Lake County had a median home sale price of $122,900 of 221 homes in January 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Lake County in January 2020, according to

In January 2020, there were 221 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $122,900 in Lake County.

Top 100 home sales in Lake County for January 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Jeffrey and Alexis BudrysPainesville7785 Butterfly St.$550,000
Megan K. Weiskopf (trustee) and Steven G. Weiskopf (trustee)Painesville7989 Butterfly St.$435,000
Joseph J CrinitiPainesville7005 Auburn Ridge Road$370,000
Paul L. Duzyk and Nancy OpalkoWilloughby Hills28460 Chimney Ridge Trail$363,500
Michael Giudice and Daniel D. EmersonPainesville10595 Mount Royal Drive$340,000
Linda L. and William P. BrundulaPainesville11236 Quail Hollow Drive$328,000
Frederick W. Smiledge (trustee)Willoughby4603 Wood St.$325,000
Daniel E. and Margaret M. TallionWilloughby2250 N. Bay Drive$315,000
Kevin W White and Dominica D DrakeWilloughby35860 Boyd Court$310,000
Michael and Diane LeciejewskiPainesville11502 Turnstone Lane 92$310,000
Samantha V. and Bradford L. BlyPainesville5705 Paine Road$309,900
Gary R. and Kathryn A. DaltonPainesville5780 Canyon Ridge Drive$290,000
Brynn R. and Jeremy A. GreeneKirtland9029 Billings Road$281,000
Thomas J. DelongMentor5522 Cat Tail Court$280,000
Paul C. and Jennifer A. DastolfoPainesville503 Manhattan Parkway$279,000
Halle and Matthew D. PasquinoMentor7821 Oakridge Drive$275,796
Nicole Dayna and Rachel ElamMentor7055 Culver Blvd.$265,000
Patricia S Curtis-McCarthyWilloughby38383 Beachview Road$262,000
Eva L. and Douglas J. AnsleyMentor7080 Wayside Drive$260,000
Denise D Fisher-HuffMentor5460 Heather Hill$248,000
Kevin P. and Megan AbramsMadison6559 River Road$247,000
Lenore and Thomas FulfordWillowick305 E. 293 St.$245,500
Joseph V Ribic and Whitney E JacksonMentor8939 Lake Overlook Drive$237,000
Benjamin C. BollmanNorth Perry4210 Middle Ridge Road$235,000
Anthony AveryWilloughby38445 Westminster Lane$229,900
Edward C. DietrichMentor8356 Dartmoor$228,900
Gina K HartillMentor6019 Jane Drive$227,500
Benjamin W. VaideanPainesville988 Pebble Beach Cove$225,500
Patrick M. KramerWilloughby38750 Congressional Lane$225,000
David E. Sufka and Samantha L. BonarWickliffe740 Woodrow Ave.$225,000
David OttMadison133 Willowbend Drive$225,000
Thomas J. and Jacquelyn V. AdveyNorth Perry3187 Maine Ave.$224,900
Michelle Margaret and Gregory Thomas ReynardPainesville1449 Willowood Court$223,000
David G. and Cathleen M. CannonPainesville10968 Spear Road U-1$221,000
George DamicoPainesville6342 Auburn Road$220,000
Frank H. Sajn Jr.Painesville1600 Bridle Path Drive$218,000
Mark A. AdamicWaite Hill6915 Eagle Road$216,000
Tyler J. BurkePainesville10986 Spear Road$215,400
Tanissa WilloughbyPainesville1811 N. Ashwood Lane$215,000
Eddie V. Ramos and Lisa HartmanPainesville927 Tradewinds Cove$213,500
Patrick O. AmbrosePainesville13574 Leroy Center Road$212,500
Aili L. and Joseph A. CampbellMentor-on-the-Lake5654 Dolphin St.$210,500
Donald Ryan and Diana SmithPainesville1067 Valewood Court$210,000
Brandon M. and Whitney J. AbateWickliffe1940 Fairway Drive$210,000
David A. YooPainesville10477 Stuart Drive$209,000
Douglas A. Patterson and Amanda R. Poyer-PattersonMentor6039 Harrison St.$205,000
