StLouisCity County had a median home sale price of $130,000 in March 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for StLouisCity County in March 2020, according to

In March 2020, there were 421 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $130,000 in StLouisCity County.

Top 100 home sales in StLouisCity County for March 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
JDC Re Investments LLCSt. Louis4770 Kings Drive$968,000
George and Bonnie DanekerSt. Louis53 Westmoreland Place$965,000
Zachary and Rachel BoyersSt. Louis2035 Park Ave.$870,000
Stuart Edward and Mary Ann Donnelly RheaSt. Louis5035 Westminster Place$850,000
Jassen JohnsonSt. Louis5151 Washington Place$775,000
Sarah A. KramerSt. Louis4622 Maryland Ave.$710,000
Grove Gardens LLCSt. Louis1325 Vandeventer Ave.$625,000
Three Doors Properties LLCSt. Louis713 Barton St.$600,000
John Albert ParksSt. Louis315 11th St. 1201$532,000
Randy Charles Martin and Brian KirkSt. Louis3610 Utah Place$530,000
Katherine L. Warden and Kurtis T SchaperSt. Louis2704 Compton Ave.$515,500
Brandon Weber and Maria LoidaSt. Louis1221 Lami St.$512,000
9 Fruits LLCSt. Louis3225 Arsenal St.$510,000
Kathleen MeachamSt. Louis3630 Arsenal St.$500,000
Matthew J. Blakely and Novid P ParsiSt. Louis3893 Connecticut St.$495,000
Henry Residential Renovation LLCSt. Louis7 Arundel Place$490,000
Laura Ann YarbroughSt. Louis2345 Rutger St.$485,000
Matthew Brand and Julie and Ross WilsonSt. Louis4933 Devonshire Ave.$475,000
Bryan and Emilee HuffSt. Louis6314 Arsenal St.$463,500
Nottingham Avenue Apartments LLCSt. Louis6212 Nottingham Ave.$430,000
Natalie and Amy WheelerSt. Louis6966 Sutherland Ave.$427,550
Brendan F. and Kaila E. CaprioSt. Louis7012 Mitchell Ave.$420,000
Craig and Krystal ProctorSt. Louis1306 Louisville Ave.$420,000
Veronica and Matthew PotterSt. Louis4137 McRee Ave.$408,151
Bgrs LLCSt. Louis3830 Flad Ave.$403,700
Elaine M Bauer and Aaron M. BobbSt. Louis3830 Flad Ave.$403,700
Barbara J. and Michael A. BouvatteSt. Louis56 Willmore Road$400,000
Peter R. J. Ervin and Megan G. CraneSt. Louis3812 Connecticut St.$392,500
Andrew Stallmann and Lindsay MichalskiSt. Louis4030 Shaw Blvd.$386,250
Anthony HouskaSt. Louis4311 Hunt Ave.$376,070
Byron and Marcella NewellSt. Louis2231 Missouri Ave.$375,000
Susan L. Shillito (trust)St. Louis709 Skinker Blvd. 702$375,000
Scott A. and Michelle Friedman GerlisSt. Louis3646 Hartford St.$367,500
Garrett Flint and Emily HomerSt. Louis5226 Murdoch Ave.$367,000
Taylor Sprehe and Raya SabaSt. Louis5240 Delor St.$356,000
Michael D. and Deah J. DoranSt. Louis6721 Smiley Ave.$345,000
Adam RosenzweigSt. Louis6174 Washington Blvd.$345,000
Kevan Heath and Jamie Joy LongSt. Louis4247 Flad Ave.$342,000
Angela E. and Andre Q. Sy OngSt. Louis3143 Lackland Ave.$340,000
Nicholas J. Albright and Heather ParcelSt. Louis6361 Sutherland Ave.$330,000
Spurgeon Properties LLCSt. Louis807 Russell Blvd.$329,500
Chad and Katherine BeltSt. Louis4723 Prague Ave.$325,000
Dylan C. and Abbie M. OranSt. Louis7112 Jamieson Ave.$325,000
Next Gen Investment Properties LLCSt. Louis3613 Alberta St.$324,000
Roy E. and Joanna JacksonSt. Louis6522 Walsh St.$315,000
John R. and Marilyn L. BeattySt. Louis5501 Bischoff Ave.$315,000
