Top 100 Hillsborough County home sales for January 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Hillsborough County in January 2020, according to

In January 2020, there were 873 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $230,000 in Hillsborough County.

Top 100 home sales in Hillsborough County for January 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Nicholas M. Kavouklis (revocable trust)Tampa1010 Frankland Road$5,375,500
Charlie Taylor East LLC-0$5,000,000
L. Whidden Stacey (revocable trust) and Tru Stacey L WhiddenTampa522 Riviera Drive$4,250,000
W. Ray and Wendy Joy PersonsLake Magdalene0 Sierra Del. Avila 1$3,200,000
Joseph MacKie and Sherry Lynn PanielloTampa301 Caspian St.$2,650,000
Atylya and Punam Ghimire RisalTampa4903 Lyford Cay Road$2,500,000
Frank V. Fiume Jr 2016 (trust) and Nadine M. Fiume 2016 (trust)Tampa4530 Swann Ave.$2,150,000
Aaron Gregory and Natasha Lynn KreyeTampa2615 Parkland Blvd.$2,075,000
Michelle Lindsey and Nicholas Paul TroyerTampa100 Adriatic Ave.$1,975,000
Legate Duane (revocable trust)Tampa1143 Abbeys Way$1,700,000
Irene B. and Robert FrickTampa4830 Sunset Blvd.$1,610,000
Matthew and Susan GentileTampa3405 McKay Ave.$1,575,000
Brandy and Jeffrey T. JohnsonKeystone11828 Shire Wycliffe Court$1,350,000
Deeptha and Sridhar RaoApollo Beach6416 Bright Bay Court$1,343,000
Enrique Fueyo and Elizabeth KrystynTampa3305 Omar Ave.$1,300,000
Bobby L. and Carrey L. BurgnerTampa4911 Yacht Club Drive$1,200,000
Andrew Thomas and Judy Lin VanderhorstTampa3903 Horatio St.$1,150,000
Kimberley Stanley and Wa Yne Christopher EvansApollo Beach6201 Marbella Blvd.$1,150,000
Jessica Lee Falin and Shiloh Suzan SmajstrlaTampa3815 Vasconia St.$1,050,000
Kristin M. and Steven Gaines FinleyApollo Beach815 Islebay Drive$1,029,900
Hawkins Sheldon LLCCitrus Park13515 Sheldon Road$1,000,000
Sameer Bajaj and Shveta ChowdhryTampa4424 El Prado Blvd.$1,000,000
Jambros LLCTampa1208 Kennedy 221$1,000,000
John Hamden Daniels and Amy Renee JusticeLutz17415 Varona Place$955,000
Anthony and Nicole S. ChoppApollo Beach6109 Marbella Blvd.$920,000
Astrid Mondaca and Carlos A. RegaladoTampa4312 San Luis St.$897,185
Haifa HarbTampa449 12th St. 2201$875,000
Peggy J Payne and Melissa Jane PetschApollo Beach733 Manns Harbor Drive$870,000
Gaurav D. and Megan J. BhatiaTampa3102 Julia Circle$865,000
Robert B. and Shelby S. TuttleTampa3017 Emerson St.$855,000
Gary A. and Jane R. Gibbons and Anne C. and Rhys P. LeonardTampa4620 Sylvan Ramble St.$835,000
Trans Continental Marine Repair & Drdock Corp.Tampa1821 Sahlman Drive 102$825,000
Nelson AgholorLutz1951 Clement Road$810,000
Kimberly S. and Michael K. LamuraKeystone14712 Castelletto Drive$795,000
Braxton and Sarah WilliamsTampa2804 Shore Breeze Drive$790,000
Kelly Sue ObrienTampa2415 Carolina Ave. 1$785,000
Emma Edelmira Diaz, Tomas Gieugroanieves and Tomas Figueroa NievesKeystone8606 Vivian Bass Way 1$775,000
Margaret Marchak and Mark SchreierTampa6018 Second St.$770,000
Peter GalantinoTampa3006 Harbor View Ave.$750,000
Carolyn Rae and Steven H. StewartKeystone19906 Wyndham Lakes Drive$740,000
Lianabel MendezTampa345 Bayshore Blvd. 1901$735,000
Michael Moretti Jr.Tampa4712 El Prado Blvd.$734,250
Joel and Lucille MiesCheval5204 Ave. La Crosse 1$733,500
Andre and Bonnie DoucetteTampa6221 Elberon St.$709,794
Matthew A. Baron (trust), Matthew A. Baron & Jacqueline R. Young (revocable trust) and Jacqueline R. Young (trust)Tampa3805 Palmira Ave.$675,000
Amanda and Matthew WinnTampa5017 Leona St.$650,000