Joseph M BeadnellMentor6528 Lafayette Drive$204,500
Daniel J. and Yvonne B. HickmanWickliffe29709 Franklin Ave.$204,500
Teresa L. and Gary L. SherriffPainesville6969 Highland View$203,000
Evelyn A. RuedaMentor6209 Campbell Road$202,000
Stephen C. GerishMentor7045 Adkins Road$200,500
Kyle D. and Hannah E. FooteMadison5306 Ford Road$200,000
Richard E. and Judith E. ParkerWilloughby38898 Andrews Lane$195,000
Joshua D. Dunlap and Erin RolfeMadison239 Parkway Drive$189,900
Barbara J. and Mark A. SwortwoodNorth Madison7723 Lake Shore Blvd.$186,500
Timothy BayerEastlake35940 Wanaka Blvd.$184,900
Donna M DrakeMentor5440 Links$180,000
Rick Anthony and Beth Anne RuggieroMentor6296 Glenwood Drive$180,000
Daniel C. CarrollLakeline34333 Lake Shore Blvd.$180,000
Brian A. Oneill and Amy S. Mullin-OneillNorth Perry3136 Maine Ave.$180,000
Megan E. and Christopher R. ZelinaMentor7582 Murray Ave.$179,900
Joanne ReesMentor-on-the-Lake7539 Monterey Bay Drive Union-1$176,000
Alexander J HenningMentor7380 Connie Drive$175,000
James Pachinger and Dennise CorcoranMentor7921 Morley Road$170,850
Peter Franzen and Eva A. SargaPainesville232 Gulls Cove$170,000
Pamela BoehringerFairport Harbor1253 Watermark Lane$169,000
Lauren Hoff-Borling and Andrew MocsiranEastlake34057 Glen Drive$166,000
Edward Joseph and Jessica MorellEastlake453 E. Overlook Drive$164,500
Wendy A. and Jeffrey DecapiteMentor7486 Jeremy Ave.$162,500
James and Jeanne ArnoldKirtland9843 W. Alpine Drive$160,000
Mark Quayle II and Megan ConnollyEastlake34250 Cecelia Court$159,000
Joshua Kochtan HartranftWickliffe30325 Overlook Drive$159,000
Stephen Leskovec and Ellen KleinstuberSpringlake Trailer Park645 Fobes St.$158,500
Christine Kay Stigamier and Faapouli FeagaimaaliiWillowick453 Coleplaza$158,500
Nicole A. HaleMentor8316 Mentorwood Drive$156,000
Kristin K ZieglerPainesville34 Overlook$155,600
Nate JohnsonNorth Madison1987 Haines Road$152,000
Amanda GallaMentor-on-the-Lake7670 Weber Road$150,250
Joshua M. Birnbaum and Samantha K. BengalMentor6464 Antoinette Drive$150,000
Nima LamaWilloughby Hills2935 Stratford Way$150,000
Catherine M. BuccilliMentor6131 Bramblewood Place$150,000
Melissa SulyokWickliffe1940 Garden Drive$150,000
Daniel L. and Gail L. ChadwickWilloughby5290 Hickory Lane$150,000
Janet L. and Gary M. SmrdelNorth Perry4251 Oregon St.$149,900
Carol ThomasMentor8700 Wheeler Court$149,625
Cory ThomasWickliffe2167 Larchmont$149,000
Dollar Bank F S BPainesville6360 Vrooman Road$148,275
Alecia M ChaseMentor6256 Brooks Blvd.$145,000
Calvin D. HainesPainesville7244 S. Jester Place$142,150
Heisley Road Properties LLCMentor8119 Dartmoor Road$142,000
US Bank, NAPainesville426 Park Road$140,205
Frank J. and Leona B. KowardyWillowick122 Legend Trail$140,000
Chelsea E FordNorth Madison1883 W. Tuttle Park Road$135,000
Jeffrey and Cynthia WatermanMentor8342 Quail Point Lane$134,900
Allison M. BastianPainesville5413 Pebble Creek U-58 B-16 Lane$134,000
Kayla Mason and Matthew TurkaljMentor-on-the-Lake7763 Manor Drive$134,000
Phyllis Tabbs ChristmanWillowick32026 Pendley Road$132,900
Susan RidleyWilloughby5115 Franklyn Blvd.$132,000
George F. and Laurel J. WestPainesville8084 Ravenna Road$130,000
Christine TaboneWillowick32718 Lake Shore Blvd.$130,000

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