Mclean County had a median home sale price of $157,000 in April 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Mclean County in April 2020, according to

In April 2020, there were 189 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $157,000 in Mclean County.

Top 100 home sales in Mclean County for April 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Thomas Beck and Julie LewisNormal3664 Yellowstone Drive$575,000
Dallas J Long and Jason B BurrellBloomington3505 Carrington Lane$465,000
Pooria JavadiBloomington5 Bohrer Court$417,000
Stephen and Nicole HebelBloomington3204 Wisteria Lane$387,000
Billy J. and Heather N. QuinnBloomington3006 Thornwood Lane$359,000
Kimberly J. and Steven L. EkhoffBloomington2803 Hubbard Drive$356,000
Kyle and MacKenzie SnyBloomington1407 Guiness Drive$335,000
William A. and Norma J. SparksBloomington1409 Watersound Way$335,000
Julio and Vanessa RodriguezNormal1124 Tavertine Road$329,900
Drew and Kristin MooreBloomington8053 Blooming Grove Road$329,000
Annapoorna Praveen HalepataliBloomington2711 Degarmo Drive$322,500
Tyler RosackerBloomington8 Treyburn Court$320,000
Alexandra and Travis Michael DeanBloomington3002 Sable Oaks Road$315,000
William Joseph and Maura Flanagan HarringtonBloomington3717 Armstrong Drive$313,000
Thorsten E. and Deborah A. MelbyBloomington12 Strawberry Road$310,000
Joshua P. and Jessica L. MeadeBloomington3910 Anabelle Drive$297,000
Chris Meece and Barbara DahlBloomington2201 Revere Road$295,700
Joseph G. and Sheri K. StublerBloomington2904 Fox Creek$293,065
John Dougherty II and Katherine DoughertyBloomington2205 Ridge Creek Drive$275,000
Reid ButtsBloomington3112 Cumbria Drive$275,000
Richard A. and Debra J. HendersonBloomington2212 Altoona Road$269,500
Robert and Carol McKinneyTwin Grove13959 Deer Ridge Road$260,000
Darren BurnsBloomington213 Fleetwood Drive$260,000
Jessica J. and Sean M. LarsonBloomington2502 Driftwood Road$259,900
Timothy Allan LarsenBloomington62 Dry Sage Circle$257,000
Brian D Armstrong Jr. and Jennifer S ArmstrongBloomington3211 Kirkwood Road$250,000
Craig and Sarah RiddleHeyworth909 Barbara Drive$250,000
Michelle ShmiklerBloomington49 Yukon Creek$249,000
Keith M. and Jane E. WilsonBloomington51 Yukon Creek$244,000
Katy A. StrzepekBloomington7 Inverness Drive$242,000
Zachary A. and Nichole S. OlsonNormal1090 Geyser Peak$240,000
Wayne F. and Julianne ThorntonBloomington1033 Homestead Drive$238,000
Linda VincentBloomington23 Inglewood Lane$238,000
Antonio S. and Suzanne E. MontoyaBloomington2904 Park Ridge Road$235,000
Jacob and Ashley FranklinLexington111 Melissa Drive$234,595
Matthew and Danielle BradenHeyworth609 Windsor Way$233,000
Jeff Brandt and Katherine SingletonNormal3181 Topaz Road$231,000
Michael A. and Kathryn A. MarvinBloomington701 Watford Drive$230,500
Swapna and Parag PrasadeBloomington1028 Harvest Pointe Blvd.$230,000
Faith A. Munsterman and Melissa A. MagonNormal1322 Vernon Ave.$229,500
Ian and Johanna WardBloomington1123 Grove$229,500
National Residential Nominee Services Inc.Normal1916 Haverhill$227,000
Amy J. and Tyler D. MortensonNormal1916 Haverhill$227,000
Marvin E. and Jami RexroatBloomington1922 Croxton Ave.$225,000
Christopher and Nicole MochelNormal900 Dresser Drive$225,000
