Ramsey County had a median home sale price of $240,000 in May 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Ramsey County in May 2020, according to BlockShopper.com.

In May 2020, there were 477 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $240,000 in Ramsey County.

Top 100 home sales in Ramsey County for May 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Acting By and Through Department of Administration State of MinnesotaSt. Paul1415 Lorient St.$5,475,000
Befame Property LLCSt. Paul45 Empire Drive$2,500,000
Brent R. and Melissa S. PeacockWhite Bear Lake2532 Manitou Island$1,850,000
Double E Properties LLCSt. Paul1350 Maryland Ave.$1,600,000
Gurdesh S. Bedi and Preetika AroraSt. Paul1544 Edgcumbe Road$1,438,500
Terissa Elizabeth and Robert Richard SajevicVadnais Heights417 Vadnais Lake Drive$760,000
Donald and Margaret StromNorth Oaks11 Pine Cone Road$725,000
Alan Van Wyk and Andrea ZimmermanSt. Paul214 Wheeler St.$707,500
Matthew R. Dahlquist and Deborah A. OakesSt. Paul314 Dayton Ave.$698,000
LTE 2030 LLCSt. Paul125 Annapolis St.$656,000
Joanne and Brian MullenSt. Paul270 Fourth St. 408$650,000
Mohac and Sandra TekmenSt. Paul1418 Lincoln Ave.$620,000
Michael and Molly StuderArden Hills1556 Arden Place$605,000
Joshua and Emily FaceShoreview639 Evergreen Circle$580,000
Paul Pedtke and Erin GavinSt. Paul2091 Berkeley Ave.$560,000
James Donaldson and Bryce TacheVadnais Heights3678 Oak Creek Drive$533,500
Cheryl D. May Trust Dated 5/26/04 and John Cullen May II Trust Dated 5/26/04St. Paul2091 Dudley Ave.$525,000
Maximilien A. ChuegeheuLittle Canada206 Nadeau Road$520,000
Jennifer Wirtz and Melinda SinclairSt. Paul1857 Eleanor Ave.$513,000
Melissa ShultzSt. Paul492 Otis Ave.$509,000
Stephen J. and Rebecca Emmons BaileyNorth Oaks4 Cardinal Lane$500,000
Mark J. Meister and Carla A. SteigerSt. Paul2117 Carroll Ave.$499,900
June Mendoza and Peter HerzogSt. Paul684 Roy St.$498,000
Erin L Kees and Fiorella M GalliaSt. Paul1801 Yorkshire Ave.$490,000
Lisanu D. MekuriaVadnais Heights976 Pheasant Hills Drive$490,000
Andrew M. and Rebecca S. KochSt. Paul2168 Bayard Ave.$488,500
Benjamin and Nicole TrammNew Brighton1983 29th Ave.$487,000
Megan and Brandon ArcherMaplewood1905 Radatz Ave.$482,125
Goose Lake Investments LLCWhite Bear Lake4108 Hoffman Road 6$480,000
Karin J. and Christopher S. MeierSt. Paul2003 Goodrich Ave.$468,000
Lance P. and Molly MinnichsofferSt. Paul927 Osceola Ave.$464,100
Anthony V. MetzgerSt. Paul1230 Seventh St.$450,000
Brett and Kristin SinnerSt. Paul2081 Fairmount Ave.$442,000
Ryan R. and Brenna J. RentmeesterSt. Paul2227 Scudder St.$440,000
David A. and Mary Ellen TyckosonSt. Paul230 Eighth St.$429,900
Brian Falbo and Lauren KreimerShoreview4754 Kevin Lane$425,000
Alison SchottersMaplewood881 Ferndale St.$422,000
Jan-Hung and Elizabeth ChenSt. Paul1815 Berkeley Ave.$417,500
Thomas and Leah AdairRoseville2455 Dunlap St.$415,000
Jeffrey Allen Schlicting and Jennifer Robin SchlichtingSt. Paul1283 Fairmount Ave.$410,000
A Minnesota LLC 1912 Roblyn Ave LLCSt. Paul1912 Roblyn Ave.$402,000
Timothy J. and Kristina L. EricksonRoseville1454 Skillman Ave.$401,500
Ryan P. and Antonia G. PhelanShoreview878 Cannon Ave.$400,000
Pema Dickyi, Tenzin Ngawang and Tenzin SherabNew Brighton2311 Leona Drive$399,900
Deborah K SteeleWhite Bear Lake5110 Wild Marsh Drive$395,000
Brian C. and Mai Lee RappoldMaplewood2525 Idaho Ave.$395,000