Alexander S Desroches and Denise D Lapez-DesrochesSt. Louis4936 Potomac St.$315,000
Matthew Scott and Allyson Marie ForrestSt. Louis4139 Russell Blvd.$312,000
Choice Assets LLCSt. Louis2055 Alfred Ave.$307,500
Shawn and Mia LamasterSt. Louis3819 Robert Ave.$301,000
Ratnadeep Jayraj R. and Saroj Mehta Jayraj R.St. Louis6944 Chippewa St.$300,000
Julie T ConradSt. Louis2819 Indiana Ave.$300,000
Todd G WintertonSt. Louis2643 Russell Blvd.$292,000
Michael and Alejandra HinesSt. Louis5707 Nottingham Ave.$290,000
Terrance TylerSt. Louis3186 Nebraska Ave.$289,000
Artemis Holdings LLCSt. Louis6528 Clayton Ave.$285,000
5622 Delmar LLCSt. Louis6528 Clayton Ave.$285,000
Gregory N SchreckenbergSt. Louis3327 Seventh Blvd.$285,000
Doug and Aubrey BauerSt. Louis3964 Dover Place$284,900
Cameron J. and Molly MarinoSt. Louis6439 Lansdowne Ave.$282,500
Rebecca Begis and Seth KeySt. Louis6628 Winona Ave.$280,000
Adam Lowery and Marisa LatherSt. Louis1838 Victor St.$275,300
Nicholas R. HantakSt. Louis2745 Ellendale Ave.$275,000
Keenan S Klein and Alexis M. KieferSt. Louis7169 Wellington Court$270,000
Dolan Pi LLCSt. Louis1344 McCausland Ave.$264,000
Jessica and Jayvn SolomonSt. Louis4918 Lansdowne Ave.$259,900
Abigail Wicks and Ryan FaulknerSt. Louis5608 Holly Hills Ave.$259,000
Garett FosterSt. Louis5744 Goethe Ave.$257,500
Jimenez Investments LLCSt. Louis4225 Maryland Ave.$255,000
Michelle YoungSt. Louis4468 McPherson Ave.$254,999
Adam GlasslSt. Louis1900 Compton Hill Place$252,200
Peter Alexis ThroSt. Louis5822 Pershing Ave.$250,000
Stacy SchneiderSt. Louis4051 Botanical Ave.$249,900
Jean Marie CaroSt. Louis6623 Mardel Ave.$247,950
Shannon BurrSt. Louis3473 Grace Ave.$240,000
Dolan Pi LLCSt. Louis1529 McCausland Ave.$240,000
Kdm and Sons LLCSt. Louis3900 Humphrey St.$239,500
Jared Forsyth and Selina MillerSt. Louis5319 Tholozan Ave.$238,500
Mary Frances EaganSt. Louis6457 Arsenal St.$238,000
Amanda and Taylor BellSt. Louis5660 Eichelberger St.$237,000
Jeremy and Jessica ConnerSt. Louis6824 Hancock Ave.$237,000
Justin BukowiecSt. Louis2011 Russell Blvd.$235,750
Heather Beerg and Kristoffer SmemoSt. Louis3862 French Court$235,500
George R. McCormickSt. Louis4436 McPherson Ave.$235,000
Shehzad SadruddinSt. Louis5203 Holly Hills Ave.$230,000
Pragash and Laura Lynn PillaiSt. Louis5214 Devonshire Ave.$230,000
Maya L WongSt. Louis5730 Marquette Ave.$230,000
Teresa Anne DreyerSt. Louis1516 Tamm Ave.$230,000
Isela Zepeda and Rebecca M. Zepeda RosaSt. Louis6020 Juniata St.$229,900
Emily Lanspa and Montell Mitchell-HarrisSt. Louis2912 Michigan Ave.$225,400
HV Inv Mo II LLCSt. Louis5205 Tholozan Ave.$225,150
Csds LLCSt. Louis6657 Lansdowne Ave.$225,000
William III and Rachel L. DunawaySt. Louis6536 Pernod Ave.$225,000
Conor J WalshSt. Louis1619 Washington Ave. 602$225,000
Joan M SpencerSt. Louis6451 Sutherland Ave.$223,000
Lisa Maria and Russell Earl RichardsonSt. Louis4259 Louisiana Ave.$221,900
Daniel Woodham and Meghan WrightSt. Louis5456 Marquette Ave.$220,000
Claire E Ramsey and David M. PhilliphoseSt. Louis1964 Arsenal St.$219,900
Anne HansonSt. Louis4104 Parker Ave.$218,000
Emily and Ethan AshbySt. Louis709 Dover Place$217,500

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