Ronald E. and Dalene A. KueblerTwin Grove13931 Lucca Forest Drive$225,000
Kurtis and MacKenzie HoekstraBloomington2513 Grey Fox Trail$225,000
Danny L. and Katherine M. KaiserBloomington2916 Red Oak Road$219,000
Shawn and Anne McNamaraBloomington2803 Clearwater Ave.$219,000
Wesley J. and Nichole M. LindNormal307 Gambel Court$215,000
Eric and Kristina SeymourNormal1520 Torrey Pines Road$213,500
Richard and Sarah ArundaleBloomington25 Inglewood Lane$210,000
Daniel HossNormal1100 Kings Mill Road$210,000
Daniel and Caitlin SchlappiDowns501 Highway Ave.$205,000
Debra Kay SmitleyNormal1401 Maplewood Drive$205,000
Chris and Michelle WebsterNormal1408 Boyne Court$204,000
Tracy NunezNormal2876 Shepard$199,900
Robert and Kelley HeirmanNormal311 Covey Court$199,660
Amy Lynn HrovatBloomington36 Swan Lake Road$197,000
Jerri AndrewBloomington503 Beacon Court$195,000
Andrew and Caitlin MaasBloomington1110 Andover$195,000
Amy Kent and Kylie A. Kafer KentNormal315 Basswood Lane$195,000
Robert C. Colwell and Gretchen ScoonNormal1521 Torrey Pines Road$194,500
Cody Speer and Allison BreenBloomington22 Aberdeen Way$189,500
Mike and Mary WalkerNormal508 Wildberry$189,000
Merentemjen James LongkumerBloomington2914 Coventry Court$185,000
Zachary and Clare DietmeierNormal111 Malvern Drive$184,900
Cole Richard Trickel and Christina KaufmanHudson504 Valentine Court$184,000
Travis Jay BarnesHeyworth409 Boulder St.$184,000
Collin T. and Anna A. CorcoranBloomington9 Fountain Lake Court$180,000
Jenny Lynn GeorgeNormal306 Felmley Drive$178,500
David W. and Grace T. SwinkBloomington204 Leland$177,000
Jacob and Amy BurcenskiLexington113 Delane Drive$177,000
Christopher J. HallamBloomington40 Gloucester Circle$177,000
Alexander Lorsbach and Kristen SudajTwin Grove8415 Surrey Circle$173,000
Jeffrey SibbingBloomington907 Chestnut$171,000
Jamie KimlerBloomington32 Kenfield Circle$170,900
Nathan and Devon HoltHeyworth801 Hollie Drive$170,000
Kye ComincioliBloomington20 Winding Way$169,900
Nicholas and Kayla Mae HotzeBloomington2104 Parker Ave.$169,900
Zachary Zwanzig and Torey ZwansigNormal113 Orr Drive$167,900
Dakota and Deidra PadillaNormal302 Bentley Drive$167,500
Scott and Jaclyn LindseyBloomington14 Chiswick Circle$166,900
Michael Tomlianovich and Beverly BranningNormal1714 Tompkins Drive$166,750
Garin A. and Krista K. VannoteBloomington20 Kenfield Circle$165,000
Ercl Holdings LLCBloomington1906 Hedgewood$165,000
Stevin DartBloomington1106 Rosalie$163,000
Michael A. Kozlowski and Brittany MounceBloomington22 Reading Road$162,625
Tyler and Desirae HensonNormal209 Veronica Way$162,000
Rick PotockiNormal903 Spear Drive$161,000
Bryan HinmanNormal1107 Sheridan Road$159,900
Kaitlyn RyanBloomington42 Holder Way$158,000
Ljutfi and Arijeta BaftiriCarlock110 Travis Drive$157,000
Taylor and Natalie SpringerLe Roy901 Pearl St.$157,000
Darren KingBloomington39 Rounds Road$157,000
Samuel TottenNormal607 Wildberry$156,000
Kurt and Diana HilsgenNormal1701 Erin Drive$155,000
Jonathan and Carissa RameyHeyworth603 Arrowhead$155,000
Kevin C Wickart and Brittany R ColbeckNormal810 Osage St.$152,000
Tyler BrownBloomington6 Charles Place$151,500

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