer: Jerry C. and Barbara N. Prewitt
Seller: Jon Zimmerman

701 S.E. Eighth St.
Fort Lauderdale East$900,000
Buyer: Andrew and Molly Duenner
Seller: Janice Klein (revocable trust)

341 San Marco Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$3,400,000
Buyer: Richard L. and Kathleen Perkal
Seller: William J. and Martha Bohler

1342 S.W. Third Court
Fort Lauderdale South$200,000
Buyer: Sebastian Carbo
Seller: Sandra H Downs and Sandra Downs-Keesling

808 S.W. Ninth Terrace
Fort Lauderdale South$310,000
Buyer: Joseph Moro
Seller: Samantha Dojcinovic

70 N. Compass Drive
Fort Lauderdale North$3,850,000
Buyer: David and Katherine A. Chalich
Seller: Reginald L. and Manuela Hardy

2120 S.W. 23rd Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$380,000
Buyer: Brian J Stevens and Jeff Delva
Seller: Philip and Chad Menniti and Chad Alexander

536 N.E. Ninth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$799,000
Buyer: Cheryl Goldstein
Seller: Gary Fregeolle

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