MiamiDade County had a median home sale price of $311,500 in April 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for MiamiDade County in April 2020, according to

In April 2020, there were 2,920 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $311,500 in MiamiDade County.

Top 100 home sales in MiamiDade County for April 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Casuarina Councourse LLCCoral Gables700 Casuarina Conc$30,000,000
38 Indian Creek Holdings Land TrustIndian Creek Village38 Indian Creek Island Road$17,027,500
Warwick Mobile Home Park LLCMiami Beach225 Hibiscus Drive$9,300,000
Reedy Chandler J.Coral Gables300 Casuarina Conc$7,775,000
Blanco Alex N. and Blanco Lourdes C.Key Biscayne720 Mashta Drive$7,499,000
Miller Brad and Miller JaimeMiami Beach1515 22nd St.$6,175,000
Ambienta Brickell Corp.Miami3051 Third Ave.$5,850,000
Goodman Gary and Goodman EnidMiami Beach1455 Ocean Drive Bh-02$5,100,000
Sobe Holdings LLCMiami Beach1500 Ocean Drive Uph-2$5,082,500
Morningside Trust LLC (estate)Miami640 Sabal Palm Road$4,820,000
Weiner Gary and Weiner SusanMiami Beach400 Alton Road 2501$4,710,500
Agatston Arthur S. and Agatston Sari K.Miami (unincorporated)7765 Fisher Island Drive 7765$4,600,000
Garcia CarlosPinecrest6342 109th St.$4,525,000
Rothman Brian and Rothman CherylMiami Beach50 Pointe Drive 3003$4,200,000
Venice Park 26 LLCNorth Miami1895 Venice Park Drive 21B$4,180,000
1442 New Miami Court LLCMiami1442 Miami Court$4,100,000
Gertel Harvey, Gertel Reva F., Bossewitch Avi M. and Gertel Bossewitch Shulamit C.Miami Beach3400 Pine Tree Drive$4,000,000
Palmer Mathew A. and Palmer Karen S.Coral Gables12950 Nevada St.$3,800,000
KB1 LLCKey Biscayne881 Harbor Drive$3,750,000
Castro Luis and Horta RaisaCoral Gables13010 Mar St.$3,700,000
Blanco Family Holdings VII LLCHialeah85 Sixth St.$3,575,000
820 Liberty LLCMiami844 70th St.$3,475,000
9999 Collins Apt 16K Land Trust AgreementBal Harbour9999 Collins Ave. 16K$3,400,000
Pucci Paolo and Pucci Maureen M.Key Biscayne430 Grand Bay Drive 1104$3,275,000
Plenitude Capital LLCMiami Beach4505 Adams Ave.$3,200,000
Fortune Trade Center LLCKey Biscayne791 Crandon Blvd. 1106$3,200,000
Fisher Hadley M.Miami Beach50 Pointe Drive 802$3,100,000
Cooper MarkMiami Beach4315 Meridian Ave.$2,925,000
The Fairhome (trust)Bal Harbour10155 Collins Ave. 901$2,900,000
Kohn Jacob and Kohn TaliMiami Beach607 47th St.$2,875,000
Grail Claudia M.Key Biscayne791 Crandon Blvd. 1105$2,750,000
Riemer Adam and Riemer Goldstein MaraMiami (unincorporated)2426 Fisher Island Drive 5206$2,700,000
Lennox Leisure Inc.Miami Beach101 20th St. 2806$2,700,000
Moreira Domingo A. and Moreira Margaret G.Pinecrest6265 118th St.$2,685,000
Cohen StephenPinecrest7450 100th St.$2,680,000
Babcock Blake and Babcock JessicaMiami3205 Kirk St.$2,675,000
Salazar NataliaKey Biscayne762 Fernwood Road$2,650,000
Figueiredo Robert and Figueiredo IngridMiami3170 Munroe Drive$2,500,000
Lester N. Coney (revocable trust)Miami Beach101 20th St. 2801$2,500,000
Alvarez Soto Juan C.Key Biscayne445 Grand Bay Drive 704$2,400,000
Fort Family Bayshore LLCMiami2627 Bayshore Drive 1404$2,400,000
Rislans Associated Inc.Sunny Isles Beach16051 Collins Ave. 2703$2,300,000
Lopez Indira Elisa Zambrano De Lopez of the Lanzas (revocable trust) (trustee)Key Biscayne749 Crandon Blvd. 511$2,250,000
Rosenfeld Richard H.Miami Beach300 Pointe Drive 3304$2,250,000
Triple B 3 LLCMiami211 18th Ave.$2,250,000
Marex Investments Inc.Key Biscayne791 Crandon Blvd. 1003$2,200,000
Brown Matthew C. and Brown Amy K.Pinecrest6740 133rd Terrace$2,200,000
LA Hamaca LLCSouth Miami5301 63rd Ave.$2,200,000
Cvdusa LLCMiami Beach1166 Bay Drive$2,100,000