Cone Graham Inc.Plant City3211 Wilder Road$639,120
Vincent Mai, Christon V Nguyen and Tuyet Kim Ton-9922 Davis Road$631,000
Allison L. McNamara and Vincent PravataCheval0 Place Le Manes 1$629,000
Joel FeitshansLithia11315 Wagon Trail Run$625,000
Robert P. LoreiTampa3106 Wyoming Ave.$619,000
Robert Andrew and Summer BraxtonLithia10521 Mary Rose Way$605,000
Alison WunderTampa3709 Bay Ave.$600,000
Erika Freifeld and Joseph David ResnickTampa2503 Sunny Shores Drive$600,000
James V. and Tracy A. ZaccarioApollo Beach5721 Tortoise Place$590,000
Anthony and Emily J. WatsonTampa3616 Horatio St.$589,000
Christopher D. and Sasha M. DavidsonWestchase10417 Greenhedges Drive$585,000
Truith B ButlerWestchase10112 Rowlett Way$580,000
Christopher John and Clementina Garcia YoungTampa4009 Cass St.$579,174
Cody L BeersTampa4017 N. A St.$569,000
M. Lachnicht & Mary P. Lachnicht Joseph (revocable trust), Joseph M. Lachnicht (trust) and Mary P. Lachnicht (trust)Tampa449 12th St. 1202$567,890
Michael Matthew and Michael TiffanyTampa3222 Oakellar Ave.$557,000
Kevin M. II and Lindsay MooreTampa3213 Palmira Ave.$555,000
Lynne and Thomas MantzKeystone6621 Thoroughbred Loop$555,000
Jennifer Lynn SabinaTampa905 Crows Nest Lane$555,000
Tracey TaylorTampa208 Woodlynne Ave.$550,000
Brian C. and Lisa M. BurkeKeystone6113 Chene Court$540,000
Jie SunTampa3217 Palmira Ave.$535,000
Elizabeth Gwiazdowski Megan, Horst Nancy Pribyla and Horst Karl RaymondTampa4014 Empedrado St.$530,000
Annmarie Correll and John Michael Corrigan Jr.Lutz1447 Kensington Woods Drive$520,000
Christopher Cardona and Tariq RampersadTampa4010 Arch St.$520,000
Edwin Jurewicz and Eblin Rosario SarriaGreater Carrollwood13611 Pub Place$519,900
Lauren A. and Reid M. BrignacGreater Carrollwood2822 Safe Harbor Drive$515,000
Mary C. and Richard N. WrightBloomingdale2534 Centennial Falcon Drive$514,000
Jack and Nancy WestTampa2425 Watrous Ave.$513,800
Beatrice and Dena RamirezTampa8201 Nature Cove Way$507,500
Christopher and Emily LancasterTampa101 12th St. 420$505,000
Jon L. Cleary and Sarah D. SidhuTampa4212 Cleveland St.$505,000
Amanda and Scott McCartneyFish Hawk15241 Kestrelrise Drive$505,000
June S. and Tom P. GambrellLithia3243 Nichols Road$500,000
Carlos and Maria Laura AlvarezRiverview11135 Corlett Road$495,000
Michael Angelo LopezTampa10713 Cory Lake Drive$495,000
Thomas T. FortnerTampa1209 Cumberland Ave. 603$495,000
Malyna S. and Michael T. BryantFish Hawk15016 Eaglerise Drive$495,000
Tbr Holdings of Florida LLCLake Magdalene15421 FL Ave. 1$489,000
Israel and Jane RoblesGreater Carrollwood5039 Barrowe Drive$486,000
Jacob HeronTampa311 Sterling Ave.$485,000
Angela Renee and Stephen Chase SpellerWestchase10620 Chambers Drive$480,000
Usha Sri RamTampa10723 Cory Lake Drive$480,000
Hugh N. FarriorTampa4616 Ingraham St.$480,000
Lgw Ranch Inc.Tampa449 12th St. 706$475,000
Deanna and Eric MontclareFish Hawk11014 Wembley Landing Drive$470,000
Christopher and Hannah BrazisGreater Carrollwood3304 McFarland Road$470,000
Joseph and Stacy AguillardFish Hawk5927 Flatwoods Manor Circle$465,000
Maria E. Cavallaro and William F. SansoneTampa3626 Coolidge Ave.$465,000
Opendoor Property Trust I.Greater Northdale17740 Currie Ford Drive$463,400
Phoebe Maisto and Dennis C. ObrienKeystone19217 Wind Dancer St.$462,500
Stephanie and Steven McCullarsTampa4102 Tacon St.$456,125
Eric and Molly McKinnonFish Hawk5210 Pine Rocklands Ave.$450,000
Karen Elizabeth PoppTampa3027 Bay Villa Ave. A$440,000

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