1,323 homes sold in Hillsborough County with a median home sale price of $247,000 in April 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Hillsborough County in April 2020, according to BlockShopper.com.

In April 2020, there were 1,323 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $247,000 in Hillsborough County.

Top 100 home sales in Hillsborough County for April 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Robertson Randy (revocable trust) and Randy Robertson (trust)Tampa38 Sandpiper Road$6,400,000
Natalie K. and Steven T. GillisTampa534 Ladrone Ave.$2,650,000
Torrance Over Look LLCTampa4930 New Providence Ave.$2,000,000
Jason and Rachel MondayTampa2608 Dundee St.$1,825,000
Michael Trent and Sabrina G. WolfersbergerLithia11723 Doe Creek Drive$1,800,000
Cicco Richard L DiTampa1122 Abbeys Way$1,662,500
Bhumi Neil and Neil Sudhir KumarTampa4205 Woodmere Road$1,447,000
Charles and Deborah DoeTampa4118 Corona St.$1,410,000
James C. CiociaLake Magdalene0 Millan Del. Avila 1$1,370,000
Jeorge Eric and Stacy Campbell TaylorTampa0 Confidential$1,350,000
Gloria and Michael BartolottaTampa1402 Desoto Ave.$1,325,000
Keisel Castaneda Cordova and Parra Wendy F VegaTampa15703 Cochester Road$1,215,000
Kyle J. and Madison A. SullivanTampa4213 Zelar St.$1,213,797
Ryan LoweryTown 'n' Country4132 Causeway Vista Drive$1,210,000
Carla and Derek LaurinTampa511 Davis Blvd.$1,200,000
Dianna and Duane Anthony AndrewsKeystone12340 Tarpon Springs Road$1,175,000
Leonel and Teremi VielCheval4730 Rue Bordeaux$1,150,000
Mary K. NeelyTampa3330 Wallcraft Ave.$1,140,000
Lisa Anne Clemans and Mathieu GaronTampa518 Severn Ave.$1,110,000
David K. BauerTampa3117 Bay Villa Ave.$1,095,000
Jason and Miriah Beth DenboTampa825 Oregon Ave.$1,075,000
Janet G. and Robert B. EttlemanTampa450 Knights Run Ave. 1408$1,067,000
David M. and Kyla E. GribbinsTampa4011 Dale Ave.$1,065,012
Pamela S. and Richard SheehanApollo Beach5407 Tybee Island Drive$1,050,000
Michael Jennifer L.Tampa3910 San Pedro St.$1,032,264
Adam HerbstTampa3215 Fair Oaks Ave.$1,030,000
Kelly and Narceki AnunciatoKeystone18127 Patterson Road$1,020,000
Allison and Shawn Michael ReganTampa1902 Jetton Ave.$1,010,000
Fischer Misty Brown and Adrian S FischerTampa1511 Sheridan Forest Drive$995,000
Eileen and Timothy William RogersTampa4802 Woodmere Road$982,000
Susannah M MartzTampa3116 Chapin Ave.$940,000
Shahla Bari and Jameel MuzaffarLutz17407 Ladera Estates Blvd.$925,000
Eric Adam and Megan Lanay MeisterKeystone15315 Lake Maurine Drive$900,000
Ellen H. and Milad WebbLutz602 Druid Way$880,000
Steven James Antinori (trust) and James Antinori Steven (revocable trust)Tampa2638 Dundee St.$880,000
Benjamin III and Nancy PriceRuskin3137 Christophers Watch Lane$851,500
David Allen and Martha Wine ChristieCheval4509 Cheval Blvd.$850,000
Lindsey and Matthew SchifelingTampa3918 San Obispo St.$845,000
John Conner and Susana F CoonerGreater Carrollwood13031 Whisper Sound Drive$835,000
Zudar Rachel Dixon and Joshua ZudarTampa3602 Jetton Ave.$832,500
Dominic and Jennifer M. KouffmanTampa18140 Longwater Run Drive$825,000
Luciana Delia and Guilherme Lapagesse NascimentoTampa4115 Kensington Ave.$815,900
Robert R. Cangemi Jr. and Lisa CraditTampa4323 River View Ave.$805,000
Desarae A. and Jeffrey A. JanszenTampa4902 Melrose Ave.$799,000
Neal Thomas and Nicole HermanTampa4120 San Pedro St.$770,000
James Kendall Phelps and Sally Holtgrewe WelchTampa47 Sandpiper Road$766,000
Henry E. III and Kimberly S. WoodTown 'n' Country5013 Longboat Blvd.$755,000
Lauren Brusco and Oliver HamptonKeystone14715 Tudor Chase Drive$754,007
