Madison County had a median home sale price of $93,000 in February 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Madison County in February 2020, according to

In February 2020, there were 235 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $93,000 in Madison County.

Top 100 home sales in Madison County for February 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Clayton and Megan ArvolaEdwardsville1108 Oxfordshire Lane N.$585,000
Melissa and John Robert J. KellerGlen Carbon115 Walden Drive$490,000
Leslie TurnbullHoliday Shores656 Blvd.$458,000
Curtis and Cassandra DawsonEdwardsville905 Timberlake Drive$450,000
Andrew J. and Jennifer A. R. WilbrahamEdwardsville5958 State Route 157 N.$399,900
Sean David and Windy Marie SchwaglerEdwardsville3 Lake Estates Lane$390,000
Keith and Nichole DavisCollinsville107 Hillside Court$378,500
Kevin L Hawk and Tracy L StewartTroy117 Windsor Drive$375,000
Don Kim and Rebecca Ann EhlersMarine149 Savannah Court$349,900
Lauren L. and Andrew E. JansenHighland40 Tara Trail$343,000
Joshua and Debra MillsBethalto2 Buckeye Court$339,000
REI Shaholli and Kevin ShaholliMaryville17 Stonebridge Crossing Drive$335,000
Michael C. and Lisa M. JonesBethalto5 Redbud Court$330,000
Jon BeckerBethalto2 Buckeye Court$312,500
Dana and Lisa DoleHighland10990 Lake Road$290,000
Laura and Brian SchutzeGlen Carbon4 Oxford Lane$290,000
Lindsay MurphyHighland17 Len Drive$279,900
Nicholas and Alissa CostilloGlen Carbon24 Oakdale Lake Circle$260,000
Jeremy and Jeri ReuterEdwardsville901 Chancellor Drive$247,500
Trisha McCulloch and James WilliamsMaryville7508 Stonebridge Drive$240,000
Eric SteinhauffGlen Carbon73 Julie Drive$239,000
Shawn W. and Stacie M. QuimbyTroy731 U.S. Highway E.$236,000
Mallory Ann RindererHighland45 Tara Trail$235,000
Charles Harrington Jr., Deborah Harrington and Emil TarjanyMaryville2655 Keebler Road$235,000
Alec R. and Samantha G. HuizengaGlen Carbon219 Bayhill Blvd.$235,000
Tonya Renea WalterHighland320 Courtland Highland$222,900
Gregory Withers and Kallen LovelessHamel115 Colonial Drive$218,500
Rosalind RobinsonCollinsville2 Delta Drive$215,000
Cole R. and Lindsey SchrageGlen Carbon16 Julie Drive$215,000
Kyle F. and Jamie L. AndersonEdwardsville337 Barnett Drive$209,900
Scott D. and Shannon SweeneyGodfrey3401 Whiteclif Lane$209,000
Kathleen M. and Andreas Kuhn IIIGodfrey6813 Beall Court$205,000
Ggb Property Management LLCTroy8333 Maple Grove Road$203,500
Dylan M. and Rebecca S. WhickerGlen Carbon41 Glen Echo Drive$203,000
Anthony GouldBethalto7319 Stutz Lane$200,000
Cassondra ReynoldsGlen Carbon15 Sunny Dale Court$195,000
Colin S HaggertyMaryville309 Drost St.$188,500
Misty and Jeremy RubenackerGranite City2636 Buenger Blvd.$188,500
Patrick J. Smith and Tina LanterTroy1284 Troy Ofallon Road$181,500
Robert C. GroganEast Alton101 Commella Woods$178,500
Sand Mark Builders LLCHoliday Shores1360 Biscay Drive$175,000
Jacob and Audrey CarrEdwardsville1434 Montclaire Ave.$170,000
Colin M. and Stefanie K. SolomonGodfrey5110 Jerome Drive$168,000
Matthew W. Davidson and Lauryn E HowardMaryville209 Division St. W.$167,000
Brandon John WeckerCollinsville119 Wing Ave.$165,000
David and Caroline LivingstoneGodfrey1903 Montview Ave.$165,000
Lightner Properties LLCHighland12856 Ridge N.$165,000