Jorid Keri and Nicole ShefferSt. Paul495 Frontenac Place$395,000
Kate Burnevik and Kyle McGinnityRoseville2101 Draper Ave.$392,500
Sean D. and Zahia R. BartzShoreview981 Arbogast St.$390,000
Jeremy and Helen GeorgeRoseville320 Millwood St.$387,000
Andrew K. Hove and Kathleen E. CombsSt. Paul1231 Watson Ave.$385,000
Heidi ThorsonSt. Paul1602 Wellesley Ave.$385,000
David and Anna SaulSt. Paul2023 Princeton Ave.$377,500
Kate Louise FerrianSt. Paul461 Holly Ave. 1$375,900
Joshua and Laura K. MagnusonSt. Paul219 Mount Hope Drive$375,000
Mary Kathleen Anderson and Christa Marie NordlumNew Brighton1173 Rose Lane$375,000
Mark J. and Annette M. ReaganNorth Oaks6 Dogwood Lane$375,000
Scott M. and Rose M. AllenRoseville2600 Rosetown Court$374,400
Beau and Nicole MoyerShoreview4447 Victoria St.$372,000
Thomas Rexwinkel and Stephanie EmerichSt. Paul1393 Schletti St.$370,000
Lori Bergerson and Matthew McKinneySt. Paul2082 Lincoln Ave.$370,000
Rebecca ReedSt. Paul2407 Doswell Ave.$370,000
Erik W. and Kristin CarlsonWhite Bear Township5440 Feather Court$369,900
Joseph Ackerman and Caitlin HinikerWhite Bear Lake3370 Glen Oaks Ave.$367,500
Nicholas and Laura SaetreSt. Paul1621 Niles Ave.$365,000
Mon Bahadur and Mon Lachi RaiMaplewood426 Ripley Ave.$360,000
Ying Han and Alexander EstesShoreview303 Oak Hill Drive$360,000
Alexandra S King and James A. ChandlerSt. Paul2048 Goodrich Ave.$358,000
Nona BeiningSt. Paul430 Saratoga St.$355,000
Shirlee J PeasleeShoreview1289 Silverthorn Drive$355,000
John and Kerri DesutterMaplewood460 Highpoint Curve$352,000
Douglas E. and Susan L. DunstonSt. Paul1798 Sargent Ave.$350,000
Scott and Nicole OnkenWhite Bear Lake3303 Glen Oaks Ave.$350,000
Lauren ChristiansonSt. Paul327 Dewey St.$348,900
May Neng VangMaplewood455 Highpoint Curve$348,000
Jon and Jeanine PerovichMounds View7325 Knollwood Drive$344,000
Louise RicciMaplewood2610 Flandrau St.$344,000
Thomas Quinn Dapper and Rosemary HoffmanMaplewood1835 Radatz Ave.$341,500
Angela Christine WittrockNorth St. Paul2151 14th Ave.$341,100
Christine and James FischerSt. Paul261 Deubener Place$340,000
Tyler Patrick and Brandt Alexander DevichSt. Paul1705 Lafond Ave.$340,000
Hailei and Zhao XieShoreview173 Wendy Court$340,000
Benjamin J. and Emily S. HolkerShoreview4880 Hanson Road$339,000
Forrest TahdooahnippahWhite Bear Lake3244 Bellaire Ave.$335,000
Earl Hunter Jr.Maplewood750 Meyer St.$335,000
Laure and Joseph LundequamSt. Paul1679 Hague Ave.$335,000
Michael JordanSt. Paul1805 Laurel Ave.$333,000
Mahmoud AlantaShoreview165 Dennison Ave.$331,670
Christopher MaddoxSt. Paul1745 Portland Ave.$330,000
Mai Vang and Xieng K. XiongMaplewood758 McKnight Road$330,000
Nichole Guerin and Michael WilmesWhite Bear Township1567 Seneca Trail$330,000
Matthew P. PryorSt. Paul1637 Pinehurst Ave.$330,000
Colleen A. Cameron and Avery CameronWhite Bear Township3973 Birch Knoll Drive$329,900
Jacob and Jenna TjernlundShoreview983 Carlton Drive$329,000
Joseph Daniel and Emily Noelle DummannRoseville1441 Eldridge Ave.$328,000
Joshua MetzSt. Paul1889 Palace Ave.$325,000
Austin Hobbs and Stephanie ChartrandSt. Paul43 Battle Creek Place$325,000
Chad and Jennie LarsonWhite Bear Lake5034 Lemire Lane$325,000
Joseph R Podvin and Roxane T AndersenArden Hills1114 Benton Way$325,000
Melissa and Roger A. DeneenShoreview4341 Rustic Place$322,500

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