Top 50 Ogle County home sales for May 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Ogle County in May 2020, according to

In May 2020, there were 58 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $136,000 in Ogle County.

Top 50 home sales in Ogle County for May 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Wendell E. and Dolores Horst-2834 Oregon Trail Road$380,000
Byron Legacy Properties LLCByron935 Blackhawk Drive$300,000
Scott E. and Amber D. Swanson-4422 Open View Drive$293,000
Matthew V. and Leslie A. Abate-9002 Barker Road$265,000
Renae Stevens-9207 Lemke Drive$259,000
Alex and Samantha GreevesOregon205 Century Hill Drive$252,000
Christopher and Connie GlowackiByron326 Second St.$250,000
Richard A. Nelson Jr.-5040 Brooke Court$240,500
Mary Parson and Linda Luciani-15626 Twombly Road$240,000
Harry M. and Lacey B. GabrielsonRochelle1503 Knights Lane$234,000
Benjamin T. and Tara A. Glendenning-8378 Hales Corner Road$228,000
Billy GarkeyDavis Junction381 Red Fox Drive$218,000
Jacob and Cassidy MrozekByron907 Kingsway Lane$213,000
Shawn P. and Mary E. SchmitzByron647 Allison Circle$212,500
James and Loretta KellenLost Nation312 Knollwood Drive$187,000
Corey Ellingwood and Samantha Bruening-8707 Yellowstone Drive$185,000
Kristi A. GileStillman Valley402 Sunbeam Court$183,500
David T. and Paula TurnerRochelle1212 Lakeland Drive$182,000
Keynon T. and Abbie K. Janicke-8091 Ryan Circle$181,000
Justin W. G. KammesCreston427 Regulators St.$177,000
Autam and Correan Foltz-6508 Deer Path$170,500
Emanuel Cortes Perez and Kyle Thomas HughesRochelle823 Ninth St.$170,000
Fredy N Varela Flores and Samantha C. Conzalez LaraHillcrest219 Windover Park Drive$168,000
Jordan T. Stinnett-10956 S. Woodlawn Drive$162,000
Antonio Jamal and Jasmine Breann RichardsonByron847 Fieldcrest Drive$144,000
Felix Juan Alvarez and Chalise M ContrerasCreston422 Cederholm St.$144,000
Aaron L. HarrisonGrand Detour3823 Wisconsin St.$142,000
Brandon Patrick TavernieByron1902 Silverthorn Drive$137,000
Jeremy and Rebecca KeeseByron1412 Kingsway Court$137,000
Kevin A. Greene and Michael A. PhelanLost Nation709 Kaskaskia Drive$135,000
Firstborn Reach of Byron Illin-6332 Marrill Road$125,000
Patricia J. Brown (trustee)Byron500 Mill Ridge Drive$124,000
Damien James Shearer and Logan Ee Skeel-6775 Sarah Ave.$124,000
Bobby Jo LeonRochelle1085 Main St.$122,000
Rober Carcasses Torres and Miobis Suarez MendezRochelle616 Woolf Court$121,000
Travis J. and Michelle B. BrownCreston310 North St.$115,000
Raymond M. and Betty KramerRochelle314 Southview Drive$103,500
Sandra L DrexlerByron430 Mill Ridge Drive$103,000
Gregory and Nicole WesselmanOregon211 Fourth St.$100,000
Ryan R. BennettLeaf River312 First St.$87,000
Holly S FinkRochelle822 Ninth St.$86,000
Randall and Janise TuckerRochelle1222 Lincoln Ave.$86,000
Adam Swanson-5749 Razorville Road$85,000
Paul HarrisonRochelle709 Lincoln Highway$78,000
Joseph OtooleAdeline9095 Main St.$68,000
Marisol Martinez EsparzaRochelle401 Woolf Court$67,000
Sherry R FosterRochelle136 Sixth St.$67,000
David B. and Cheryl A. HarbachPolo811 Congress Ave.$66,500
Judd GastelByron417 Union St.$65,000
Tyrone MaurerLeaf River306 Fourth St.$55,000

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