Top 50 Adams County home sales for May 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Adams County in May 2020, according to

In May 2020, there were 75 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $99,500 in Adams County.

Top 50 home sales in Adams County for May 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
J. David Duncan (trustee), J. David Duncan (trust), Linda M. Duncan (trustee) and Linda Duncan (trust)-816 1850th Ave.$550,000
Gerald E. and Sara J. WalkerQuincy4003 Marian Drive$397,000
James L. Bockenfeld (trustee), Mary E. Bockenfeld (trustee) and James L. Bockenfeld and Mary E. Bockenfeld (trust)Quincy1400 38th St.$350,000
Gary L DickersonQuincy1416 Stone Creek Drive$260,000
Jacob D. and Danielle TerstriepQuincy1022 Nottingham Drive$259,000
Jeremy R. and Crystal N. Garman-2820 1750th St.$253,100
Seth M. and Miranda L. Vermillion-2087 2700th St.$250,000
Laura M. Goehl and Neal P PleskunasQuincy3009 Lantern Lane$202,000
Lindsey A. FreseQuincy629 Brookfield Road$197,000
Amy M. and Vincent D. SimmonsQuincy1707 Curtis Creek Road$195,000
Adam TallcottQuincy2631 Ky. Ray Drive$183,000
Theresa L. McGartland-2728 Linda Lane$180,000
Brandon M. and Leah R. Ley-3301 Tower Road$179,000
Gregory J Venvertloh-3603 12th St.$175,000
Colae R. and Ronald J. VecchieQuincy2231 Aldo Blvd.$167,000
Susan C. KillionQuincy919 50th St.$166,500
Scot A. and Kimberly K. DuesdiekerQuincy2337 Mary Lane$158,000
Kaleb and Shelby BorghardtQuincy2007 Spruce St.$158,000
Nancy J. PerrineQuincy1623 State St.$145,500
Matthew J. Wiewel and Adrainna M DesmondQuincy925 19th St.$141,000
Tad C Peter-622 1850th Ave.$140,000
Mary Sue MillerQuincy1402 Winsor Drive$138,000
Vanessa F LiesenQuincy2137 23rd St.$135,000
Paul E. and Norma R. RushQuincy305 Shannon Drive$135,000
Pamela L Barrigar-2427 Lake Drive$132,000
Randy L. and Stephanie A. StewartQuincy705 Sherwood Drive$130,000
Nichole K Uppinghouse-2225 Tristan Court$128,500
Nicklaus A. HopperQuincy1500 College Ave.$121,000
Aaron A. and Whitney N. PetersPayson115 Main St.$120,000
Logan M. WolfQuincy621 Hamilton Ave.$110,000
Cassidy A. CottinghamQuincy2534 Vermont St.$110,000
Bridget A. and Christina M. EhrhartQuincy1301 Sycamore St.$109,900
Zachary W. and Allison W. ClarkQuincy1024 17th St.$109,500
Jacob R. and Janelle R. MeyerQuincy1603 Mickey Meadows$107,500
Laura E. XamisQuincy2428 Cedar St.$106,000
Josie M Mueller and Tyler C. SlyQuincy609 Meadow Circle$105,000
Brian K LewisQuincy611 Cherry St.$100,000
Ronald W. Fairley (trustee), Joyce L. Fairley (trustee) and Fairley Family Trust-2431 Lakeside Drive$99,500
Madison Trust Co. and John D. HowellQuincy3719 Meadow Drive$99,100
Andrew B. SchultzQuincy2545 Oak St.$98,500
Justine A. WilliamsQuincy2021 Van Buren St.$96,500
Justin A. LewisQuincy1020 24th St.$94,500
Zachary HibbertQuincy1125 Ohio St.$91,225
Keegan BakerQuincy1334 12th St.$90,000
Caitlin L CraigQuincy1213 Harrison St.$85,000
Jordan A. Kemner and Cheryl L ReardonQuincy601 13th St.$84,900
Shawn H BuehlerQuincy2010 Hilltop Drive$82,000
Rodney and Koleen LordQuincy1821 Highland Drive$81,000
Jerry Lyle SchroderQuincy1828 Spruce St.$81,000
Andrew C. EliasonQuincy2544 Prentiss Ave.$78,000

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