Polk County had a median home sale price of $195,000 of 10,915 homes in 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Polk County in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to BlockShopper.com.

In 2020, there were 10,915 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $195,000 in Polk County.

Top 100 home sales in Polk County for 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Lake Shore Owner LLCAnkeny902 First St.$33,200,000
Lake Shore Park Owner LLCAnkeny725 Fifth St.$10,900,000
110-112 10TH Street LLCDes Moines110 10th St.$10,500,000
Mukesh Tayal and Jyoti GuptaGrimes716 Crossings Lane$7,450,000
Flt Rocket Transfer Lofts LLCDes Moines320 Seventh St.$7,350,000
Tmg Jackson LLCAltoona720 Eighth St.$5,300,000
Saylorville Lakeside Owner LLCPolk City404 Sandpiper Court$4,400,000
317 Ne Trilein Drive LLCAnkeny401 Trilein Drive$3,375,000
Hope K Farms LLC and Daniel KargarzadehGrimes600 21st St.$3,000,000
Mohamed Basil Hassan and Ansam KhaleelWest Des Moines518 Quartz Way$2,911,180
Jennifer BarrerMitchellville705 Patchett Drive$2,579,100
2PARS LLCDes Moines1335 16th St.$2,207,000
Lake Shore Place Owner LLCAnkeny202 Trilein Drive$2,150,000
Pleasant Hill Properties LLCPleasant Hill6358 Scarlet Leaf Lane$2,016,000
765 Foster Drive LLCDes Moines765 Foster Drive$1,987,860
Kensington & Marble (revocable trust)West Des Moines1590 Tulip Tree Lane$1,700,000
Richard L. and Jennifer L. GlowackiWest Des Moines4312 Timberwood Drive$1,535,000
Gvn Holdings Ltd.Grimes301 11th St. 105$1,500,000
Burns Electric Inc.Saylorville1467 66th Ave.$1,500,000
Michael and Jennifer W. FerrariWest Des Moines4131 Plumwood Drive$1,475,000
Summit Real Estate Holdings LLCAnkeny2720 Casey Jones Lane$1,455,000
Mohit K. and Charu K. ChawlaWest Des Moines5710 Chestnut Lane$1,450,000
Peach Tree Ankeny Owner LLCAnkeny2701 Peachtree Drive$1,375,000
Matthew and Kimberly R. Baldwin BrownClive1500 Country Club Blvd.$1,310,520
Ryan and Lyndsey OppAltoona102 Fourth St.$1,300,000
Anant Bhalla and Anubha LalDes Moines28 Foster Drive$1,275,000
Druppel Investments LLCDes Moines800 10th St.$1,220,000
Restate Jr (revocable trust)Johnston10505 75th Place$1,218,000
Everett Sterling MilesDes Moines3419 St. Johns Road$1,200,000
Jill HagenkordJohnston10508 74th Place$1,200,000
James Cord Jr.Urbandale13031 Oak Brook Drive$1,190,000
Mitchell Family (revocable trust)Clive1520 Country Club Blvd.$1,190,000
Julia Tentinger (trustee)West Des Moines1575 Tulip Tree Lane$1,172,000
Christine Lauridsen Rev Sand (trustee)Des Moines331 31st St.$1,160,000
Tracy and Amy LucasWest Des Moines5720 Red Bud Way$1,160,000
Shannon D Schuehle and Matthew R. ParkerDes Moines5323 Waterbury Road$1,150,000
Denver Dewayne and Natalie Kay CaldwellJohnston10604 75th Place$1,145,000
Peter Weonjoon and Yeon Kyeong Erin Kim ChoAnkeny1702 Precedence Road$1,100,000
Hope K Farms LLCJohnston6955 100th St.$1,100,000
Aaron Matthew from and Deana HogansonDes Moines214 Foster Drive$1,100,000
Ryan A. and Shannon J. WoodsJohnston10508 74th Place$1,080,000
Eric P Boardman and Molly E GrossDes Moines5235 Waterbury Road$1,075,000
Matthew Sean and Kristine M. BrickWest Des Moines4126 Plumwood Drive$1,025,000
Joseph ShieldsPolk City9928 46th Court$1,000,000
Paul J. and Renee HamlenWest Des Moines1610 Burr Oaks Drive$982,500
Chad M. and Deborah A. FrazellAnkeny1207 42nd Court$975,000
Mary A. Rev Radia (trustee)West Des Moines5770 Fairway Drive$970,000
