McHenry County had a median home sale price of $191,000 of 293 homes in February 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for McHenry County in February 2020, according to

In February 2020, there were 293 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $191,000 in McHenry County.

Top 100 home sales in McHenry County for February 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Prodige Properties LLC - 13202 Hebron Road-13202 Hebron Road$1,050,000
Daniel and Elzbieta Davis-18801 Lincoln Road$725,000
Donald J. and Karen W. HarrisBull Valley800 Valley Hill Road$693,000
Gary L. and Suz-Anne M. PhelpsWoodstock1430 Longwood Drive$610,000
Ryan B. and Kristen A. Richardson-3711 Berry Court$589,000
Steve and Molly BristowPrairie Grove4528 Carlisle Drive$495,000
Bharat J., Sara, Dhaval B. and Jahanvi Oza-6709 Oakwood Manor Drive$485,000
Lindsay M. Carr (trust)-6614 Oakwood Manor Drive$448,000
Robert Bailey IV-7200 Great Hill Road$446,000
Randa L. and Alexander F. McDonaldCrystal Lake732 Saddle Ridge$426,000
Joree and David S. MorrisTrout Valley19 Marryat Road$415,000
Justin D. and Katherine M. Canada-6411 Round Up Road$410,000
Ryan T. MaguireMcHenry7123 Burning Tree Drive$390,000
Michael A. and Jennifer K. FreundCrystal Lake1432 Alexandra Blvd.$379,000
Oscar Z. and Liliana S. VeraLake in the Hills4415 Coyote Lakes Circle$375,000
Kevin M Freundt and Kathleen J. PurdomAlgonquin300 Fairway View Drive$370,000
Adam Lewandowski and Barbara Nicole Snelten-201 Draper Road$370,000
Matthew Grizely Jr. and Linda GrizelyCary324 Foxford Drive$360,000
Iuliana Lungu and Roman ArseniLake in the Hills3133 Fairhaven Lane$352,000
Stevan and Miranda CencelewskiRingwood4810 Inmans Way$350,000
Juan Ivan Zamudio-15109 Marengo Road$350,000
John and Maire and Eamonn AustinHarvard301 Church St.$349,000
Nicholas D. and Heather E. StoryLakemoor1807 Mason Corte Drive$345,000
Caitlin Anne and Jordan Mitchell Blanton-3705 Cypress Drive$345,000
Vanna So and Vantha ElIsland Lake0$327,000
Pawel ZajkowskiHuntley12115 Oakcrest Drive$325,000
John and Deanne Rizleris-19209 Frank Lane$320,000
Kristine KwilosLake in the Hills4460 Barharbor Drive$320,000
Jamie PatrassoLake in the Hills4012 Honeymoon Ridge$320,000
Anthony AbatangeloSpring Grove11102 Michigan Drive$320,000
James and Derek Lamanna-2510 Long Lane$320,000
Adam KimszalHuntley10870 Grand Canyon Ave.$316,000
Lz Realty Group LLCCrystal Lake345 First Court$312,000
Emily Staerk-3606 Deep Wood Drive$311,500
Nadeen and Fares SweisCrystal Lake657 Providence Lane$310,000
Jose Solis Correa and Rosalba Lopez Baza-1118 Crystal Lake Road$310,000
Lisa Ronnie and Lois Starkey Ronnie-909 Nippersink Road$308,000
Russell E. AndersonJohnsburg2301 Fairview Ave.$307,500
Lauren MonacoPort Barrington741 Brighton Circle$305,000
Richard K. Kniesel Jr. and Dana Wisner Kniesel-1210 Alexandra Blvd.$305,000
Clinton J. GrothendickJohnsburg5504 Rachel Lane$305,000
Robert and Christina GinterAlgonquin480 Tuscany Drive$305,000
Dejan and Elizabeth A. R. VojcicCrystal Lake1173 Dovercliff Way$303,000
Tyler and Andrea S. GarrisonCrystal Lake2507 Ajax St.$300,000
Benjamin and Jacie ThomasCrystal Lake363 Kingsport Court$295,000
Dominique and Sandra Elaine TurnerMcHenry6702 Burning Tree Circle$295,000
Yosef E Kleinman and Jennifer Hiser-6003 Chestnut Court$295,000
