Stark County had a median home sale price of $140,000 in June 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Stark County in June 2020, according to

In June 2020, there were 593 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $140,000 in Stark County.

Top 100 home sales in Stark County for June 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
James E. and Vicki M. CantrellCanton6155 Isley Road$730,000
Jason T. and Katherine E. GoffCanton5511 12th St.$575,000
Jeffrey and Dana FordCanton4778 Armandale Ave.$550,000
Michael and Lindsey M. SchmittMassillon6052 Great Court Circle$534,900
Ronald and Megan RobertsCanal Fulton9085 Emerald Isle St.$508,000
Dan and Michelle MocilnikarMassillon6452 Arlington Ave.$500,000
Joseph R. and Jacqueline F. HollcraftCanal Fulton9120 Emerald Isle St.$483,500
James E. and Sharoyn MobergCanton2949 Torrey Pines Circle$480,000
James L. and Diane L. FitzpatrickNorth Canton940 Duck Hollow Circle$472,500
Jason L DixonNorth Canton1110 Wedgefield Court$465,000
Joshua M. and Erin D. HeidNorth Canton2593 Carrington St.$457,000
Amanda N. and Megan F. McQueenNorth Canton8398 MacKenzie Ave.$455,000
Jon T. and Tessa J. HenryMinerva3519 Fox Ave.$450,000
Brandon T. and Aubrey M. BloodNorth Canton1128 Laurel Green Drive$440,000
Timothy J. and Cheryl HicksLake Slagle6795 Lake O Springs Ave.$425,000
Laura M. and Scott A. WarnerMoffitt Heights11490 Millersburg Road$415,000
Drew and Kristina DaberkoCanton3120 Westmoreland Ave.$380,000
JR Richard a Smith and Andrea L SmithMassillon9202 Hocking St.$365,000
Jon M Williams Jr.Navarre4510 Carmont Ave.$364,200
Nathan and Kelly ReedGreentown10034 Southwyck Ave.$360,000
Douglas M. and Jennifer MayCamp Creek4977 Pigeon Run Ave.$351,000
James and Vicki CantrellCanton3828 Woodleigh Ave.$350,000
Olivia T. and Scott BlattUniontown2939 Genera St.$345,000
Dana and Larry TothCanton1145 Shelley St.$345,000
Joseph Marcus KostolichMassillon7910 Laura Ave.$345,000
Chelcie D. and Ryan TravisMassillon4997 Sherlin Ave.$338,001
Randy E. and Angela R. ClarkNorth Canton755 Crestland Ave.$334,900
Name Withheld By Request.North Canton1442 Red Coach St.$333,000
Stephen C. and Shelley J. BarrUniontown12251 Bridgemont Ave.$330,000
Michael and Mary CarterCanton6967 Deer Trail Ave.$330,000
Nicholas and Kasey L. ScassaCanton6578 Drake St.$328,000
Timothy J. and Samantha M. WeyandtNavarre9100 Blough Ave.$325,000
Brian R. and Michelle C. ParkerLouisville5941 Shannon St.$325,000
Kathleen S. Bline and Betty J. NeptuneCanal Fulton12418 Stover Farm Drive$325,000
Delane E. and Joanne M. HuffmanMassillon8533 Esquire St.$318,100
Jonathan O. and Jennifer A. DresserHartville6870 Edison St.$317,000
Matthew J. and Kristina M. HarrelsonCanal Fulton8618 High Mill Ave.$315,000
Judith L. and Gregory M. BillsUniontown12295 San Marino Ave.$314,900
Michael L. and Linda FenorchitoMassillon5105 Sherlin Ave.$309,900
George L. KalantzisGreentown9417 Pheasant Valley Ave.$307,000
Joseph R. and Elizabeth MarchiCanton3016 Blue Ash Ave.$306,000
Jay C Strelecki and Jamie BryanCanton6545 Shipslanding Ave.$305,000
Joshua D. and Bailey R. JonesUniontown11623 Hoover Ave.$305,000
Brooke A. WareAlliance2455 Thorncroft St.$300,000
Ruben D. and Katrina CentenoMassillon4336 Sparrow Ridge Ave.$298,400
Hartville Homes FoundationHartville640 Menlo Park St.$296,900
Amy Wolf and Bryan D EdwardsAlliance11292 Reeder Ave.$295,500
