Top 100 Cook County home sales for April 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Cook County in April 2020, according to

In April 2020, there were 3,193 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $265,500 in Cook County.

Top 100 home sales in Cook County for April 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Huda Three LLCRosemont10587 Touhy Ave.$6,020,000
800-816 W Lake St. Owner IL LLCChicago808 Lake St.$5,521,500
Timothy W TurnerChicago800 Michigan Ave. 2301$4,250,000
Vlt (trust)Chicago3406 Foster Ave.$4,075,000
Greenplan S Blvd LLCOak Park101 Harvey Ave.$3,705,000
Justin D. BaierChicago3639 Magnolia Ave.$2,600,000
Eleni BousisChicago1040 Lake Shore Drive 36B and 36C$2,525,000
Shannon C. Naumann (trust), David A. Nauman (trust), Shannon C. Naumann (trustee) and David A. Nauman (trustee)Chicago631 Schubert Ave.$2,350,000
Natalie L. and Peter W. GarfieldChicago1732 Wolcott Ave.$2,050,000
Phillip B. and Chloe L. GrantChicago415 Superior St. 300$2,020,000
John F. SpenceChicago539 Arlington Place$1,800,000
Lakshmi Warrior and Vikram SobtiRiver Forest1000 Ashland Ave.$1,800,000
Anna Vega and Zoltan GasparPalatine1371 Ports O Call Drive$1,800,000
Sarah P. and Alexander HelfersChicago1826 Cleveland Ave.$1,787,500
Michael J. Warmuth (trustee), Stepanie M. Warmuth (trustee) and Stepanie M. Warmuth (trust)Chicago500 Superior St. 2103$1,725,000
Justine A. Hourihane (trustee) and A. Hourihane Justine (trust)Winnetka491 Hawthorn Lane$1,725,000
Heidi E. and William J. SwissChicago600 Lake Shore Drive 3505$1,720,000
Daniel and Erin McCarthyWilmette2105 Chestnut Ave.$1,712,000
Katherine and Nicholas J. CraigChicago1242 Altgeld St. 1$1,690,000
Mitzi and Robert DemeterChicago4253 Hermitage Ave.$1,665,000
John T. and Steffani LefevourRiver Forest550 Forest Ave.$1,650,000
Adam and Megan ButlerWilmette1011 Pontiac Road$1,649,000
Nina Vinik and Ross BrickerChicago1833 Sedgwick St.$1,550,000
Mark G. and Kristine M. KobeChicago1928 Fletcher St.$1,515,000
Thalia Kamel and Danny S AldChicago408 N. Water St. E.$1,500,000
Connor and Hannah TuttleWilmette924 Sheridan Road$1,475,000
Jenny and Adam GiblinChicago3509 Damen Ave.$1,465,000
Robert M. and Rebecca ArmbrusterNorthbrook2128 Woodlawn Road$1,400,000
Robert P. SchleimerChicago175 Delaware Place 8607$1,377,500
Sara R. and Alireza NiliWestern Springs5341 Lawn Ave.$1,365,000
Brian DesmondChicago3515 Janssen Ave. Second$1,365,000
Priti Dhanda and Ashok KumarChicago2748 Lakewood Ave. 3$1,350,000
Mark Wuchte and Michael J. CantwellChicago19 Goethe St.$1,340,000
Adriano F De Santis SarmientoChicago2440 Iowa St. 1$1,335,000
Andrew AnisfeldChicago2140 Moffat St.$1,335,000
Christina and Jeffrey RossettChicago3827 Leavitt St.$1,335,000
Daniel Ostroff and Alit AshwalChicago2106 Superior St.$1,325,000
1941 Thomas St. Corp.Chicago1426 Walton St.$1,323,000
Megan Louise and Scott Gerard GeorgettiChicago2131 Huron St.$1,299,000
Marcus Van Dongen and Sonali ChaudhuryChicago1423 Lill Ave.$1,295,000
Roma Khanna and Thomas J. MoranChicago2144 Churchill St.$1,292,500
Erin Elizabeth and Faisal DelawallaChicago2440 Janssen Ave.$1,290,000
Christopher R. SheetsChicago1448 Wellington Ave.$1,275,000
Bieniasz LLCChicago721 Carpenter St.$1,275,000
Daniel P. and Amanda B. KohnenChicago2816 Paulina St.$1,250,000
Susan K. and Charles S. ChristensenChicago1212 Lake Shore Drive 9A-S.$1,250,000
Lisa and Rizwan AkhtarChicago2524 Marshfield Ave.$1,225,000