Giovanni and Lisa GiarratanaTampa4630 Tennyson Ave.$750,000
Richard J. Heiman and Mary G. MuranteTampa3128 Fielder St.$750,000
Emily and James CurbowTampa3905 Vasconia St.$749,000
Tampa CityTampa125 Clark Ave.$748,000
Malinda Powel and William David HancockFish Hawk16415 Dunlindale Drive$732,500
Franklin and Jessica WhitlatchTown 'n' Country5709 Longboat Blvd.$723,000
Robert M. Cleveland and Wise Mamie Venita JervisTampa3613 Platt St.$720,000
Gonzales Rafael Carlos Cardenas and Vargas Ana Marcia ReyKeystone15006 Maurine Cove Lane$715,000
Kelli Beth and Michael Anthony ActisTemple Terrace12039 Riverhills Drive$715,000
Maria P. and Paul P. RuedaLutz2605 Coastal Range Way$699,400
Amy Christine and James Clifford Alman IILutz2608 Regal Oaks Lane$689,900
Cabell Braden and Karin Alenius FinchGreater Carrollwood13618 Waterfall Way$685,000
Claire and John GallagherTampa1615 Watrous Ave.$670,000
Carolyn and Drew HolstWestchase14703 Canopy Drive$670,000
Glenn Roy and Lori Jo EspritLutz18701 Livingston Ave.$667,250
Kendall and Thomas MyetteTampa4712 San Rafael St.$660,000
Marconcini Luiz Antonio LiarteTampa2203 Venus St.$652,100
Meeta Tushar and Tushar Shantilal ParikhTampa10513 Bermuda Isle Drive$650,000
Christopher and Sara EdgeTampa2903 San Jose St.$650,000
Amy N. and Gregory A. BerlandWestchase11405 Minaret Drive$647,000
Geoffrey Charles Alexander K MahieuFish Hawk17826 Dorman Road$647,000
Adam Thomas and Julin BurdineTampa6209 Third St.$644,422
Hai and Thao TongKeystone12520 Eagles Entry Drive$642,000
Mark Anthony and Tessa Ehlers MyersFish Hawk15936 Ternglade Drive$640,000
Jacob and Manu Mathew ChackoTampa2804 Northpointe Lane$640,000
Christina Marie and Corey Len AbneyFish Hawk6230 Kingbird Manor Drive$635,000
Scott D SanfordTampa329 Columbia Drive$635,000
Bobbie Lea Osburn (trust) and Trust 4402 Land TrustTampa2204 Horatio St. 1$635,000
Angela R. and Gerry C. TaylorKeystone5502 Garden Arbor Drive$635,000
Medina Karla Francheska MirandaTampa20210 Cane River Way$635,000
Sara I. VelezTampa2303 Lila Lane$632,500
Alan D. and Kelli Jo MillerFish Hawk15027 Eaglepark Place$627,680
Charles E. GlausierTampa1518 Georgia Ave.$625,000
James G. Bogett and James B. GillardApollo Beach1316 Apollo Beach Blvd.$624,000
Maheshkumar Ambalal PatelTampa17901 Cachet Isle Drive$620,000
Stephanie K. and Theodore Max PerrymanTampa3306 Wisconsin Ave.$620,000
Kellie Kenny HallTampa3709 San Juan St.$615,000
Christina Marie and Steven Joseph CollinsFish Hawk15914 Sorawater Drive$615,000
Christina Andrews and Stephen M. Andrews Jr.Tampa3011 Bay View Ave.$612,000
Gabriel and Jessica L. PorrataRiverview13099 Lincoln Road$605,000
Chad M HastingsFish Hawk6102 Audubon Manor Blvd.$604,500
Culhane Holly H GraffTampa0 Barbados Ave. 4 C$599,000
Richard and Robin LawsonTampa211 Bradford Ave.$595,000
Linda Widnall and Sean David MurphyTampa2802 Angeles St.$595,000
Mary Jo and Michael PoloTampa15007 Cancun Place$590,000
Shields Carolyn Dawn Balagna and James Hensley ShieldsFish Hawk5736 Eaglemount Circle$585,000
Phuc Mark Nguyen and Thuy VoKeystone19634 Lake Osceola Lane$579,000
Zukelman Family (revocable trust) and Roberto Zukelman (trust)Greater Carrollwood4316 Carrollwood Village Drive$575,000
Andrea and Michael J. OrschelnTampa20101 Fair Hill Way$574,900
Salina Abid and Thomas J. FotiathisTampa2807 Leila Ave.$572,000
Marc E. and Noah A. Meltzer and Meltzer Leeann WillifordTampa4416 Euclid Ave.$569,000
John E. Dillard Jr.Tampa6013 Bowen Daniel Drive 108$567,500

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