Top 100 Pasco County home sales for June 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Pasco County in June 2020, according to

In June 2020, there were 688 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $184,000 in Pasco County.

Top 100 home sales in Pasco County for June 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Ptw Stassney LLC and Wms Properties LLCNew Port Richey9130 State Road 52$1,900,000
Baf Assets LLCNew Port Richey10312 Maverick St.$1,546,000
Sfr Tampa Owner 1 L PPort Richey7306 Bougenville Drive$1,050,000
Cheryl Ann and Michael Troy CuffeNew Port Richey10602 Pontofino Circle$1,000,000
Calvary Estates LLCNew Port Richey5101 West Shore Drive$975,000
Baf Assets LLCNew Port Richey10319 Widgeon Way$920,300
Wet 32720 LLCSan Antonio32720 State Road$900,000
Eric and Monica A. BaileyLand O Lakes21013 Lake Vienna Drive$900,000
Teng Hong Cheah (trust), Teng Hong Cheah (trustee), Yoke Cheng Cheah (trust) and Yoke Cheng Cheah (trustee)Land O Lakes21120 Los Cabos Court$850,000
Russell J. KaneNew Port Richey9849 Milano Drive$850,000
Candace S Saxon and JR Rhodes E SaxonNew Port Richey3618 Corsair Court$765,000
Jean L. Shorts (living trust), Jean L. Shorts (trustee), Jeffery A. Shorts (living trust) and Jeffery A. Shorts (trustee)Land O Lakes21019 Marsh Hawk Drive$747,600
Donald and Leilani NeubauerWesley Chapel27701 Lincoln Place$685,000
Bradley D. and Tammy N. CochranNew Port Richey5520 Windward Way$650,000
Bayaan Academy Inc.Wesley Chapel4024 Apfel Road$650,000
Louis Heather and Louis Martin St.Wesley Chapel5035 Pinelake Road$615,000
Geoffrey and Sheri Strobel AmateauWesley Chapel27639 Pine Point Drive$610,000
Phillip W. ClarkDade City14135 Happy Hill Road$600,000
Richard Allen and Tonya D. MorissetteOdessa16307 Ivy Lake Drive$564,000
Regina MacAnn Wamba and Hugues G Wamba ZebazeOdessa15045 Wind Whisper Drive$555,000
Gary and Joan TolericoNew Port Richey5117 South Shore Drive$553,000
Big Hoss Holdings LLCOdessa1219 Chesapeake Drive$550,000
Academy of Spectrum Diversity Inc.Zephyrhills5314 First St.$550,000
Bruce J. II and Jennifer D. HersheyOdessa15108 Wind Whisper Drive$535,000
Jeffrey W. and Tracy G. TimbyWesley Chapel27538 Pine Point Drive$529,000
Michael and Traci D. ShirleyNew Port Richey6106 Riviera Lane$525,000
Crystal and David PollLand O Lakes3526 Ballastone Drive$525,000
Mark A. Clark and Clark Deborah L DemarsNew Port Richey5356 Leeward Lane$515,000
Kim M. and Robert G. DixonLand O Lakes3233 Marble Crest Drive$499,900
Anthony Perez and Perez Jennie SammurWesley Chapel8928 Shenandoah Run$494,900
Jacquelyn M. Mulholland and Jeremy C. GallmanNew Port Richey8709 Creedmoor Lane$485,000
Wendy Camacho and Nolan RodriguezLand O Lakes3237 Granite Ridge LP$480,000
Lori and Steven BrittainNew Port Richey5572 Bowline Bend$475,000
Felicia Rae and Steve Thomas PappasLand O Lakes3331 Diamond Falls Circle$460,000
Amy Lopez RinkerNew Port Richey9129 Creedmoor Lane$460,000
Blaise StetsonNew Port Richey8938 Wicker Lane$459,000
Anna N. Heatherington and Donald James Heatherington Jr.New Port Richey1737 Regal Mist LP$444,000
Lawrence and Virginia MarchiniakHudson9315 Eden Ave.$437,000
Heather Lynne and Norman G. Kline IIIDade City37824 Bougainvillea Ave.$435,000
David and Susan SilbertLand O Lakes3128 Stonegate Falls Drive$432,900
Igor Brava and Michelle H NipperLand O Lakes23308 Gracewood Circle$430,000
Debra and Robert ManningNew Port Richey6674 River Road$430,000
Janet M. and Neal A. HansenNew Port Richey2655 Shipston Ave.$429,000
Casey and John BryanLand O Lakes3019 Marble Crest Drive$427,000
Carmen L. and Timothy MorrisonWesley Chapel1332 Salmonberry St.$425,000
Fred and Grace WilkensWesley Chapel1520 Beaconsfield Drive$425,000
Charles Robert Koth Jr. and Tami Rene KothLand O Lakes22345 Oakville Drive$425,000