Grod Management LLCMiami831 Fourth St.$2,100,000
Buzzi Paula Sofie and Hedin Frank SalisburyMiami900 Brickell Key Blvd. 2704$2,075,000
Villacian Fernando (trust) and Fernando Villacian (revocable trust)Coral Gables2710 Columbus Blvd.$2,050,000
Alvarez Fernando Luis Jr. and Alvarez Giselle MontejoSouth Miami6045 84th St.$2,050,000
4530 Sabal Palm LLCMiami4530 Sabal Palm Road$2,000,000
Levy Georges and Levy ValerieMiami Beach1190 Bay Drive$1,950,000
Moesaic Management Ltd.Sunny Isles Beach16001 Collins Ave. 4101$1,860,000
Cvdusa LLCNorth Bay Village7401 Beach View Drive$1,850,000
Harris Stuart I.Miami2925 Seminole St.$1,836,000
Behrens Alejandro and Aguirre AlexiaMiami3614 Bayview Road$1,825,000
Keys Barefoot Beach LLC a Florida LLCPinecrest9315 61st Court$1,800,000
Perez Juan and Perez DesireePinecrest10635 63rd Ave.$1,780,000
Balmia LLCMiami Beach241 28th St.$1,763,500
Throson Chad and Thorson WillaPinecrest7750 122nd St.$1,750,000
Elsie Sterling Howard U. A. D. October 27 1995 (revocable trust)Bal Harbour9999 Collins Ave. 3C$1,750,000
Wayward Holdings Venture Ltd.Miami Beach960 48th St.$1,750,000
Rothlein Jay and Rothlein AlannMiami Beach230 Zoe Way$1,725,000
Sloman Andrew and Sloman AndyMiami1000 Venetian Way 1904$1,725,000
Davis Scott H. and Davis Suzanne F.Miami Beach100 Pointe Drive 802$1,725,000
Amapola 2020 Inc.Key Biscayne785 Crandon Blvd. 905$1,700,000
Bayview (trust)Bal Harbour10295 906$1,700,000
Sanjana Jason B. and Morey MaribelCoral Gables937 Coral Way$1,650,000
First Blue Investment LLCKey Biscayne791 Crandon Blvd. 301$1,650,000
Friedman David and Friedman RonnaBal Harbour9601 Collins Ave. 502$1,649,000
Steven H. Caller Agreement U. A. D. (irrevocable trust)Miami1 Grove Isle Drive A1601$1,625,000
1059 SW LLCMiami1059 Third St.$1,620,000
Kellermann Desider R. and Kellermann Kimberly EuniceCoral Gables4420 Anderson Road$1,610,000
Honfleur Ltd.Miami Beach400 Pointe Drive 2110$1,610,000
Caroline S. West of the Caroline S. West Dated August 10 2003 (revocable trust) (trustee)Miami Beach1020 Stillwater Drive$1,605,000
Germany House LLCGolden Beach136 Ocean Blvd.$1,600,000
Hook LisaKey Biscayne1111 Crandon Blvd. B1101$1,590,000
Obrien Ronald K II and Snapp Hillary A.Pinecrest11030 60th Ave.$1,585,000
Shelbrone Hotel Partners Wc LPMiami Beach1801 Collins Ave. T6$1,575,000
Prado Jose and Gonzalez VanessaMiami (unincorporated)9775 60th St.$1,575,000
Cleami LLCMiami Beach50 Pointe Drive LOFT3$1,568,000
Navarro Michael L. and Navarro Marisel E.Pinecrest6325 118th St.$1,550,000
Cristopher K. Jarrett (revocable trust)Miami (unincorporated)5700 Devonshire Blvd.$1,545,000
Berger Zachary and Berger AmberMiami Shores1225 93rd St.$1,530,000
Ricyma LLCBal Harbour9801 Collins Ave. 17A$1,520,000
1530 Stillwater Drive LLCMiami Beach1530 Stillwater Drive$1,500,000
Azur Partners LLCMiami Beach1000 Pointe Drive 1107$1,500,000
Brooks Matthew P. and Brooks MelissaCoral Gables1200 Greenway Drive$1,485,000
Del Hierro Carlos A. and Del Hierro MarthaMiami174 Shore Drive$1,455,000
Lilian Vardy (declaration of trust)Miami1800 Bayshore Drive 3715$1,450,000
LA Mendola Walter and LA Mendola Diago CarolinaCoral Gables111 Aledo Ave.$1,445,000
Diaz Paez Luis and Diaz Paez MeilinPinecrest6455 113th St.$1,416,000
General Isle Investments Ltd.Miami1 Grove Isle Drive A802$1,400,000
Gosis Diego B. and Flores Carolina M.Miami848 Brickell Key Drive 901$1,390,000
Lentz Christopher and Lentz ElizabethMiami Beach145 Jefferson Ave. 433$1,385,000
Janaki Deepak Kumar Mummidavarapu and Vanukuri Naga SharmishaNorth Miami13005 Arch Creek Terrace$1,370,000
Oleg KaluginSunny Isles Beach18201 4004$1,355,000

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