Adams County had a median home sale price of $125,000 of 110 homes in June 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Adams County in June 2020, according to

In June 2020, there were 110 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $125,000 in Adams County.

Top 100 home sales in Adams County for June 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Wissam F. and Nihal Najem DerianQuincy4324 Harrington Drive$685,000
Robert V. and Monica L. Maynard-2362 Highway 96$600,000
Adam and Jessica Booth-600 Long Drive$600,000
Peggy J. and Roger D. Lunt-3010 Chapel Valley Drive$530,000
John E. and Kelly S. Mixon-3523 Harbor Lane$518,900
Adam L. and Stevi M. Smith-579 2400th St.$374,900
Kerley Properties LLC-2112 550th Ave.$325,000
Nicholas Malard and Candide Demadrille-3219 Timberline Drive$319,000
Geoffrey S. and Kourtney B. Thompson-706 Long Drive$294,900
Joseph R. and Rochelle M. Steinkamp-1732 Maas Road$280,000
Benjamin and Heather J. Humphrey-1605 Coach House Court$280,000
Amber L. and Zachary M. Shaffer-535 2050th St.$263,000
Jessica M. VeithQuincy3011 Helens Court$260,000
Matthew J. and Lacey E. Bunch-3313 Tower Road$259,000
Grove Avenue General PartnershipQuincy124 Knollwood$245,500
Patricia S Prough-1176 1330th St.$229,900
Keith R. and Jennifer M. Barry-6314 Highway 96$225,900
Joshua L. and Megan J. MastermanQuincy405 24th St.$220,000
Caroline J. and Kasey L. Meyer-1720 Gayla Drive$215,000
Zachary Tuley-5525 Greenbriar Ave.$212,000
Catherine B. and William S. MeckesQuincy305 16th St.$212,000
Gerson M. and Jessica S. AnayaQuincy634 Meadow Lark Drive$210,000
Rex and Alana Chumbley-4633 Spring Lake Drive$205,000
Daniel L. and Kylie Rigg-3424 Dee Drive$193,000
Gerald G. and Sharon S. RobertsQuincy179 Lexington$190,000
Daniel J. BennettPlainville230 High St.$188,000
Joseph E Harbison and Amanda N. Hauck-7517 White Oak Road$182,500
Katharine E ParkerUrsa104 Birch St.$180,000
Michael S. and Michelle D. McQueenQuincy3007 Lincoln Hill$180,000
Terry R. and Rebecca A. McGartlandQuincy4913 Lake View Drive$175,500
Evan M. Schreacke-1405 Maas Road$168,000
Mitchell E. and Allison A. HousewrightQuincy1812 Wilmar Orchard$167,900
Gavin R. Walbring-6233 Ewbanks Road$167,000
Albert J. and Janet I. RoyerQuincy4814 Elm St.$165,000
Patricia K Steinkamp-4218 Country Meadows Lane$162,500
David R. and Carol M. Dolbeare-716 1900th St.$161,000
Caroline R. WiewelQuincy2937 Oak St.$161,000
Doreen L HartQuincy505 Garden Court$160,000
Brian BrooksQuincy1221 26th St.$159,000
Andrew M. Abbott-2305 24th St.$155,000
Nicolle R. and Nathan A. GerhardtQuincy2816 Tamala Terrace$152,500
Martin W. and Carrie R. Cook-101 Spring St.$149,000
Kyle R KoenigQuincy1600 30th St.$146,500
Justin Nall-2313 1200th Ave.$142,000
Tanner J. and Chandra N. CrawfordQuincy2108 Payson Ave.$139,000
Timothy and Hannah SniderQuincy711 Kenwood Ave.$138,000
Randy Martin-1400 Springdale$135,000
Curtis J. and Katelyn N. StoutPayson314 Sumac St.$131,000
