Top 50 Knox County home sales for May 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Knox County in May 2020, according to

In May 2020, there were 64 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $75,000 in Knox County.

Top 50 home sales in Knox County for May 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Daniel and Laura EndthoffGalesburg438 West Point Drive$435,000
James CoursonOak Run127 Lakecrest Place$380,000
Austin K. and Hailee S. MeyerHenderson304 State St.$233,000
Micah L. and Sara Y. WitherellGalesburg50 Hiawatha Lane$219,000
Fred K. Andrews Sr. and Joyce E. AndrewsGalesburg481 Scotch Elm Lane$175,000
Margaret A. RiggensGalesburg1026 Mayberry Lane$150,000
Ashlie R LopezKnoxville226 Sunnyview Ave.$130,000
Jacob B. RiggsKnoxville510 Market St.$130,000
Richard and Vickie DarmerGalesburg30 Circle Drive$130,000
Bobbi K. and Christopher J. PioGalesburg4262 Maple Drive$124,000
Andrew J. and Jackie A. and Alexandra BraetOak Run1264 Lakeview Road$121,000
Katie L. HennenfentKnoxville502 Line St.$121,000
Andrew J. and Lauren E. PalmierGalesburg1091 West St.$117,500
Andrew Wollrab and Kylee ThompsonWataga215 Coal St.$115,000
Ronald E. and Janice M. ReedGalesburg878 Fremont St.$112,500
Guy L Isala and Kembo Tuzolana ArletteGalesburg1736 Kellogg St.$110,000
Kevin R BrennanGalesburg1661 Broad St.$107,000
Alex A. and Denise K. Pia, Alex and Denise Pia (trust)Galesburg1284 Academy St.$104,500
Ann Marie BrockGalesburg267 Ivan Ave.$104,000
Amie R SaulGalesburg2053 Baird Ave.$100,000
Robert E. Randell and Lori D DunbarGalesburg582 Knox Highway$96,500
Christine E. S. and Christine Es HannaGalesburg397 Knox Road$95,000
Todd V Sallee Jr. and Megan N. SalleeWataga108 Sparta St.$92,000
Chester and Wanda BeckGalesburg585 Yates St.$90,000
Preston R HerrGalesburg1313 Harrison St.$90,000
Michelle L RodriguezGalesburg175 Walnut Ave.$89,000
Ashley R. DuttonGalesburg468 Fifth St.$86,000
Conner and Emma ThompsonGalesburg433 Dudley St.$85,000
Joshua Wesley MahnesmithGalesburg1025 Brown Ave.$83,500
National Coatings Inc.Galesburg969 Hawkinson Ave.$83,500
Scott Clark CGalesburg1715 Indiana Drive$75,000
Trey M. and Christa L. MorrisonGalesburg1288 Nelson Ave.$75,000
Douglas W. BertelsenHenderson Grove153 Knox Highway$75,000
Michelle E MoreheadAltona611 Olin St.$72,000
Jo Del NelsonGalesburg1292 Cedar St.$71,000
Troy R BirdKnoxville305 Walnut St.$69,000
Jeffrey G BrockGalesburg128 Bandy Ave.$67,000
Donald R. and Carrie S. BewleyWataga103 South St.$66,000
Jeannie D PalmerGalesburg1289 Beecher Ave.$65,000
Harley M SperoGalesburg1355 Kellogg St.$64,000
Haley T Sage and Haley T. and Matthew L. LewisGalesburg82 Madison St.$63,000
Melody J AndrewsGalesburg1296 Harrison St.$62,000
Richard A. TrewGalesburg1348 Pearl St.$50,000
Ryan James Kawika and Ashlee R. ValdezGalesburg551 Maple Ave.$48,000
Follmer Suhomske Investments LLCGalesburg510 Irwin St.$43,000
Rhianna L SchroederGalesburg695 Farnham St.$42,500
Jhonson BarreraGalesburg370 Knox St.$33,500
Project 309 LLCAbingdon104 North St.$32,000
Cole J AlmaguerGalesburg67 Silver St.$28,000
Kim R MathewsGalesburg387 Arnold St.$28,000

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