Adam and Sara StevensLutz17033 Wintergreen Court$424,000
Joshua J. and Stacy Nichole RomickWesley Chapel3252 Evening Breeze LP$420,000
Austin Dessalines SharpeWesley Chapel5600 Spectacular Bid Drive$415,000
Abeer Abu Judeh and William Thonmas SellaZephyrhills7133 Peregrina LP$410,000
Amy I. and Randal J. MaddoxSt. Leo12231 Woodlands Circle$410,000
Robert B. Lem and Susanna VikiNew Port Richey3626 Corsair Court$409,000
Janise A. and Matthew D. BrewingtonNew Port Richey1236 O Meara Court$405,000
Aaron and Cassandra and Karyn PingelSpring Hill18441 Oaklawn Drive$405,000
Matthew and Natalia DuboisNew Port Richey4945 Anchor Way$400,000
Erin M. and Luis G. PardoLand O Lakes23606 Abercorn Lane$400,000
Donna and James E. WintersWesley Chapel27211 Iron Gate Lane$400,000
Eric and Nicole McKeeWesley Chapel1508 Beaconsfield Drive$398,000
Walidain LLCSpring Hill16100 Shady Hills Road$395,000
Amine Hafsi and Jeanie M SaundersLand O Lakes23348 Key Largo LP$395,000
Mirshad ShamsherWesley Chapel5401 Silver Charm Terrace$391,500
Melissa Ann ConradNew Port Richey4432 Reeves Road$391,000
Heather A. and Jason E. MadduxNew Port Richey1826 Kinsmere Drive$390,000
Daniel J. and Malanie D. DubayLand O Lakes5715 Golden Owl LP$389,000
Gabriel P. and Linda DunlapLand O Lakes3621 Valencia Cove Court$389,000
Gina Marie McNellis and Thomas Joseph McNellis Jr.New Port Richey2033 Larkspur Court$385,000
Ellen Louise ComiskeyWesley Chapel1542 Salmonberry St.$384,000
Christian R. and Maryann GuerraLand O Lakes8301 West Haven Drive$383,600
Ann and Charles F. DittaNew Port Richey11149 Wedgemere Drive$382,000
Elizabeth A. Martino and Jonathan StoryNew Port Richey9842 Balsaridge Court$380,000
Marcus and Randi RowanLand O Lakes20824 Cedar Bluff Place$378,000
Cassandra and Mark Alan WilsonLand O Lakes15210 Princewood Lane$377,000
Marcia A. Piazza and Thomas R. VajenHudson6023 Beverly Drive$370,000
Nicole and Richard M. DunnWesley Chapel7718 Drifting Sand Drive$367,000
Ann C. and Wesley W. StoneLand O Lakes20338 Rose Cottage Way$365,000
James A. and Sandra L. MarrNew Port Richey1940 Winsloe Drive$365,000
Antonio and Leandro E. OteroLand O Lakes22936 Collridge Drive$365,000
Christine Denise and Frances L. GaberinoOdessa16502 Nikki Lane$365,000
Deborah M. and Eric P. OlsenNew Port Richey10706 Gooseberry Court$365,000
Lehua HanaikeLand O Lakes22426 Eagles Watch Drive$363,000
Brittany and Stephen BoucherWesley Chapel25441 Aptitude Terrace$359,000
Tyler S. WehbyOdessa16839 Nikki Lane$355,000
Dana Marie Berg and William Paul GarnerNew Port Richey0$355,000
Damon A. and Jennifer Ann DonaldsonWesley Chapel28718 Crooked Stick Court$354,000
Amanda and Matthew OsbornLutz1053 Lake Como Drive$350,000
Dani and Tyler ReismanWesley Chapel2449 Kenchester LP$350,000
Cusos Property LLCLand O Lakes6600 Land O Lakes Blvd.$350,000
Derrick G. and Margaret P. DavidsonWesley Chapel31117 Creekridge Drive$342,000
Andrew Wayne and Ariel Yancey EllenburgWesley Chapel27014 Fordham Drive$341,000
Coy L Graham Sr.Dade City38834 Centennial Road$340,000
Carolyn M RoneyHoliday2310 Wood Pointe Drive$339,900
Catherine LostaunauLand O Lakes4735 Balsam Drive$339,000
Jennifer and Michael DesantisHudson12810 Honeybrook Drive$337,500
Angela Nicole and Justin A. PartridgeHoliday2822 Ravendale Lane$335,000
Kayla and Steven SearlesHoliday2305 Wood Pointe Drive$335,000
Francis McIsaac Jr. and Janine McIsaacNew Port Richey8546 Basuto Drive$335,000
Suanly Diaz Alfonzo and Yuleysys Millian MoralesNew Port Richey8719 Lovas Trail$335,000
Jeffrey Harrison and Suzanne Cusick DarganHudson6629 Nautical Isle$335,000
Frederick Veney Jr. and Tangle VeneyNew Port Richey12404 Coralbean Court$333,300

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