Charles G. and Kelly M. RobinsonMassillon7267 Jimmie St.$295,000
Andrew G. and Lindsey M. MatsonCanton2697 Blue Ash Ave.$295,000
Alan J. and Jennifer M. FichterNorth Canton7906 Peachmont Ave.$290,000
Eric and Sheena KramerCanal Fulton12387 Ledgeview St.$289,000
Keri E HofferCanton6451 Friarwood Circle$288,500
Rocco and Brooke M. MaragasParkridge3102 Clearview Ave.$287,500
Daniel A. Hargrove and J Trustees CynthiaNorth Lawrence14163 Sousa St.$285,000
John and Susan DeemCanton300 Montabella Place$285,000
Benjamin P. and Kaitlin M. FinleyNavarre11965 Poorman St.$285,000
Kyle and Natasha SerbinHartville254 Adelaide Ave.$285,000
David M. and Paige G. CampbellGreentown2683 Sutherland Circle$282,400
Adam Scarry and Mary Ann McClishMassillon1190 Vonnie Drive$280,000
James P. and Debra NelliganCanton2716 Market Ave.$280,000
Michael A. and Lanae A. NitzOak Ridge8324 Audubon St.$278,200
Lance M CrumbleyCanton5710 Birmingham Road$277,500
Eric GardnerUniontown10990 Newbury Ave.$277,000
Norman D. and Susanne BossMassillon360 Fire Bush Drive$269,900
Robert and Jenna SteinbergNorth Canton7265 Carmen Drive$269,900
Steve A. and Clarice K. DiruzzaCanton327 Pheasant Run Circle$267,500
Leah N. and Matthew V. FurgiueleNorth Canton8446 Sharon Ave.$261,000
William and Melissa GromackiCanton7674 Knollridge Ave.$260,000
Joshua C. Bortmas and Caitlin LegerMassillon360 Joshua St.$259,900
Brenda L GemindCanal Fulton334 Alexis Lane$258,750
David E. JayNorth Canton15 Bentley Drive$258,000
Christopher P. and Julie C. SchorstenCanton6450 St. Leger Ave.$258,000
Nicholas Gregory and Renicker KellyCanton5871 Ballyshannon Circle$256,000
Alivia M JakabCanton6499 Pine Bluff Ave.$255,000
Gary L. and Marsha L. HolcombNorth Canton1352 Stonington Road$255,000
American International RelocationCanal Fulton7509 Galena Ave.$251,900
Chad E. and Nicole M. PfeifferCanal Fulton7509 Galena Ave.$251,900
Brady A. and Nicole A. YoderCanton7057 Militia Hill St.$250,500
Jared and Rachel DetterCanton1524 Isler Circle$250,500
Michael Paul Murphy and Elizabeth JulianneHartville13366 Sara Ave.$250,000
Tara Taylor O'NeillMassillon8193 Athens Ave.$250,000
Raymond and Joanne BourquinCanton3721 Old Hickory Ave.$250,000
James Reeves and Melissa PetersonCanton7405 Market Ave.$250,000
George W. and Rhonda K. HardersAlliance2559 Queensbury Road$249,900
Saprina AllenAlliance975 Stratford Place$249,000
Scott A. Wytosick and Shanna J EbertMassillon7975 Lutz Ave.$247,500
Alexander J. and Abby E. HronUniontown1481 Limonis St.$245,000
Brock Sandrock and Megan E. BarahonaNorth Canton2868 Limington St.$245,000
Dylan J. Harris and Brittany R MartinaUniontown2730 Legacy St.$243,900
Ann and Scott ParisPerry Heights4095 Georgia St.$243,000
Anthony R. and Mirella VaughnNorth Canton5160 Shamrock Ave.$242,000
Christopher J. and Melissa FisherMassillon9970 Pondera St.$241,500
Ryan A. KercenneckCanton5860 Kerry Circle$240,400
Brian Lynn Caster and Rose ValerieNorth Canton7277 Colebrook Circle$240,000
William R. and Joann J. CharlesworthMassillon2375 Urbana Ave.$240,000
Jeffrey A. and Lyndsey L. LudwigNavarre8061 Goodrich Road$240,000
James F. GiulittoCanal Fulton2042 Summer Evening Drive$240,000
Connor R. and Rachell M. CampbellCanton3210 Glastonbury Circle$240,000
Justin A. and Ashley I. HumphreyCanton1329 Bellview St.$240,000
Joseph and Beth FordCanton6482 Dunwoody Circle$239,500

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