Mukesh PatelAlgonquin4660 Whitehall Court$295,000
Christopher V. and Kim Kahlmorgan-2407 Long Lane$294,000
Joe CampbellMcHenry5714 Tomlinson Drive$294,000
Kenneth R. and Romona L. VolkeningHuntley13555 Honeysuckle Drive$289,000
Jolene A. WhiteHuntley10619 Brittany Ave.$289,000
Michael Puquirre and Flor Urena-6306 Hidden Oak Drive$287,000
Ashley K. Labee and Andrew W. FreckCary100 Augusta Lane$285,000
Gwen L. and John I. Laskowski-4817 Hampshire Lane$285,000
Stevie N Drake and David M. KvistadCrystal Lake7602 Andrea Lane$285,000
Aaron T. and Kendall L. KinertMcHenry6637 Ayre Drive$284,000
Stephen A. BlackmoreLake in the Hills5715 Lucerne Lane$283,000
Randy Jamie and David A. Gieseke Jamie-4414 Annette Ave.$281,500
Matthew J. AdamsCary1227 Galway Drive$281,000
John M. BreazealHuntley9244 Buckingham Court$280,000
Charles CernyHuntley11166 Hanover Ave.$279,000
Gregory HernquistSpring Grove6909 Catalpa Court$278,500
Roberto Diaz-13911 U.S. Highway 14$277,500
Karen Lynn Cranford and Jennifer Lynn Schaller-1803 Cassandra Lane$277,000
Tracy A. ReddingtonCrystal Lake1288 Manchester Drive$274,000
Kelley A. and Alexander D. StarkRichmond5400 Mourning Dove Circle$272,500
Inetta ReddellMcHenry1921 Olde Mill Lane$272,000
Patrick N. O'Brien and Ashley T. MoerschCrystal Lake1536 Stockton Lane$271,500
Hebda Investment Group LLCLake in the Hills1021 Mason Lane$271,500
Alexander S. and Courtney M. RaceLake in the Hills1148 Heavens Gate$270,000
Gina E HuberCary204 Foxford Drive$268,000
Anatolie Caldare and Lidia BurduhAlgonquin4480 Whitehall Lane$268,000
Candace R. and Joshua S. Schmidt-8212 U.S. Highway 14$267,000
Daniel A. Palmer and Rebecca L. PlontkeFox River Grove420 Concord Ave.$266,000
Matthew JenkinsMcHenry1734 Hoover Trail$265,000
Nicole Kuchar and Scott ShamuluasAlgonquin530 Eagle Ridge Lane$265,000
Katherine HatfieldLakewood9100 Falcon Greens Drive$265,000
Mariusz MichalczykAlgonquin211 Greens View Drive$265,000
Jillian Castanon and J Trancito Castanon CabreraHuntley10014 Yardley Drive$264,500
Christine and Junya KimLake in the Hills5071 Princeton Lane$260,000
Colleen Sandquist-6904 New Hampshire Trail$260,000
Ryan Travis GeorgeWoodstock720 Margaret Drive$257,000
Christopher D. Guimon and Kathleen PostFox River Grove604 Old Hunt Road$256,000
Fidel Torres and Magda CornejoLake in the Hills200 Ellis Road$254,500
Leanne Marie WadmanMcHenry1911 Pine Drive$253,500
Thomas E. RussellMcHenry4617 Willow Lane$250,000
Robert and Crista CooperHuntley10488 Middletown Lane$250,000
William K. and Sandra C. DossBull Valley2609 Thompson Road$249,000
Thomas Concaildi and Lisa LococoMcHenry1105 River Road$248,000
Sergio and Melissa RojasMcHenry6004 Bluegrass Trail$247,000
Gino Romozzi and Agnieszka LosCary243 Main St.$246,000
Main 120 Center Street Series LLCCrystal Lake120 Center St.$245,000
Don and Anna M. RosenfeldHuntley10415 Casselberry$243,000
James K. and Sandra A. MortimerAlgonquin865 Eineke Blvd.$242,500
Goodmark Nurseries LLC-9508 Thayer Road$240,000
Andrew D. DussardAlgonquin314 Circle Drive$240,000
Fred J. and Kimberly ClarkLakewood6805 Huntley Road$240,000
Elizabeth A. WintersteenCrystal Lake1570 Autumncrest Drive$240,000
Karen A. Grogan-6117 Sands Road$239,000

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