Washington County had a median home sale price of $307,000 of 387 homes in June 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Washington County in June 2020, according to BlockShopper.com.

In June 2020, there were 387 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $307,000 in Washington County.

Top 100 home sales in Washington County for June 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Spqr 1 LLCWoodbury11499 Brookview Road$1,400,000
The Solfelt Revocable Trust, under agreement dated June 2, 2000Lake Elmo9811 Whistling Valley Road$1,100,000
Belwin ConservancyAfton2398 St. Croix Trail$955,000
Heather and Michael AndrewsGrant11900 102nd St.$895,000
Javiera Fernanda McGuigganMahtomedi441 Park Ave.$890,000
Lori and Michael HermannLake Elmo5782 Linden Ave.$875,297
Jennifer A. May and Michael R. KestiHugo4733 122nd St.$848,500
Phillip and Jennifer RathouskyWoodbury3092 Arden Place$775,000
Jay B Wenzel and Carolyn E LeachLake Elmo11809 58th St.$729,900
John and Karin PecchiaGrant10340 Jody Ave. Court$723,750
Carl W. and Ashley D. SmithDellwood44 Spyglass Place$715,000
Jeremy D. and Stephanie M. VerboutHugo13113 Hadley Circle$690,000
Jared and Melissa GoerlitzWoodbury3358 Windmill Curve$682,450
David W. DahlLake Elmo4075 Kindred Way$682,000
Amir Almog and Elissa LindsoeAfton13228 15th St.$657,500
Doug and Ericka FunfsinnLake Elmo1513 Ivory Court$640,000
Matthew and Selena GallowayScandia20790 Odell Ave.$636,500
Nicholas Colbert and Kristi L SchwakeWoodbury8926 Springwood Circle$629,000
Brett Dean and Danielle Patrice BillmeyerWoodbury4716 Ashton Curve$625,000
Barbara A. KormanWoodbury9454 Wedgewood Drive$618,000
Jacob C. and Andrea Beata LangeveldWoodbury11042 Sweetwater Path$608,000
Dan and Sarah C. MeyersMahtomedi965 Pineridge Court$590,000
Edward Goss and Jane GrossWoodbury9978 Wellington Bay$585,000
Andrew and Carolyn HolmMahtomedi240 Board Circle$585,000
Madelyn and Joseph AdamsWoodbury8059 Enclave Bay$585,000
Felipe TroncosoMahtomedi406 Barrington Place$575,000
Robert Michael and Kristen Carroll Schubert WewersWoodbury8465 Marsh Creek Road$575,000
Taylor Wasvick and Karen HoltScandia14051 202nd St.$567,750
Mitchell S. and Lynn C. MaxwellWoodbury2403 Eagle Valley Drive$561,500
Bradley D. and Sherry HeideWoodbury1234 Waters Path$555,000
Brandon Earl, Amanda J., Randel James and Mary Jo MaxwellStillwater9378 Neal Ave.$550,000
Gandi Yusuf and Samsam Jama MohamedWoodbury7684 Somerset Road$550,000
Tracy K. Johnson and Larry L. Lewis Jr.Woodbury1395 Whistler Point Road$547,000
Michael Paul LangenfeldHastings11797 120th St.$545,000
Michelle and Ron NeskeStillwater14633 28th St.$540,000
Matthew Richard and Rina Rae BalsimoCottage Grove10389 Kimberly Court$540,000
Laura and Rory FeeneyStillwater3676 Planting Green$538,000
Mallory S. and Jonathon M. PartainLake Elmo9543 Seventh St.$535,700
Propes Family TrustWoodbury1287 Waters Path$535,000
Seth and Krista SteinbachGrant10980 Inwood Ave.$535,000
Sanjai and Reena PaulWoodbury9326 Wedgewood Drive$535,000
Peter and Shahla M. BraunStillwater14715 30th St.$530,000
Mark and Stacey HegrenesStillwater12561 Quail Way$530,000
Kenchirole Sxai and Christal Pachee HerCottage Grove6350 Hedgecroft Ave.$530,000
Andrew Oxley and Sarah FlynnWoodbury10778 Maple Blvd.$528,000
Robert and Amanda BergmannStillwater640 Eagle Ridge Trail$520,000
Susan Jayne and Bradley Jay BowmanWoodbury11030 Sweetwater Path$510,000
Jeremy P. and Shauna L. SchusterStillwater3318 MacEy Place$507,000
