327 homes sold in Peoria County with a median home sale price of $123,500 in June 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Peoria County in June 2020, according to BlockShopper.com.

In June 2020, there were 327 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $123,500 in Peoria County.

Top 100 home sales in Peoria County for June 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Peoria600 High Point Road$1,120,000
-8211 Hanna City-Glasford Road$900,000
Peoria5416 Prospect Road$750,000
Peoria125 Detweiller Drive$645,000
-5701 Nettle Creek Court$600,000
Peoria11335 Stone Creek Drive$525,000
Peoria9842 Thousand Oaks Court$525,000
-908 Copperpoint Drive$515,000
Peoria8141 Crab Orchard Court$488,000
Peoria2408 Pinnacle Drive$487,500
-11314 Fox Meadow Drive$458,000
-725 Cedar Hills Drive$418,000
Peoria5607 Timber Oak Court$396,000
-4615 Cedar Hills Drive$393,900
-11933 Hickory Grove Road$385,000
Peoria3306 Wilhelm Road$350,000
-1410 Truitt Road$339,900
Peoria10415 Pheasant Lane$330,000
Peoria6726 Basket Oak Drive$330,000
-2207 Bristol Hollow Road$329,000
Peoria5318 Weaverridge Blvd.$325,000
Peoria6834 Sumac Road$323,000
-8711 Bartell Drive$323,000
Peoria11227 Greenview Lane$320,000
Peoria2610 Carlisle Lane$320,000
Peoria6322 Wyndfield Drive$314,500
-11529 Chase Lane$300,000
-3728 Eagle Drive$300,000
Peoria9925 Townsend Drive$295,000
Peoria4123 Stonewater Drive$295,000
Peoria722 Scottwood Drive$290,000
-13706 Wild Spruce Court$289,000
Peoria6902 Buckeye Drive$288,500
Dunlap704 Breckenridge Drive$287,000
Peoria11025 Granite St.$271,000
-712 Wonderview Drive$270,000
-8005 Gerdes Road$265,000
-7823 Thorngate Drive$265,000
Peoria11309 Granite St.$261,000
Peoria6411 Fieldtree Court$259,900
-7806 Krause Court$255,900
Peoria2418 Chandler Court$252,000
Peoria11219 Hazel Way$251,500
Peoria7013 Ironwood Drive$251,000
Peoria6806 Ironwood Drive$247,500
Peoria7527 Walnutbend Drive$245,000
Peoria2325 Chase Drive$245,000
Chillicothe1505 Harborway Drive$240,000
Peoria304 Detweiller Drive$238,000
Peoria11020 Northfield Lane$238,000
Dunlap610 Breckenridge Drive$235,000
Peoria5611 Rachael Drive$235,000
Peoria11120 Northtrail Drive$234,999
-12902 Jubilee Hills Drive$230,000
Peoria5741 Autumn Ridge Court$228,500
Peoria5608 Stonewood Court$228,500
Peoria5116 Rothmere Drive$228,000
-11925 Windcrest Court$227,500
Peoria1916 Courtside Drive$227,500
Peoria Heights606 Sciota Ave.$225,000
Peoria6506 Syler St.$225,000
-3408 Hilton Lane$225,000
Peoria10926 Northfield Lane$225,000
Peoria802 Brookforest Drive$222,000
Peoria7201 Charles Way$220,000
Peoria8900 Picture Ridge Road$217,000
Peoria3611 Tedford Drive$215,000
-15017 Alexis Drive$215,000
Peoria2322 Marks Place$214,900
Peoria6912 Fox Point Drive$210,000
Peoria705 Ravinwoods Road$210,000
Peoria11116 Wilderness Drive$205,000
-3622 Martin Weber Road$205,000
Peoria4507 Broyhill Court$199,900
Peoria11701 Brians Way$195,900
-19610 Southport Road$193,000
Peoria4710 Woodway Drive$190,000
Peoria5200 Merrimac Ave.$188,000
Peoria2305 Madera Court$187,900
Peoria4507 Knob Oak Drive$185,000
Peoria7210 Northaven Lane$185,000
Peoria2216 Jubilee Lane$179,900
Peoria5200 Knoxville Ave. 1$177,000
Peoria2301 Jubilee Lane$176,400
Peoria101 Terrace Lane$176,000
-15806 Brougham Drive$175,000
Peoria3343 Saymore Lane$175,000
-22206 Blue Ridge Road$175,000
-3410 Cloverdale Road$174,000
-12413 Blackhawk Court$172,500
Peoria4716 Lynnbrook Drive$172,500
Peoria5108 Woodview Ave.$171,500
Peoria3915 Lynnwood Place$170,000
Peoria6927 Skyline Drive$170,000
Peoria5200 Knoxville Ave. 1$170,000
Peoria768 High Point Terrace$169,500
Peoria2910 Richwoods Blvd.$167,000
Peoria2803 Briarcliff Lane$165,000
Princeville729 Princeville Ave.$163,000
Peoria1617 Columbia Terrace$163,000

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