Denton County had a median home valuation of $277,673 of 1,271 homes in March 2020

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These are the top 100 home valuations for Denton County in March 2020, according to

In March 2020, there were 1,271 homes sold, with a median home valuation of $277,673 in Denton County.

Top 100 home valuations in Denton County for March 2020
Gregory J. and Leslie A. GroffFlower Mound2601 Long Lane$1,010,412
Scott A. ChappleHighland Village3111 Misty Oak Drive$1,016,442
Michael Stephen CoxHickory Creek101 Melody Lane$103,362
Amanda Lewis-543 Northside Ave.$105,400
Texas State ofLewisville1010 Lakeland Drive$105,557
Linden LanierDenton1601 Anna St.$106,351
Christopher and Sydney WebbDenton1108 Stuart Road$106,399
Osvaldo LunaThe Colony5216 Young Drive$106,480
Angelita R. and James E. KrauzCorinth3705 Lake Grove Court$1,074,424
Chris B. and Shara M. LottFrisco1632 Prince William Lane$1,085,000
David and Michele PahlPlano6520 Riverhill Drive$1,110,504
Deborah Ann Black (trustee), Ricky Lee, Deborah Ann Black Burt (living trust) and Ricky Lee Burt (trustee)Sanger209 David Drive$112,473
High Peaks LLCSanger204 Hillcrest St.$113,686
Amanda Ashley Rambes-4409 Angevin Ave.$114,841
Walters L M Inc.Hickory Creek102 Hickory Lane$118,064
Room Properties LLC-551 Northside Ave.$120,930
Sandai Property Fish Pool Series LLCThe Colony5212 Fisher Drive$123,200
Westoplex Renewal Co. LLCThe Colony5212 Fisher Drive$123,200
Xiomara Amaya and Santos A. Hernandez RoblesLewisville1042 Shadow Wood Lane$124,823
Dandrea S CollinsDenton3949 Overlake Drive$125,000
Property Owner 13 LLCDenton1008 Autumn Oak Drive$127,878
James E. and Susan B. WaggonerSanger801 Cherry St.$128,841
Grant Montgomery Peters and Charles M. and Ruth Holly WesterDenton321 Ruth St.$129,785
Linda and Thomas Haster-3216 Oriole Lane$130,825
Daniel W. and Shannon M. WardLake Dallas5302 Princess Court$130,950
Amy G. Ricci (trustee), Ricci Family Trust Dated October 15 2008 and Thomas S. Ricci (trustee)Flower Mound4800 Tour 18 Drive$1,314,080
Mauro Mendoza-PinaLewisville1101 Tahoe Drive$132,882
Raymond Brandt GarciaThe Colony5525 King Drive$133,000
Debbie A. and Jimmy L. RobesonAubrey301 Pecan St.$134,000
Adrian and Jennifer WhitakerLewisville1608 Cedar Keys Drive$134,783
Hadi ElzeinLittle Elm114 Harvey Circle$135,493
Vodente Corp.Lewisville1521 Palisades Drive$136,671
Stefani R HigdonCarrollton2119 Carlton Road$137,000
Property Owner 13 LLCKrum211 Dove Meadows$138,424
Sarun SamboThe Colony5712 Phelps St.$138,424
Steven, Winona Phillips (living trust), Steven Eric Phillips (trustee) and Winona Ann Phillips (trustee)Denton2522 Quail Ridge Drive$138,837
Amber MartenJustin324 College Ave.$139,293
Marissa and Matt Hicks-107 Bluebird Circle$140,000
American International Relocation Solutions LLCThe Colony4522 Horseshoe Trail$140,354
Kyle Mac Kinze and Madeline Grace SertnerThe Colony4522 Horseshoe Trail$140,354
Walter Maldonado and Joselyn RomeroPonder607 Lonestar Park Lane$140,461
Klis (revocable trust), Kyle R. Miller (trustee) and Lisa W. Miller (trustee)Lewisville654 Hunters Glen St.$140,512
Cassidy BoyerDenton1915 Mohican St.$140,731
Lisa DouglasOak Point430 Regatta Row Road$141,597
Clifton James and Terra HelusKrugerville307 Ranch Road$142,497
Texas State ofLewisville514 Purnell Road$142,633
Series 2 a Series of Pincherry Holdings LLCLewisville866 Creekside Drive$143,806
Gregory D. and Linda K. SteinmanDenton3601 Sunnydale Lane$144,651
Joanna RattanThe Colony5409 Slay Drive$145,113