N. P. Dodge Jr. (trustee)Ankeny2890 86th Place$955,000
Mark J. and Atessa IsaacsonAnkeny2890 86th Place$955,000
Pines LLCWest Des Moines1000 60th St.$950,000
Karleen K. Rev Waters (trustee)West Des Moines5548 Glen Oaks Point$950,000
Bryn Mawr Homes LLCWest Des Moines5548 Glen Oaks Point$950,000
Koschel Family (living trust)Ankeny1343 31st St.$947,500
Jason Matthew and Natalie Grace FrierottDes Moines180 37th St.$940,000
Jeffrey and Kylee MalikWest Des Moines505 Grand Oaks Drive$934,500
Brenton Berl and Lisa Lynn KochPolk City9295 41st Court$925,000
Sunita Tarun KumarClive14037 South Shore Drive$920,000
Wilder Pines LLCWest Des Moines1000 60th St.$894,200
Druppel Investments LLCDes Moines2314 16th St.$880,990
Kathryn R. and Ian C. AsplundClive13275 Ashleaf Drive$875,000
Vaun DejongWest Des Moines4100 Oakwood Lane$875,000
Midwest Quality Homes LLCGrimes301 11th St. 702$869,500
Munsch (revocable living trust)Granger11592 121st St.$860,000
David J. Rev Nelson (trustee) and John R. Rev Charles (trustee)West Des Moines1176 Tulip Tree Lane$840,000
Bryan and Danna FolkersJohnston6700 Augustine Court$835,000
Ronald G. Rev Brown (trustee)Urbandale14227 Ridgemont Drive$830,000
Luke W. and Denise E. DaviesJohnston8919 73rd Place$825,000
David Knight and Shannon HallerWest Des Moines500 Grand Oaks Drive$825,000
Michael R. and Alexa Ann SlavinWest Des Moines1857 Glen Oaks Drive$825,000
Jeremy and Kari RenzGrimes800 Bridge Creek Court$820,000
Brian C. and Ashley J. AustDes Moines134 37th St.$812,500
Lynman Properties LLC and Norman R. ForgetDes Moines3612 11th St.$810,000
Jerry BussanmasJohnston8908 73rd Place$808,000
Kenneth Q. HoweWest Des Moines3710 Plumwood Drive$800,000
Sinyoung Kay Kang and Jun XuWest Des Moines5567 Beechwood Terrace$800,000
Lance D. and Christine E. EddieWest Des Moines4212 Cherrywood Court$800,000
Jeremy and Nancy RengerWest Des Moines1621 Glen Oaks Drive$775,000
Mitch Kearney and Bethany CochranClive1736 120th St.$775,000
Amberg Family TrustDes Moines750 Foster Drive$774,010
Nick and Lisa ParenzaJohnston8518 Wooded Point Drive$770,000
Kirk L. and Lida Z. SmithDes Moines10 Lincoln Place Drive$770,000
Starland 2002 Hickory LLCAnkeny2002 Hickory Lane$768,000
Dustin and Katie LeoAnkeny1206 42nd Court$760,000
Kathy Bradshaw HulsingWest Des Moines600 Grand Oaks Drive$752,500
Tricia BoothClive13175 Woodlands Parkway$750,000
Phillip R. and Melissa J. KeysPolk City1121 North Drive$750,000
Matthew and Mallary McKinneyWest Des Moines1690 Plum Thicket Lane$750,000
Nick J. and Margaret A. KruegerClive1808 121st Circle$750,000
Walter E. Lauridsen IIDes Moines3500 Southern Hills Drive$745,000
Jill D. Brown (living trust)Grimes11672 Oaktree Drive$740,000
Joshua TessierGranger11695 Beaver Drive$735,000
Travis J. and Emily R. LoweWest Des Moines412 26th St.$735,000
Eric and Sarah GubbelsAnkeny2303 Abilene Road$733,000
Hurd Carefree LCWest Des Moines504 Grand Oaks Drive$730,500
Cameron RasoolWest Des Moines4209 Quail Court$730,000
Justin J. and Kathryn A. LoutschAnkeny1211 Tuscany Blvd.$729,140
Shane T. and Emily KelleyWest Des Moines4800 Stonebridge Circle$727,000
Reed R. G. and Christina Banks McManigalDes Moines4321 Greenwood Drive$725,000
Philip J. and Kathleen WorthWest Des Moines1033 31st St.$725,000
Anthony T. and Valerie A. TreagerBondurant7286 105th Place$725,000

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