267 homes sold in Rockisland County with a median home sale price of $106,000 in March 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Rockisland County in March 2020, according to BlockShopper.com.

In March 2020, there were 267 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $106,000 in Rockisland County.

Top 100 home sales in Rockisland County for March 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Kathleen L. Trust By Sattizahn (trustee)Rapids City1814 First Ave.$555,000
Adam HinrichsTaylor Ridge8115 149th St.$375,000
Chantelle PetersonTaylor Ridge8100 149th St.$357,500
Jason M. and Courtney R MoncuseMoline1401 34 Ave. B Court$334,900
Nicholas G. and Rachel L. BasalaMilan1123 149th Ave.$320,000
Brian J. and Sara E. StroudRock Island3 Timberline Court$310,000
Kumar Tarikere Brandon K & Laurie a Klugger LPMoline3 Deer Run$310,000
Charles CrewsAndalusia140 Woodland Drive$310,000
Benjamin and Melissa BrondosPort Byron2301 Parkway Drive$309,900
Mark J. and Marcia A. McLaughlinRock Island1603 33 Ave. Court$307,000
Julia F. and Paul K. WarnerPort Byron23010 94th Ave.$295,000
Timothy F. and Amy M. HunterMoline3606 74th St.$286,500
Zak E. and Mindi L BenjaminMilan5014 109th Ave.$285,000
Keovilaythong and Tony PhiathepMoline3730 77 St. Court$275,000
Venkata Kuppili Sarada DabbruCoal Valley1607 Fifth St.$275,000
Stephen R. and Molly HainesMoline3711 77 St. Court$271,000
Murray W. and Vickie R Trst HacksCoal Valley506 14th Ave. Court$269,500
Gopikrishna Sathyamurthy Ranjani VenkatesanRock Island10 Woodley Road$240,000
Luke and Alexis ShatekMoline2012 44th St.$230,000
Tushar and Sandhya PetkarMoline3714 77 St. Court$225,000
Julie A. Reed and Lester L. Paup IIIMoline818 34th Ave.$220,000
Erin C., John M. and Pamela VeronaRock Island3512 29 St. Court$218,900
Nicholas I. and Tanya M MoorePort Byron804 High St.$216,000
Johnson Bros. Realty LLCRock Island3020 47th Ave.$215,000
Johnson Bros. Reality LLCRock Island3020 47th Ave.$215,000
Tyler and Stefanie McLaughlinCedar Brook3918 172nd St.$213,000
Tyler and Stefanie McLaughlinCedar Brook3918 172nd St.$213,000
Matthew and Heather TahjaMoline1702 54 St. Court$204,500
Heather Marie and Matthew TahjaMoline1702 54 St. Court$204,500
Meghann Kathleen PetersRock Island4060 25th Ave.$199,900
Meghann Kathleen PetersRock Island4060 25th Ave.$199,900
Kevin and Lynn BarkerMoline4412 River Drive, No. 105$195,000
John L. & Marilyn J. Trust By Trustees TerryMoline2408 1 St. Court$195,000
Steven W. and Brenda K CurryCoyne Center11521 Sixth St.$194,000
Adria HemmenMoline3226 45th St.$189,900
Jonathan A. and Amanda C. PeelHampton607 10th Ave.$189,000
Brandon CominsEast Moline185 39th Ave.$187,650
Amber Peterson Shannon ArnoldPort Byron21627 94th Ave.$187,000
John SepulvedaRock Island1304 42nd Ave.$184,900
Sean Jacob and Carlee Jo HanleyMoline4512 11th Ave. C$182,000
Amber BatzkielCoyne Center315 119th Ave.$180,000
Dylan and Kayla CampbellMoline4705 11th Ave. C$177,000
Corey M. and Jennifer L PancrazioMoline4212 35th Ave.$175,000
Corey Michael and Jennifer Lynn PancrazioMoline4212 35th Ave.$175,000
