Top 100 Stark County home sales for January 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Stark County in January 2020, according to

In January 2020, there were 385 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $105,000 in Stark County.

Top 100 home sales in Stark County for January 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
3900 Cleveland Avenue Property LLCCanton1322 21st St.$705,000
Scott B CooperMassillon8606 Harlequin Circle$699,900
John R. ShutsaCanton4154 Glenmoor Road$625,000
Lee Elton Dionne and Heather MorganCanton5939 Shore Drive$530,000
Zachary T. and Bridget M. WaiteMassillon9335 Hunters Chase St.$444,500
Ryan Edward Wanner and Sara MichelleMassillon5805 Old Bridge Ave.$400,000
David R. and Marianna S. ArvidsonCanton4304 Armandale Ave.$385,000
Matthew J. Ruschak and Karen K BraleyCanton6779 Thornwood St.$370,000
Jacquelyn R KoeneCanton6454 Dunwoody Circle$365,000
Pete Kevin D. and Pete Diane M.North Canton8761 Deacon Drive$355,000
Michael H. and Leah KohlerUniontown10104 Hoover Ave.$335,000
Jason GattsLouisville916 Park Village Drive$330,000
Patrick and Courtney L. AyersParkridge2740 Croydon Drive$325,500
James R. Ballard and Gretchen M PerkinsMassillon8007 Clifton Court Circle$323,000
Barbara A. and Robert L. CiriachiCanal Fulton11555 Grand Ridge Road$315,000
Truy Cao Pham and Cathleen CarlaCanton6618 Corrine Drive$315,000
Wyse Lamar L & Karon E Co. TrusteesLouisville1830 Airpark Drive$310,000
Brian E McCarthy and Amanda S. FowlerMassillon12333 Sinclair St.$300,000
Richard Terry Russell and Josephine JudithMassillon6112 Dorchester Court Circle$300,000
Ryan P. and Cheryl L. FiccoAlliance2925 Cedarwood Ave.$300,000
Louis R. Martino Sr. and Gayle MartinoCanton1324 Stone Crossing St.$280,000
Myra N AubleCanton715 46th St.$279,000
Victor R. and Patricia A. MarshNorth Canton405 Pebblebrook Drive$275,000
Dennis L. Bartel and Victoria L. TrusteesNorth Canton909 Briarview Ave.$259,900
Joseph J Dunn and Pamela M SchlittCanal Fulton9775 Spring Brooke Circle$259,000
Logan G. and Danielle M. McLeodUniontown3190 Bucklers St.$258,500
Troy Anthony Fry and Ann CindyCanton6905 Tidewater St.$255,000
Jeanie R. and Scott BowlingLake View Heights2805 Demington Ave.$250,000
Elizabeth Darling YeamansCanton6953 Harbor Drive$245,000
Richard J. and Sheila M. LolliCanton6415 St. Augustine Drive$245,000
John Ford (successor trustee)North Canton6471 Horseshoe Ave.$240,500
Melissa S MalladyNorth Canton2203 Radford St.$239,900
Jordan D. GreenwaldNorth Canton1145 Seventh St.$235,000
Robert S. and Sharon M. PattersonCanton5476 Cable Point Circle$235,000
Marcos and Daniele EvangelistaMassillon5437 Villarose Ave.$234,900
Derik and Brittany SwindermanCanal Fulton9815 Emerald Ridge St.$234,440
Timothy R. and Sharon K. EwingCanton1626 Weaver St.$232,500
Rachel Mai Hong and Calvin TucCanton5227 Tanager Ave.$229,000
Kristen S SwigerNorth Canton1602 Main St.$227,500
Momodou BahCanton3387 Stratham Circle$227,000
Taylor A. and Joanna L. WilliamsMassillon8874 Eastlynn Ave.$225,800
Bruce Robert and Emily JacobsenLouisville10835 Georgetown St.$225,000
Michael and Julie MatolaHartville3933 Smith Kramer St.$225,000
Butterbridge Real Estate Management Ltd.Canal Fulton5147 Crystal Lake Ave.$225,000
Eli Remington (and others)Canal Fulton520 Trelake Drive$223,000