Caroline and Justin BristolChicago738 Melrose St.$1,200,000
Francesco Carbonari Schneider and Helen XenosChicago834 Hermitage Ave. 2$1,185,000
Elizabeth A. and Michael S. CarlsonChicago1450 Grace St.$1,170,000
Morgan Aibinder and Aaron WeinerChicago2504 Campbell Ave.$1,165,000
Kirsten V. and Timothy M. LoftusGlenview201 Wilmette Ave.$1,155,000
3544 N Halsted LLCChicago3544 Halsted St.$1,150,000
Christopher J. and Annie M. NicolauChicago2147 Moffat St. 1$1,146,000
Jon K Jurva and Leanne M YlitaloKenilworth125 Abingdon Ave.$1,130,000
Scott McCorkleChicago3115 Damen Ave.$1,130,000
Ankit Agrawal (trustee) and Agrawal (trust)Chicago3854 Janssen Ave.$1,127,000
Jamie Lynn and Andrew StreiterWilmette1062 Linden Ave.$1,125,000
Jaclyn and Patrick R. DoyleChicago1457 Belle Plaine Ave.$1,120,000
Jeffrey L. and Anna H. RandallGlenview735 Wagner Road$1,110,000
Gregory RobesChicago2331 Barry Ave.$1,110,000
Kari Flynn and Mitchell Flynn Kari (trust)Wilmette411 Sheridan Road$1,100,000
Heather L. Moore (trustee) and Heather L. Moore (trust)Oak Park400 Forest Ave.$1,100,000
Daniel James and Lisa Marie KnaufPark Ridge423 Engle Blvd.$1,082,500
Mara and James FosterWinnetka576 Hill Terrace$1,080,000
Neele L Balke and Thibaut B LamadonChicago2118 Walton St.$1,075,000
Anthony R Ashe and Nichole Danielle Manning-AsheRiver Forest7823 Greenfield St.$1,075,000
Brendan T. and Amanda M. DalyRiver Forest1030 Forest Ave.$1,060,000
Lauren Mistretta and Mark RaederChicago1243 Barry Ave.$1,060,000
Matthew Vinay J. and Matthew Anna KurianChicago1627 Huron St.$1,050,000
Kaitlin HollandChicago1734 Winnemac Ave.$1,050,000
James and Jessica MilburnOak Park638 Kenilworth Ave.$1,050,000
Anne SchabackerWilmette132 Park Ave.$1,050,000
Sara J. and Michael R. BurnettWilmette2200 Elmwood Ave.$1,050,000
Nicholas Paul KelseyChicago3220 Clifton Ave. Second$1,040,000
Kelsey T. and Michael J. TestaChicago1252 Roscoe St.$1,035,000
Jay Hemendra PatelChicago626 Randolph St. 501$1,035,000
622-624 W Willow LLCChicago622 Willow St. 1$1,025,000
Suzanne and Patrick SykesWinnetka1229 Cherry St.$1,025,000
Catherine and Herbert N. WigderChicago155 Harbor Drive 4412$1,025,000
Adam and Nathalie BloomGlencoe961 Eastwood Road$1,015,000
Malik MurrayChicago1615 Huron St.$1,007,000
Andrew C. and Kelly ArquetteOak Park210 Home Ave. 1$1,003,000
Ryan Longman and Gabriela JudithChicago1423 Campbell Ave.$1,000,000
Tina and Sean NicolGlencoe1136 Skokie Ridge Drive$1,000,000
Amy and Noam SiegelChicago3836 Janssen Ave. 1$1,000,000
Anand Mathew and Raina GuptaChicago2538 Patterson Ave.$1,000,000
David and Samuel and Joel Z. MelnickChicago1733 Henderson St.$1,000,000
Kristina M. and Robert H. BeckerChicago1450 Grace St.$999,000
Lindsay Kathryne and James Brightman AndersonWilmette2109 Kenilworth Ave.$982,500
Erin and Ryan CookGlenview1423 Blackthorn Drive$980,000
Katherine J. and Todd WebsterChicago1912 Wolfram St. Hse$980,000
Justin W. Magnuson and Jason C ReczekLa Grange329 Leitch Ave.$979,000
Elizabeth and Patrick H. DominickBarrington748 Summit St.$975,500
Bonnie T. and Richard D. SchuesslerChicago250 Pearson St. 1001$975,000
1634734074Maywood701 Fifth Ave.$975,000
Garrison and Jennifer A. KleinChicago1312 Madison St. 4A$965,000
Sarah Flotte and Dipak PatelChicago1835 Honore St.$964,750
Dan OkeefeChicago3313 Bell Ave.$960,000
Zachary R. and Kenneth M. VineyardChicago1702 Morgan St. 1$960,000

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