Jordan S. DietrichQuincy2001 Prairie Ave.$130,000
Shelly J JohnsonQuincy805 16th St.$130,000
Kenneth W. WarringtonQuincy805 16th St.$130,000
Katherine M. PflugQuincy2102 Ohio St.$127,500
Rebecca A. WearQuincy2503 Oak St.$125,000
Shannon McGeeQuincy130 28th St.$125,000
Christopher M. and Jennifer M. KirnQuincy1635 Oak St.$125,000
Ashley V. Schralla-5104 R.I. Dora St.$125,000
Julie A. SchillingQuincy1001 Payson Ave.$124,500
Blake D WingerterQuincy2102 Jefferson St.$124,000
Steve A. ProbstQuincy428 Kentucky Road$121,500
Michael Nommensen and Allison BaileyQuincy2044 Spring St.$121,237
Monte W Wietholder-6035 Hickory Grove$117,500
Emmanuel Church of the Nazarene of QuincyQuincy1000 16th St.$117,500
Jordan Timothy Lee RobertsonMendon715 Tolton Drive$117,500
Stephen C. Schutte and Angelica M JohnsonQuincy3030 Lincoln Hill$115,000
Michael and Erin Stupavsky and Ross A. GlidewellQuincy2519 Cherry St.$113,333
Blair Andrew Ruths and Haley Susann TournearQuincy1515 Van Buren St.$112,500
Lisa ProwantQuincy916 12th St.$109,900
Robert J. and Jane T. HaasQuincy1023 Madison St.$109,000
Gerald M. and Amber D. WierschemQuincy1231 12th St.$108,500
Charles D. LarnerQuincy3131 College Ave.$106,500
Shannon L HawkinsQuincy1701 Cherry St.$105,500
Rebekah J MintonQuincy2109 Payson Ave.$102,500
Anna Marie BenteleQuincy2019 Oak St.$100,500
Teala M WagnerQuincy1724 17th St.$100,000
Zachary Rl Perrine and Jessica N. TrineQuincy1609 Monroe St.$99,900
Luke E. FriedenQuincy2042 Lind St.$98,000
Jeff G. and Carmen R. RoidlQuincy1227 18th St.$97,500
Dillon R. and Emilee K. ButlerQuincy2614 Chestnut St.$97,500
Martin NallCamp Point323 Illinois St.$95,000
Matthew J. and Sadiqa M. Heming and James A. and Lisa L. OenningQuincy1038 12th St.$92,000
Blake M HoustonQuincy1600 Madison St.$89,500
Annette EnglandQuincy715 28th St.$85,000
Nicholas D. AllenQuincy2024 Sycamore St.$83,800
Cheryl B. Joseph D. and Sara E. Brinkman Joseph D. and Laura N. and Christopher BenzQuincy601 Jackson St.$79,000
Amanda K. HigdonPlainville137 Hoskins St.$77,000
Gordon A. RinglienQuincy709 Payson Ave.$76,000
Nicholas S. WenturaMendon6611 Hickory Grove$75,000
Jeffrey L Armstrong-5228 Willer Drive$75,000
Jamie A. ChangtumPayson111 State St.$70,000
Todd R EylerQuincy1524 State St.$65,000
Nicholas J. TaylorQuincy836 20th St.$62,500
Judith A. GreeneQuincy1222 Spruce St.$61,000
Jacob A. and Hope A. Audet WilliamsQuincy2044 Broadway St.$60,000
Michael R. and Misty N. NorrisQuincy926 Jefferson St.$59,000
Isaacks Wells LLCQuincy912 Fifth St.$58,000
Curtis L. and Kristin M. GrahamQuincy608 15th St.$55,000
Eldon R. and Debra K. GallaherLiberty400 Crumley St.$52,500
Jeffrey DelonjayQuincy238 18th St.$47,000
Samuel L. Leslie (trustee), Sharon E. Leslie (trustee) and Samuel L. and Sharon E. Leslie (trust)Liberty3204 12th St.$40,000
Alex M. and Lacy R. StinnettQuincy535 Adams St.$38,000

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