Cody M Black and Amanda M. DaytonMoline3428 45th St.$171,000
Cody Black Amanda DaytonMoline3428 45th St.$171,000
Lawrence and Denise DreifurstEast Moline468 26 Ave. Court$170,000
Lawrence E. and Denise R. DreifurstEast Moline468 26 Ave. Court$170,000
Ellie N. and Robert M. LarsonCoal Valley210 Third St.$168,000
Jesse Lewis Estes Roshell Estes Jr.Moline4829 47th Ave.$165,000
Kevin and Ashleigh VanspeybroeckMilan2520 117th Ave.$164,900
Brigitte W. and John Douglas SimsMoline1121 33rd Ave.$163,000
Nathan DeporterSilvis414 11th Ave. A Court$162,500
Julio and Olivia VillalpandoSilvis1014 10th St.$162,500
Tyler L. and Miriam R. EvansMoline3413 34th Ave.$158,650
Maria Vasquez LopezEast Moline611 32nd Ave.$158,650
Colin Lorenz Allison PatchEast Moline1117 38th Ave.$157,500
Robin HarropMoline1115 10th St.$154,500
Alexander and Allie BishopRock Island3303 91st Ave.$153,000
Alexander and Allie BishopRock Island3303 91st Ave.$153,000
On Track Properties LLCSilvis443 Second Ave. D$150,000
Jacob and Rebecca KleinMoline1029 25 Ave. Court$148,560
Phillip SheesleyEast Moline636 20 Ave. Court$145,000
Kyle MarxenRock Island3211 38th Ave.$145,000
Kyle MarxenRock Island3211 38th Ave.$145,000
Sterling D and Lashonta V MooreRock Island3500 26th St.$145,000
Curtis LewisMoline405 32nd Ave.$145,000
James and Maria MosherEast Moline4016 First St.$144,270
Terrance BumpusEast Moline3502 Eighth St.$144,000
Terrance E BumpusEast Moline3502 Eighth St.$144,000
Sarah Herbert Joseph SpinnerRock Island2708 28th Ave.$140,125
Adam CircelloRock Island4041 25th Ave.$139,900
Adam CircelloRock Island4041 25th Ave.$139,900
Mitchell SongerMoline5125 Seventh Ave.$139,500
Michael Purvis Lyudmila StoykovaRock Island3527 41st Ave.$138,000
Michael R. Purvis and Lyudmila StoykovaMilan308 Blackhawk Ave.$138,000
Cherokee BunchMilan3202 Sixth St.$137,000
Alan D. and Melissa A. WendtRock Island1705 88th Ave.$137,000
Alan D. and Melissa A. WendtRock Island1705 88th Ave.$137,000
Rodney S. and Julie A. VanmelkebekeRock Island1712 85th Ave.$137,000
Cherokee BunchMilan3202 Sixth St.$137,000
Cody CaborEast Moline2715 Eighth St.$135,000
Tim ThomasRock Island1426 34th Ave.$135,000
Jacob A. and Brianna EtzelReynolds309 Edgington St.$134,900
James and Karen CoffmanSilvis604 12th St.$133,000
Lori DowsettEast Moline923 23rd Ave.$132,000
Pamela GalvinRock Island32 Brittany Lane$132,000
Edward Sierra LeeMoline2428 45th St.$130,000
Blake Huntley and Rachel LawsonSilvis2322 Eighth St.$129,900
April HosteRapids City1708 First Ave. A$129,900
Ram Hei Sui HlawnEast Moline3008 Ninth St.$129,900
Marc Kopcho Kristin DietzEast Moline1316 23 Ave. Court$129,500
Andrew CooperRock Island2037 45th St.$128,000
Kristin MorganRock Island2218 15th 1$128,000
Cody A., Karissa E Kessler Karissa, James and Darci ToppertRapids City215 12th St.$126,906
Joanne HigginsMoline427 21st Ave.$125,500
Thomas LangfordRock Island1229 14th 1$125,000
Anna Michelle HahnEast Moline864 38th Ave.$125,000
John R. and Carolyn S SlavishCoal Valley214 13th Ave.$123,500
Sarah DreyRock Island3930 38th St., Unit D$123,000

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