Christopher L. and Michelle L. GetzPerry Heights734 Snively Ave.$222,000
Brett LarsonNorth Canton7730 Old Mill Circle$220,000
Michael W. Watson and Kelcie MollCanton5369 Ridge Ave.$219,900
David M. and Marga R. RehsUniontown3458 Abbey St.$216,000
David P. and Vinice A. HullGreentown2813 Greenbranch Road$214,900
Jared C FussCanton5121 Rocky Rill Ave.$214,000
Lehman Peter a & Paige MCanton2025 Longfellow St.$214,000
Residential Solutions Inc.Uniontown10532 Planters Cove Circle$210,000
Gail M L ChartrandWhipple Heights1808 Dunkeith Drive$209,900
Timothy W WadeNorth Canton5440 Vermouth St.$209,000
Mark E. and Amber L. PattiUniontown11524 Streamview Ave.$205,000
Christina M WellsNorth Canton1345 Westview Circle$204,900
Jill WaltersNorth Canton7615 Lake O Springs Ave.$204,750
William H. and Lois J. BaileyUniontown3133 Broad Vista St.$204,000
Trevor William LyneUniontown1969 Gulf St.$200,000
Blueberry Hill Enterprises LLCEast Sparta3245 Battlesburg Road$200,000
George HolmAlliance248 Milton St.$198,000
Wesley SimmonsLouisville3931 Oakridge Drive$195,000
Dennis R. GodbeyNorth Lawrence1815 Alabama Ave.$195,000
Zayra Aime CuellarCanton2000 Glenmont Drive$192,500
Kristopher J Miller and Brittany SeitzCanton3333 Berrywood Ave.$192,000
Shawn Lansinger and Brandi KasickiHartville1735 Andrews St.$192,000
Georgia Gay Willis and Dona Leah Tte SearsHartville1216 Street Abigail St.$190,000
Stephanie A. and Albert E. LyonAlliance16060 Cenfield St.$190,000
Steven M. and Kim HelfinstineNorth Canton5376 Chianti St.$189,000
Cla 6464 LLCCanton6464 Carriage Lane Ave.$187,000
Raymond A. III and Kelly M. PorterCanton5433 12th St.$185,000
Kathy LesnakPerry Heights3040 Sheila St.$185,000
Stacia CatletteUniontown12688 Islandview Ave.$183,000
ATM Contracting LLCNorth Canton1674 Meadowlane Drive$180,000
David I. Saba and Leslie Anne BrisonNorth Canton303 Summit St.$180,000
Hanna HoumardAmherst Heights9028 Ontario St.$179,500
Esek Ventures LLCCanton1725 Fulton Road$178,667
Nathan W. DavenportNorth Canton5299 Huckleberry St.$176,600
Julie A. GeiserCanton315 37th St.$175,000
Chad TomaikoCanal Fulton8941 Shoemaker Ave.$175,000
Melissa R ZavarelliMount Pleasant3177 Pleasant St.$174,900
Brandon Miller and Abygail PrendergastCanton9015 Fromes Ave.$174,900
Betty L. Wagner (trustee)Louisville1610 Presidents Ave.$172,500
Nicholas Sopher and Amanda HostetlerNorth Canton1014 Oakwood St.$170,900
Curt J RussellLouisville7069 Ravenna Ave.$170,000
Donald L. Cronick Jr. and Mandi L CronickNorth Canton8021 Killington Ave.$170,000
Flores Jacob GutierrezNorth Canton7856 Autumnwood St.$169,900
Eric Morris and Samantha KolarUniontown3937 Heckman St.$169,000
Christopher L. and Teesa M. StewartCanton4805 Vernon Ave.$169,000
Dakota M HarterMassillon2320 Wilmington Ave.$167,500
Alicia L. and Craig ManlyMassillon2801 List St.$167,000
Benjamin J. KiefferAlliance11900 Reeder Ave.$165,500
Terry D Genet Jr.Perry Heights959 Summerdale Ave.$164,803
Lisa M EscottLouisville1317 Edmar St.$164,000
Matthew C. and Dana N. SnyderCanton3326 Sierra Ave.$162,000
Nicholas and Kayliegh DiesNorth Canton4760 Echo Springs St.$162,000
Phillip Oneal Mims and Alberta CharleneNorth Canton830 Clearmount Ave.$162,000
Sarah GuarendiCanton6618 Hogan Way$161,500
Adam L. BrantLouisville1333 Main St.$160,000

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