Macon County had a median home sale price of $91,500 of 113 homes in May 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Macon County in May 2020, according to

In May 2020, there were 113 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $91,500 in Macon County.

Top 100 home sales in Macon County for May 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Ethan and Caitlyn BergMount Zion1455 Ashland Ave.$379,900
Justin A. and Jessica D. DalbyMount Zion380 Secretariat Place$368,000
Bgrs Relocation Inc.Maroa11335 Country Garden Lane$365,000
Matthew W. and Amie EversDecatur36 Allen Bend Drive$294,900
Cartus Financial Corp.Long Creek3702 Morning Star Court$260,000
Paul H. Dignan III and Dawn HoffmanLong Creek3702 Morning Star Court$260,000
Simoni Narciso De Lima and Andre Luiz Alves De OliveiraLong Creek6591 Daybrook Drive$255,000
Nicholas and Josie NeusesOakley10556 Sheets Road$250,000
Amanda Lubich and Joshua HilbertHarristown10855 Pebble Road$249,000
Leslie C. BarsemaDecatur1930 Shore Oak Drive$249,000
Cole KlendworthForsyth749 Spyglass Blvd.$238,000
Richard A. and Ashley E. KaczynskiDecatur455 Shoreline Drive$235,000
Justin M. SixLong Creek3717 Windsong Court$234,000
Joshua D. and Kristen K. TroxellForsyth736 Weaver Road$229,900
Bailey Reynolds and Shelbi LahniersMount Zion710 Pearl Court$212,000
Rebecca Ann JohnstonDecatur164 Southmoreland Place$202,500
Daniel W. Walker Jr. and Emily M. WalkerForsyth786 Spyglass Blvd.$201,500
David A. and Charissa L. SpringerDecatur2683 Forrest Green Drive$182,000
James D. and Shirley Susan MillsDecatur3357 Orchard Drive$175,000
James D. and Sherri MillerForsyth786 Gunnar Lane$175,000
Aaron D. and Abby GreenwellMount Zion655 Fawn Court$172,500
Allison C. BehrendsDecatur42 Green Oak Drive$169,900
Margaret G. Sommerfeldt (trustee) and Margaret G. Sommerfeldt (trust)Decatur899 Lake Shore Drive$167,500
Sheri M Savage and Marlon R KnowlesDecatur107 Point Bluff Drive$163,500
Ryan L. Cain and Saria LappinHarristown230 Larkspur Drive$157,500
Daniel E. CantrellOakley6105 Sangamon Road$153,000
Mark and Janice CarderDecatur3310 Fitzgerald Road$150,000
Richard L. Mattingly Jr.Mount Zion240 Walnut St.$147,000
Gerald G. and Marilyn J. FreemanDecatur952 Linden Ave.$147,000
Shirley R HoffDecatur465 Shoreline Drive$144,900
Rev Richard WeltinDecatur441 Shoreline Drive$140,000
Brett S Duncan and Kendra S KaiserLong Creek3325 Roblee Lane$139,000
Jaime N GoodmanMount Zion1405 Westside Drive$137,500
Sonya A. FloresDecatur740 Karen Court$137,000
Trent L. and Linda ChappleDecatur3950 Northbrook Drive$137,000
Erica L ColeeDecatur2704 Brookville Place$135,500
Megan E. BurgenerDecatur2587 Pheasant Run$130,000
Cheri EllisonDecatur1811 Will Court$130,000
Thomas F. and Lois J. HottDecatur1920 Carl Court$125,000
Larry L. and Julia J. GarnerMount Zion1433 Rich Lane$125,000
Ellen M. StareDecatur13 Southern Drive$124,900
Bradley and Rachel A. DaughertyDecatur1547 Main St.$123,000
Jerry A. and Kaylee N. SpainDecatur642 Crestline Drive$122,000
Dylan Oneill and Tabitha SinclairLong Creek5560 Firehouse Road$117,500
Kathleen L. CrouchMount Zion509 Shonna Drive$115,000
