Linn County had a median home sale price of $148,500 of 264 homes in May 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Linn County in May 2020, according to

In May 2020, there were 264 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $148,500 in Linn County.

Top 100 home sales in Linn County for May 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Hill Shirley Gaynelle (revocable trust)Cedar Rapids2222 First Ave., Unit 1003$860,000
Daniel L. and Tamara R. SeufferleinCedar Rapids2101 Cottage Lane$640,000
Marie E. NieuwsmaCedar Rapids4631 Doe Run Drive$535,000
John C. and Dawn T. ClemMarion3291 Mulberry Drive$520,000
Robert Mourlam and Anne HoffmannCedar Rapids305 Crescent St.$490,000
Theresa L. and Cory M. HaldemanCedar Rapids2485 River Run Road$462,500
Norman and Pamela ThompsonCedar Rapids5601 Antler Drive$450,000
Leo Bienvenido Roa Guzman and Sarah Jean Roa GrahamCedar Rapids5527 Mustang Road$439,000
Brett and Ashlee GioimoFairfax211 Sunflower Drive$395,000
Blake and Betty AndrewsCedar Rapids3215 Reston Court$388,000
Beverley A. and Gordon L. VyrostekEly3025 Ridgeview Drive$375,000
Keo C. and Lacey L. SutherlandCedar Rapids5703 Shiloh Lane$374,500
Jeffrey M. and Laura M. NovakAlburnett3681 Marion Road$367,300
Lee M. and Karoline L. RozeboomCedar Rapids3 Sylvan Lane$350,000
John J. KurtzCedar Rapids3608 Cottage Grove Ave.$340,000
Jeremy S. and Heather J. HocuttMarion900 Creekbend Circle$339,900
David and Lisa SteimelFairfax1407 Eagleview Drive$338,000
Gary D. and Karen M. LuedersMarion2070 Rosewood Ridge Drive$335,000
Kenneth R. and Melissa L. CechuraMarion550 Partridge Court$335,000
Ryan T. and Valerie E. MensenMarion5935 Stags Leap Lane$333,000
Leroy Jb and Leann K. SmithCedar Rapids2115 Roosevelt Road$333,000
Tod M. and Allison M. WalkerCedar Rapids1625 Taft Drive$331,000
Matthew and Jenna OrourkeLisbon281 Novak Road$330,000
Michael J. and Amy L. PodollMarion1610 Hunters Field Lane$330,000
Chelsea SpearCedar Rapids1311 Stoney Point Road$327,000
Platinum Development LLCMarion1569 Rolling Glen Drive$318,500
Tyler R. and Hillary Y. DrabenstotCedar Rapids135 Tomahawk Trail$317,000
Micah M. and Diane E. MillerMount Vernon554 Linn Ridge Road$310,000
Catherine E. Fettkether and Jared L KuetheRobins155 Shelly Drive$310,000
Velmurugan Subramanian and Vennilla SugumaranMarion1179 Oak Park Trail$307,000
Daniel O. and Jolene A. AllenMarion2750 Hunters Ridge Road$305,000
Jason J. and Sara L. SwestkaMarion4130 Monarch Ave.$295,000
Corey and Kelly SebetkaLisbon314 Grant Ave. Circle$290,000
Faustine and Solange BannerCedar Rapids3121 Hillsboro Drive$290,000
Christopher J. and Lindsey L. SchiefferFairfax1421 Bridgewood Drive$290,000
Megan Horn and Nicholas WooldrikMarion1935 Winding Creek Drive$288,000
Tyler J. and Ashley M. JohnsonMarion4160 Monarch Ave.$283,000
Brian D. and Larissa A. HeimerLisbon319 Main St.$280,000
Brian Scott and Aubrey FranksCedar Rapids7515 Berkshire Drive$276,900
Sarah C. Grenz and Jordan A. AlbrightHiawatha1052 Lyndhurst Drive$272,500
Adam G. and Karena Lynne SloanAlburnett300 Longworth Ave.$270,000
Todd Orourke and Timothy SinclairCedar Rapids4010 Windfall Drive$269,000
Christopher L. and Karen D. MooreMarion2520 Bullis Drive$269,000
Shane J OneillSpringville930 Elbow Creek Road$265,000
James and Michelle RolandMarion354 Larick Drive$263,900
Levi A. and Kaitlin M. HankenFairfax4915 Longview Drive$259,900