Ryan Wall and Bridgette HearnTroy515 Dogwood Drive$165,000
Lauren M. and Joseph A. WestTroy406 Cook St.$164,900
Cody Lee and George LucasTroy323 Kimberlin St. N.$160,000
Donna L. and Timothy A. MorganTroy81 Lake Drive W.$159,500
Joshua BogleMoro11 Magnolia Drive$155,000
Taylor D. Donohoo and Austin J. DrewBethalto205 Virginia St.$155,000
Carson Cole and Alyssa Jo RileyBethalto66 Main St. E.$153,000
John R. and Gale HensleyEdwardsville553 Kansas St. N.$153,000
Joshua and Samantha WaltonGranite City152 Arlington Drive$152,000
Robert L. and Linda S. ShieldsHighland27 Madonna Court$151,200
James Van and Lisa Van RavenswaayBethalto447 Spencer St.$150,000
Carl L. MinorWood River1392 Harrison St.$148,000
Andrew Van WinkleEdwardsville1022 Ruskin Ave.$148,000
Secretary Housing Urban Development, Sec Housing Urban Development and US Department Housing Urban DevelopmentGodfrey5304 River Aire Drive$146,730
Jenna Pile and Tyler RoamWood River321 Bonita St.$145,000
Paige Thompson and Samuel CrowEdwardsville1005 Troy Road$143,000
Simeon ThomasHoliday Shores1318 Carribean Drive$142,750
Andrew A. Torrez and Billy L CatoGodfrey6100 Pierce Lane$140,000
Stephen and Nancy CasperHighland41 Lexington Lane$140,000
Lindow Properties LLCTroy439 Eagles Way$140,000
Jacob and Rachel TweedyBethalto402 Vermont St.$140,000
Claire Backstrom and Nicholas SimmonsCollinsville802 Oran St.$138,000
Lindsay A. BeaversCollinsville304 Emilie St.$137,000
Adrian MunozCollinsville135 Washington St. W.$137,000
Nichol R Tieman and Catherine F. MorelandGranite City1535 Cottage Ave.$135,000
Ethan A. Lock and Adrianna L LockAlton1821 Evergreen Ave.$133,000
Margaret and Kathryn HollemanEdwardsville223 First Ave.$133,000
Derek TooheyTroy317 Kimberlin St. N.$132,000
Bradley and Lindsay HutchingsGranite City4724 Benning St.$131,500
Michael K. and Dina L. AltenbergerGranite City3015 Warren Ave.$131,500
Ryan FindlayTroy326 Staunton Road$131,000
Shawn FergusonCollinsville124 Chestnut St. N.$131,000
Linda E Hosto and Marie D. JacksonGlen Carbon52 Morningside Drive$130,000
Jennifer and Bobby J. DixonGranite City1097 Wanda St.$130,000
Kelsey TaylorEdwardsville420 Plum St.$130,000
Estelle Strauss WilliamsEdwardsville656 Vandalia St. E.$129,900
Sandra L HutchinsWood River157 Grand Ave.$126,000
KB Development Group LLCGranite City2916 Idaho Ave.$125,000
Rhonda K. HughesGranite City3225 Princeton Drive$125,000
Cheyenne Napier and Bryan M GrieshaberBethalto1216 Corbin St. W.$124,900
Mark FriedelGlen Carbon821 Glen Crossing Road$124,000
Christopher J. and Dennis KelleyGranite City3267 Willow Ave.$124,000
Wade A. HamptonHighland175 Field Crossing Drive A$121,500
Dustin ColemanWilson Heights123 Meyer Drive$120,000
Brian R BuddekeAlton2510 Rodgers Ave. N.$119,900
Lisa StrangemanEdwardsville1109 Longfellow Ave.$119,500
Cody Broyles and Autumn KelleyGranite City5161 Stacey Drive$118,500
John W. Brown IIIEast Alton40 Northmoor Place$115,000
Perry Acquisitions LLCWilson Heights123 Meyer Drive$113,000
Ian ParnellRoxana133 First St. W.$112,500
Nancy Jussyp and Unity Family Properties LLCCollinsville807 Morrison Ave. S.$110,000
Eric R DonaldCollinsville808 Dooner Drive$110,000
James C. KennedyHighland919 Third St.$108,000

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