Adam and Ashley TrautmanWoodbury1380 Whistler Point Circle$500,000
JR Richard Allen Chasteen and Mary Melina ChasteenWoodbury3471 Richmond Parkway$500,000
Joseph P. and Kelly A. Wisdorf and Jeffery D. and Danielle J. JensenForest Lake291 Lake St.$500,000
Amanda L. AngelWoodbury2650 Eagle Valley Drive$499,900
Jeffrey Daniel and Nicole Elizabeth HangerWoodbury3046 Tanner Road$483,000
Kyle L. GilleanForest Lake22156 Jason Ave.$481,000
James J. and Kathryn M. MaraWoodbury1462 Tamberwood Trail$480,000
Marcia L. and Bradley A. RileyMahtomedi138 Dahlia St.$480,000
Daniel and Sarah RibolziStillwater232 Sherburne St.$475,000
Chris Eugene and Susan Lynn OliveCottage Grove6766 Wildflower Drive$473,000
Anitra Payne and Doug AndersonForest Lake7554 North Shore Circle$470,000
Michael R. and Sarah J. VanasseStillwater240 Rutherford Road$466,000
Randall W. and Mary JohnsonWoodbury4355 Brockton Drive$464,000
Robert James Reves and Angela ReevesWoodbury10989 Eagle View Place$460,000
Robert and Alexa WroblewskiStillwater11020 Mayfield Ave.$459,900
William and Claudia SamuelsonStillwater6 River Heights Drive$457,000
Brinka and Christopher BoeseForest Lake21833 Iden Ave.$457,000
Jeffrey and Elizabeth MorganWoodbury1556 Thornhill Lane$455,000
Sampson and Darlene LinusWoodbury2480 Liberty Trail$455,000
Noah HoenWoodbury11735 Independence Way$450,000
Jamie J. and Jillian R. MerlauCottage Grove7169 Hidden Valley Cove$450,000
Tharen E. and Carin CallananMahtomedi225 72nd St.$450,000
Andrea L. and Nicholas J. HermersmannCottage Grove7267 Hidden Valley Cove$445,000
Lauren Colbeth and Erik D. JohnsonMahtomedi296 Dahlia St.$441,000
Duff Owen KruegerLake Elmo5247 Jamaca Ave.$440,000
Michael J. Bergmann Sr. and Sally BergmannStillwater416 Second St.$440,000
Morgan Borine and Andrew EckertWoodbury1421 Tamberwood Trail$438,570
Andrew and Lauren ReidingerWoodbury8986 Princeton Road$437,580
Kyle and Alyssa BrandnerWoodbury1715 Jewel Drive$435,000
Pao Fue S. LoLake Elmo8065 59th St.$435,000
Annamarie Starkovich Gentilini and John Curtis KellyWoodbury11366 Sawmill Curve$435,000
Joseph L. and Susan R. BrantWoodbury1484 Tamberwood Trail$433,500
Cheng Chang and Susan LeeOakdale7958 21st St.$432,500
Josiah and Caroline SullivanCottage Grove6457 Hedgecroft Ave.$430,000
Connie and Jeffrey Allen JungmannHugo5850 159th St.$428,000
Janice and Ryan NewbloomWoodbury11793 Harvest Path$427,500
John Thomas and Carissa Lynn MeyerWoodbury11270 Eagle View Bay$425,000
James and Lauren JoppForest Lake9416 North Shore Trail$425,000
Donald A. and Barbara C. SwensonOakdale1358 Holly Ave.$420,000
James Ewens and Ashley Nicole AndersonOakdale880 Heron Ave.$420,000
Christopher and Nancy HafnerStillwater130 Liberty Parkway$420,000
Jonathan Knoll and Brittany PerryWoodbury3633 Bailey Ridge Drive$419,000
Matthew and Heidi BrinkCottage Grove7021 74th St. Bay$418,000
Spencer J. and Katherine M. HerbertWoodbury11571 Waterview Court$416,000
Aaron Kent and Jane Elise NienaberLake Elmo8251 Deer Pond Court$413,000
Le Wang and Somy XiongCottage Grove6654 Wildflower Drive$410,000
Jordan Balbach and Elliot PolzinWoodbury3390 Mulberry Drive$410,000
Bryce M Holstad and Shannon L LagassaStillwater115 Linden St.$410,000
Bao Yang and Chong N. XiongWoodbury9120 Parkside Drive$410,000
Mariah Yelle and Joseph HoryzaWoodbury8566 Timberwood Road$409,500
Christopher P. and Kristin StaatsWoodbury3360 Hartford Road$407,000
Scott J. PhilippsenHugo15587 Ethan Ave.$405,000

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