Peoria County had a median home sale price of $112,000 of 221 homes in March 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Peoria County in March 2020, according to

In March 2020, there were 221 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $112,000 in Peoria County.

Top 100 home sales in Peoria County for March 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Peoria602 High Point Road$799,000
Peoria9800 Townsend Drive$750,000
-219 Curtis Drive$555,000
-7801 Hanna City-Glasford Road$531,000
Peoria6805 Greenwich Place$389,000
-212 Windflower Way$377,000
Peoria4027 Talus Court$365,000
Peoria310 Ravinwoods Road$340,000
Peoria7215 Drake Court$335,000
Mapleton9100 Terry Road$329,000
Peoria6517 Hazel Nut Drive$327,500
Peoria10500 Winter Court$320,000
Peoria4518 Tilley Court$310,000
-11313 Route 91$299,900
Peoria717 Scottwood Drive$295,000
Peoria6202 Diversey Court$295,000
Peoria6108 Diversey Court$290,000
Rome16120 Portage St.$289,000
-15602 Schlink Road$272,500
Peoria6111 Clairemont Court$270,100
Peoria5201 Shag Bark Circle$265,000
Peoria11520 Dunmore Drive$264,000
Peoria11017 Tuscany Ridge Court$263,000
Peoria5601 Woodbriar Lane$260,000
Peoria1200 Cayman Cove$260,000
Peoria2312 Imperial Drive$257,000
Peoria2114 Forestglen Drive$256,000
Peoria7507 Hillrose Place$255,650
Peoria3823 Evergreen Court$255,000
Peoria404 High Point Road$240,000
Peoria11708 Dunmore Drive$235,000
Peoria3406 Missouri Ave.$227,500
-4110 Cloverdale Road$222,250
Peoria7115 Willow Bend Point$210,000
Peoria3620 Tedford Drive$210,000
Peoria1619 Meadowview Drive$209,900
Peoria4512 Broyhill Court$208,000
Peoria516 Richwoods Blvd.$205,500
-14617 Ivy Lake Road$205,000
Peoria6321 Burncrest Court$203,500
Peoria2001 Gerald Drive$199,000
Peoria2001 Gerald Drive$199,000
Peoria7203 Charles Way$192,000
Peoria11412 Columbine Drive$190,000
-10230 Fox Creek Drive$188,000
Bartonville1046 Tall Oaks Court$185,000
Lake Camelot9613 Guinivere Court$185,000
-12124 Whispering Wood Drive$181,000
Peoria5510 Isabell Ave.$177,000
Peoria6805 Bobolink Drive$176,150
Peoria2202 Miners Drive$175,000
Peoria5602 Biltmore Ave.$171,900
Peoria4122 Hawthorne Place$171,000
-12124 Whispering Wood Drive$170,000
-6203 Navajo Drive$168,000
Peoria812 Hampshire Road$167,500
Mapleton8408 Vicki Lynn Drive$167,000
Peoria3319 Parkridge Drive$167,000
Peoria4403 Lynnhurst Drive$163,000
-4110 Cloverdale Road$160,000
-435 Longbow Drive$158,000
Peoria7018 Kerwood Drive$157,000
Peoria1117 Ravinwoods Road$155,000
Peoria2323 Ardell Place$155,000
-12136 Tall Trees Drive$154,900
-2605 First St.$152,500
Lake Camelot9801 Guinivere Drive$150,000
Peoria1510 Parkside Drive$150,000
Peoria6507 Suffolk Drive$150,000
Peoria1107 Cordell Ave.$149,900
Elmwood309 Main St.$149,000
Peoria5522 Ramblewood Court$146,500
Peoria7100 Fox Point Drive$146,300
Peoria4509 Tallgrass Lane$145,000
Peoria4809 Lynnbrook Drive$145,000
-2707 St. Agnes Court$144,900
Glasford308 Oak St.$142,000
Peoria3417 Capitol Drive$140,000
Peoria7100 Fox Point Drive$139,900
Peoria1033 Raven Road$139,025
Peoria7021 Willow Wood Drive$139,000
Peoria5611 Arrow Drive$139,000
Peoria2106 Cimarron Drive$138,000
Peoria4511 Tallgrass Lane$137,500
-4401 Legion Hall Road$135,000
Rome5102 Lawrence Ave.$134,900
Peoria208 Melbourne Ave.$133,500
West Peoria642 Coolidge Court$133,000
Peoria7319 Villa Lake Drive$130,500
Peoria1606 Devereux Drive$130,000
Peoria3618 Peoria Ave.$128,500
Peoria1720 Tulip Trail$128,000
Peoria4914 Bevalon Place$126,072
Peoria2301 Manito Court$126,000
Peoria2708 Woodhaven Drive$125,000
Peoria326 Clara Ave.$122,500
Peoria5802 Keenland Ave.$122,000
Bartonville2 Sherry Lane$122,000
Peoria5732 Rosemead Drive$122,000
Peoria5418 Ronald Road$122,000

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