Peoria County had a median home sale price of $100,000 in May 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Peoria County in May 2020, according to

In May 2020, there were 238 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $100,000 in Peoria County.

Top 100 home sales in Peoria County for May 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Peoria7618 Edgewild Drive$725,000
Peoria11222 Stone Creek Drive$695,000
-5219 Charter Oak Lane$650,000
Peoria6520 Waterstone Way$631,500
Peoria10706 Grand Oak Court$480,000
-15907 Feucht Road$455,000
Peoria10901 Shadow Creek Court$440,000
Peoria11125 Stone Creek Drive$420,000
Peoria2217 Earl Court$415,000
Peoria6309 Clairemont Court$400,000
Peoria735 Townes Court$365,000
Peoria1204 Brookforest Drive$342,000
Peoria6703 Sumac Road$310,000
-13826 Riekena Road$291,000
Chillicothe1702 Fieldstone St.$290,000
Peoria10726 Bodell Drive$288,000
Peoria6700 Fox Point Drive$285,000
Peoria2924 School St.$280,000
Peoria1325 Holly Hedges Drive$280,000
Princeville1474 Town Road$259,500
Lake Camelot9919 Guinivere Drive$258,000
Peoria5122 Rothmere Drive$255,000
-14913 Carlton Court$245,000
Peoria2624 Sesame St.$243,000
-7627 Brianna Drive$240,000
Dunlap107 Hillside Court$215,000
-7805 Krause Court$215,000
Peoria10915 Parkview Pointe$215,000
-8627 Shryock Road$215,000
-13309 Route 90$214,900
Lake Camelot4117 Dunbar Point$209,900
Peoria1116 Brookforest Drive$207,500
Peoria1029 Burnside Drive$206,500
Lake Camelot4646 Tewkesbury Court$204,000
Peoria908 Baybrook Court$200,000
-9715 Blacksoil Lane$200,000
Elmwood512 Main St.$200,000
Peoria6901 Aycliffe Drive$199,900
Peoria369 High Point Road$195,000
Peoria5412 Timberedge Drive$194,000
Peoria3807 Evergreen Court$193,000
-7409 East Branch Drive$190,000
Rome4922 Tiber Place$190,000
Peoria3303 Capitol Drive$185,000
Peoria4620 Weaverridge Blvd.$185,000
Peoria804 Poplett Hollow Road$184,500
Peoria10311 Churchill Drive$182,000
-7515 Sagewood Drive$181,000
-21012 Slane Road$175,000
Princeville624 Aten Ave.$175,000
Peoria2314 Kenfield Court$174,900
Peoria5511 Leawood Court$172,500
Lake Camelot9602 Littlefield Drive$169,000
Chillicothe1512 Cloverdale Road$166,000
-13729 Smithville Road$165,000
Peoria228 Kickapoo Terrace$164,900
Elmwood103 Southgate Drive$163,000
Peoria11434 Northtrail Drive$162,000
-12441 Cove Court$161,000
Peoria4004 Carrousel Lane$161,000
Peoria147 Southgate Road$160,000
-9908 Blacksoil Lane$160,000
Peoria6122 Fairlane Drive$159,000
-15711 McCabe Drive$158,000
-6002 Hanna City-Glasford Road$155,000
Peoria1637 Bel Aire Drive$155,000
Peoria1515 Daytona Drive$155,000
Peoria1702 Queens Court Road$154,500
Peoria418 Stonegate Road$154,000
Peoria6706 Greenmont Road$153,000
Peoria2735 Woodhaven Drive$149,000
Peoria500 Forrest Hill Ave.$148,000
-514 Woodthrush Drive$145,000
-13815 Cottonwood Road$145,000
Peoria7311 Piccadilly Place$144,900
Peoria721 White Oak Court$144,500
Elmwood308 Magnolia St.$142,500
Peoria3401 Bigelow St.$139,900
Peoria3121 Sheridan Road$139,500
Peoria2500 Moss Ave.$139,000
Glasford524 Main St.$139,000
Princeville413 Spring St.$133,000
Peoria923 Wilshire Drive$132,500
Peoria2707 Creston Lane$132,000
Peoria2706 Overhill Road$131,500
Peoria4928 Graceland Drive$131,000
Peoria1002 Ridge Road$130,500
Princeville627 Town Ave.$130,000
Peoria504 Clybourn Court$130,000
Peoria2829 Kingston Drive$129,900
Peoria4616 Clarewood Ave.$129,500
Lake Camelot4638 Tewkesbury Court$128,900
Chillicothe1011 Stanley Drive$128,000
Peoria2638 Moss Ave.$126,500
-7521 Sagewood Drive$126,000
Peoria121 Ellington Drive$125,000
Peoria5514 Montello Drive$124,000
-9322 Broadway St.$124,000
Peoria1216 Stratford Drive$123,500
Peoria2211 Warwick Drive$121,000

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