David Pessoa Lopes and Teresa Marques Pessoa Lopes RauschDenton512 Rose St.$146,237
Cody Lewis-2813 Beverly Drive$146,300
Anita and Paresh PatelLewisville561 Harvest Hill St.$147,000
Haven Homes Group LLCLewisville1301 Tahoe Drive$147,103
Mary R. and Nathan CashSanger102 Allen Drive$147,420
Raul Hernandez Leyva-417 Pace Drive$147,620
Alejandra Martinez, Joe Albert Perez and Sergio Mercado SanchezLittle Elm131 Lakefront Drive$147,655
Connie C. and Joseph Eugene Greenwood-1900 Jasmine St.$148,000
Erin and Sean McLellanJustin522 Leuty St.$149,000
Carter and Kelly StreyAubrey305 Pecan St.$149,525
Sfr Jv 1 Property LLCLewisville2033 Feather Lane$150,548
Hannah Amy and Matthew Arthur Alvarado-6508 Farndon Drive$152,108
Daniel Lawrence AlbaDenton1914 Westwood Drive$152,158
Jessica Marie JohnsonProvidence Village9915 Birch Drive$152,316
James SubletteRoanoke617 Reed St.$152,411
Jeannette Flores and Alexander LlamasLewisville950 Huntington Drive$153,243
Grayson County Residential Management LLCCarrollton2038 Rose Hill Road$153,451
Jennifer Weise and Madison Froio McDougallDenton1016 Bull Run$153,824
Richard BoediartoThe Colony5513 Gibson Drive$154,222
Gustavo Garcia Garcia and Maribel Morales HernandezCarrollton2916 Rolling Hills Drive$154,422
Yifei LIProvidence Village10021 Cedar Lake Drive$155,000
Jessica Marleny and Paulo Jonathan MacIasDenton3304 Teasbend Court$155,365
Carlos Lugo SteidelFort Worth1904 Elk Lake Trail$155,405
Ray L GrahamDenton1701 Cordell St.$156,000
Kate Alison and Kenneth David Imy IICorinth3310 Cliffview Drive$156,207
Clemantene Abbott and Merlynn StewartPonder427 Madison Place$156,380
Baviera REI LLCLewisville1426 Marblehead Drive$156,764
Offerpad SPVBORROWER1 LLCAubrey217 Glory St.$157,162
Tumhnem MualcinLewisville1325 Woodhill Drive$158,279
Laura Leticia Hernandez and Sara Paige Nickell-508 Hallum Drive$158,501
Samantha Naomi Duffield and Jacob Matthew OnstadDenton3418 Valley View Road$159,000
August Pilate and Erik Christopher SchutteLewisville919 Thompson Drive$159,383
Sfr Jv 1 Property LLCDenton3129 Bell Ave.$160,000
Teri Leigh SmithProvidence Village1241 Kingston Place$160,290
Linda S. Hickman (trustee), Robert H., Linda S. Hickman Hickman (living trust) and Robert H. Hickman (trustee)Denton5421 Dolores Place$161,000
Linda S. Hickman (trustee), Robert H., Linda S. Hickman Hickman (living trust) and Robert H. Hickman (trustee)Denton5405 Dolores Place$161,000
Linda S. Hickman (trustee), Robert H., Linda S. Hickman Hickman (living trust) and Robert H. Hickman (trustee)Denton5409 Dolores Place$161,000
Elmer and Roxana J. JimenezCarrollton3021 Rolling Hills Circle$161,407
Jommel GozonLewisville936 Azalia Drive$162,000
Brian Andrew StrongDenton2207 Jacqueline Drive$162,106
Rachel Canada and Stephan Allen BellThe Colony5236 Strickland Ave.$162,806
Dallas Metro Holdings LLCLewisville314 Corporate Drive$162,856
Leigh Court InvestmentsLewisville314 Corporate Drive$162,856
Ninfa I BalcedoLewisville714 Creekwood Drive$162,864
Austin and Jessica WallaceSanger1306 First St.$163,157
Samantha Calabrese and Jose FloresLewisville1073 Winterwood Drive$163,350
Shoukai Kamiya Co. Ltd.Lewisville919 Azalia Drive$163,389
Judith A. Dodson-Wright (trustee), Rick A. Wright (trustee) and Wright Trust Dated July 21 2016The Colony4840 Alta Oaks Court$163,397
David SengpaseuthCarrollton1726 Peters Colony Road$163,503
James SproulsAubrey402 Meadow Lane$163,926
Shane CouturierLewisville1617 Pebble Beach Drive$164,295

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