Tyler Edward Owens and Elora Alexander AgstenDecatur1935 Wood St.$113,500
Madison L. HuskeyMount Zion1225 Main St.$112,000
Steven C. and Michelle LeeLong Creek2575 Esther Ave.$110,000
Ryan MoberlyMount Zion925 Mintler Drive$109,000
Bret NelsonMount Zion1614 Powers Court$107,500
Robert F. EmeryDecatur3487 Dove Drive$106,500
Melissa A. IrvinDecatur4066 Sheffield Drive$105,500
Matthew Hackney and Shari L MarinerArgenta493 Route 48$103,000
Lacey SutheardDecatur33 Wyoming Drive$96,500
Chantile D HayesDecatur30 Ohio Drive$95,000
Andrew and Patricia SkrodenisDecatur1135 Westlawn Ave.$91,900
Marc BobbittWarrensburg14 Redlick Court$91,500
Nathan L. CrowderMount Zion335 Mich. Gaughey$90,000
Dara J WrightDecatur49 Ridge Lane Drive$90,000
Sarah E. StoutenboroughDecatur4908 Thrush Ave.$90,000
Louis Edward II and Laure Jo KapplerDecatur258 Westlawn Ave.$90,000
Madison Moreland and Hunter GehrkenDecatur325 Southampton Drive$87,500
Melany L StoutDecatur2185 Barding Ave.$87,000
Michael R. and Madison G. LongbonsDecatur615 Dennis Ave.$86,800
Brandon BarneyDecatur3623 Union St.$83,000
Amanda CrabtreeOreana208 Rayjon Drive$82,000
Jaclyn L IrvinMacon245 Cook$81,500
Noal BonnettDecatur1954 E. Gate Drive$78,900
James Lee SmithDecatur19 Crestview Drive$78,000
Kathleen A. WrigleyDecatur173 Dennis Ave.$78,000
Bret N. and Sheila A. BoneDecatur4 Northern Drive$77,000
Justin J. Ballard and Ashlyn N AskewHarristown193 Fieldcrest Road$77,000
Blake D. and Ashley N. BestDecatur104 Isabella Drive$75,000
Samuel McArthurDecatur2663 35th St.$74,000
Margaret Peggy E. PhippsDecatur32 La Salle Drive$72,900
Martin Dale and Mary Jane RobbinsDecatur345 Country Club Road$70,000
C Alexander HolsteDecatur1629 Riverview Ave.$69,000
Scxllir Crawford and Jasmin HopkinsDecatur2227 Yorkshire Drive$68,000
Robert and Justa StanleyDecatur1615 Ravina Park Road$67,900
Timmy Joe and Linda Sue ThompsonWyckles Corners4505 Main St.$65,000
Tara D DyerDecatur920 Brush College Road$62,000
Moises LozanoDecatur968 Linden Ave.$60,000
Mark A. and Elizabeth A. ClemDecatur1505 Wood St.$60,000
Dennis Richard DrewDecatur10 North Court Drive$58,000
Andrew A. AtteberryWarrensburg273 Main$55,000
Lincoln Land IL Land Trust, Britt A. Brown (trustee) and Trust 14356969Decatur1435 MacOn St.$53,000
Kelsi BarneyDecatur4026 Nottingham Drive$51,500
Donald D. HudsonBlue Mound409 College$51,000
Dena R. Tracy A. and Jensen N. Cearlock Tracy A.Decatur163 Oakdale Blvd.$47,000
James L. KiddDecatur1624 Summit Ave.$46,500
Valerie Wallace and Taylor VannattaDecatur22 Edgewood Court$45,000
Charles and Patricia JenkinsDecatur1749 Montrose Ave.$39,000
Gregory Michael ShawDecatur2097 Union St.$37,300
Kayla M. NormanDecatur1019 Tuttle St.$37,000
Stefanie N HuppDecatur748 Hazel St.$32,000
Steven and Lisa RoyalMacon232 Bell$31,335
Kurt Terry Yancey and Dawn M HollarDecatur851 Cantrell St.$30,000
Michael SeeleyDecatur2065 Graceland Ave.$28,000
Francis Edward Bland Jr. and Maryedith A. BlandDecatur1604 Olive St.$23,000
Polley Rentals LLCDecatur1641 Cleveland Ave.$23,000

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