Kim S. and Susan J. KetelsenCedar Rapids905 Third St., Unit 510$250,000
Jason M. and Casey A. SennCedar Rapids4612 Pueblo St.$249,000
Paul A. and Teresa R. UrrutiaCedar Rapids1224 Fox Trail Drive$249,000
Michael GrafRobins470 Rogers St.$245,000
Scott G. and Lynda S. ErmerCedar Rapids4131 Lakeview Drive$245,000
Skyler KovarikMarion5303 Alburnett Road$245,000
Tyler H. and Stephanie F. SteinwandCedar Rapids1112 Rolling Creek Drive$245,000
Jody M HostertCedar Rapids4410 Adams Court$243,000
Trevor J. and Stacy L. McCuskerMarion2274 Crestwood Lane$240,000
Jacob and Denise HeffernenWalker5170 Center Point Road$238,000
Robert Brian GilbertCedar Rapids4711 Savannah Court$236,500
Suzanne MyersCedar Rapids822 Dorchester Place$233,500
Deloss D LiebeCedar Rapids2065 High Drive$227,000
Steven and Maria KimbroCedar Rapids1650 Bilgarie Court, Apt. C$225,000
Shirley J. and Shirley J. Peiffer (living trust) and Peiffer Leo J. (living trust)Robins185 Robinwood Drive$224,900
Nathan M. and Jessica R. MassellCedar Rapids6702 Colorado Drive$222,500
Brittany K Torres and Emeterio Contreras GarciaCedar Rapids3604 Field Stone Place$222,000
Brian J. and Mallory L. BogeCenter Point3905 Pikeview Drive$215,000
Deborah Sue BrownCedar Rapids6309 Deer Stone Drive$215,000
Zachariah L WullnerSpringville2338 Springville Road$210,000
Austin M. ProseCenter Point4161 Alta Vista Drive$210,000
April Victoria and Jose ContrerasCedar Rapids332 Bezdek Drive$207,500
Gloede Properties LLCEly798 Jappa Road$206,000
Mark WeyersCedar Rapids271 Sussex Drive$205,000
Mitchell P Kirby and Jade M RowleyCedar Rapids2118 Grande Ave.$205,000
Shannon M KellerCedar Rapids3814 Valley Place$202,900
Brenda J BoylesCedar Rapids3408 Stoneview Circle$200,000
David J. and Linda S. MilbachMarion1975 Maplecrest Drive$200,000
John Paul Schafer and Brian Edward SmithMarion4402 Westover Road$199,999
Jason A. CampbellCedar Rapids6804 Terrazzo Drive$197,500
Carl W. and Michelle A. KirkegaardCedar Rapids4324 Northwood Drive$197,000
Martha G. NovakCedar Rapids1303 Crescent View Drive$194,000
Joshua L. Graveman and Keri A. CampbellCedar Rapids6722 Boulder Drive$193,000
Shawn and Sophie F. KnightonMarion1780 25th Ave.$190,500
Gaige M McGreeveyPalo46 Lincoln Drive$190,000
Mary RichardsHiawatha443 Cimarron Drive$188,000
Christopher L. and Lynae G. RammelsbergCedar Rapids5740 Oakwood Ave.$187,500
Anna PraegitzerCedar Rapids4533 Fairlane Drive$185,000
Heather Lynn and Randy Leo EngelCedar Rapids1155 Crescent View Drive$185,000
Craig J. and Casey M. BradleyCedar Rapids316 Bezdek Drive$184,500
Blair L KlostermannCedar Rapids1833 Rosehill Drive$183,500
Kay A. BoneCedar Rapids7016 Lakeview Drive$179,500
Stanley Scott Simons and Marcia Ann MartinCedar Rapids8614 Flatbush Court$179,000
Richard J. and Barbara A. DolterMarion3380 Sunburst Ave.$176,000
Alexander M. and Hannah O. MatthewHiawatha1000 Cress Parkway$176,000
Tyler L. and Kate L. GreenMarion1401 35th St.$175,900
Francis J. Stephen IIICedar Rapids3626 King Drive$175,500
Michael and Tomas HammelMarion2199 29th Ave.$175,000
Andrew and Ashley BalsanekCedar Rapids507 Walford Road$174,000
Barbara M. and Joshua L. LettsCedar Rapids2500 Lori Drive$173,000
David and Katherine A. SunCedar Rapids6605 Brentwood Drive$171,000
Austin and Allison M. TuckerPalo45 Drake Drive$170,000
Susanne K MeadCedar Rapids523 20th St.$170,000
Eric R LewisCedar Rapids2521 30th St.$170,000

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