141 homes sold in Adams County with a median home sale price of $126,950 in July 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Adams County in July 2020, according to BlockShopper.com.

In July 2020, there were 141 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $126,950 in Adams County.

Top 100 home sales in Adams County for July 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Dianne Bowling Wingfield (trustee), Steven Frederick Wingfield (trustee) and Steven and Dianne Wingifeld 2011 (trust)Quincy4403 Harrington Drive$550,000
Eric B. and Teresa K. Barnes-6221 Bitter Road$530,000
Sean P. and Kimberly S. OlearyQuincy4335 Hampton Lane$375,000
Kevin S. and Kari M. Strong-3118 Chapel Valley Drive$370,000
Patrick P. and Susan K. HildebrandQuincy4521 Willow Creek Bend$329,900
Jena L. and William C. Schaffer IIQuincy4423 Hampton Lane$325,000
Alvin Joseph G. and Sarah Ann E. DandanQuincy1229 Harrison Plaza$308,600
Allison R. and Jeremiah M. Liesen-1500 Gayla Drive$289,900
Conner P. and Olivia B. KelleQuincy2119 Curved Creek Court$288,000
Scott A. and Mia T. Disselhorst-1003 Wood St.$273,000
Clayton A. Liesen-4401 Lazy Lane$272,000
Neil S. and Jennifer L. RussellQuincy2743 Parkwood Drive$264,500
Michael E. and Kristina L. MyersQuincy1535 Winsor Drive$250,000
Travis L. and Erika J. Knuffman-1293 2453rd Lane$249,000
Beth Denise ReinhardtQuincy132 Emery Drive$244,900
Jayme and William ConnellQuincy324 Lincoln Hill$244,000
Matthew and Amy LongoQuincy230 30th St.$227,500
Sandra N Clark and Zachary S. GilmoreQuincy1718 Curtis Creek Road$225,500
Steven A. and Kathi A. Wollbrink-7635 State St.$225,000
Ronald J HodgenQuincy1673 Maine St.$225,000
Shawn A. and Daniele N. Wolf-5414 60th St.$222,500
Ashley Marie Ames-1441 Hemingway Drive$220,000
Christina and Ken Bricker-3434 Lewis Drive$217,000
Darlene J. Padgett (trustee) and Darlene J. Padgett (trust)Quincy4924 Lake View Drive$216,000
Charles M. and Tonya R. Blackorby-5624 Termar Lane$215,000
Alexander C. and Amanda A. RoseQuincy4315 King St.$205,300
Leslie J. and Linda J. SachsQuincy1530 Winsor Drive$195,500
Charles G. Clayton Jr.Quincy2000 Harrison St.$195,000
Cody and Kayla Cecil-2388 1100th Ave.$193,000
Roger G. and Debra K. Niehaus-1906 Sheridan Drive$192,000
Ricky Eugene and Heather Lynn RisenhooverQuincy1256 Kentucky St.$190,000
Morgan A. and John D. SchoneQuincy1624 Monroe St.$189,000
Clayton D. Roll and Angela Boua SonethongkhamQuincy200 27th St.$185,000
Brooke N BracyQuincy4300 Bishop St.$181,000
Tyler W. DralleQuincy1530 Manor Hill Drive$180,000
Dalton R Campbell and Victoria M. Perez-2624 St. Anthony Road$179,000
Abby and Austin SchlueterQuincy2932 Kingsridge Drive$177,000
Michelle BrumbaughQuincy2941 Kingsridge Drive$176,000
Patrick and Leila Weppler-1114 Maas Road$175,000
Kelsey L Mann-2300 Briar Lane$173,500
Robert L. and Ashley J. BuckallewQuincy623 24th St.$171,000
Scott M. and Katie Jean SmithQuincy1535 Spring St.$170,000
Zachary Greer and Elizabeth HultzQuincy2505 Ky. Mar Terrace$169,900
Riverside Smoke House & Grill Property LLCQuincy415 14th St.$165,000
Devin and Olivia WatsonQuincy220 27th St.$163,000
Jason and Amanda K. SearsMendon6410 Hickory Grove$160,500
David A. and Laura R. Freeman-5315 Columbus Road$159,900
Kari L HavensQuincy1208 28th St.$159,000
Jerry S. Voepel-5330 Baseline Road$156,000
Kollin FranksUrsa127 East St.$155,000
Lucky S Tritsch-1130 1323rd Lane$155,000
Tanya D. and Timothi J. BethQuincy330 23rd St.$153,000
Anna Marie BenteleQuincy1241 Park Place$150,000
Debra J. and Raymond P. HorneyQuincy2230 Oak St.$148,500
Dustin C. and Madisyn L. RhoadesQuincy814 19th St.$145,000
Brian J. and Katherine A. MantonQuincy1908 Diamond Drive$139,900
Greta P Peters and Tabitha M SullivanQuincy625 Meadow Lark Drive$139,000
Dustin R. and Shelbi T. Tangerose-1722 2903rd Lane$138,500
Gail L. and Steven R. HerringtonQuincy3007 Lincoln Hill$137,900
Audrey R. and Collin E. Rees-1668 Highway 104$137,000
Neal J ColemanQuincy424 Noel Court$136,000
Ian M Hinkamper and Kaylee D. JonesQuincy1628 Spruce St.$135,500
Jedidiah Taylor and Maggie DanielsQuincy1678 Hampshire St.$135,000
Bethany N IrvinPayson314 Larkspur St.$135,000
Jason M Deters-6605 Gardner Expressway$134,000
Chelsea T NguyenQuincy310 Glendale Court$133,500
Tim C DennisQuincy707 18th St.$132,500
Matthew R. Dutton and Katie E. Crawford-2508 18th St.$131,000
Dillon D E HeineckeQuincy807 Southern Lane$130,000
Edward G. and Lori R. TharpQuincy1130 16th St.$127,500
Dan L. LudwigQuincy1131 26th St.$126,950
Eli and Heather VolkGolden502 Hanna St.$125,000
Katelin Brown and Robert L. and Barbara J. FeyerabendQuincy726 Hilltop Drive$123,500
Michael CourtneyQuincy1100 19th St.$121,000
Steven A. OhearnQuincy3712 Briarwood Drive$120,000
Charles A. and Fae JonesQuincy1800 Jefferson St.$120,000
Paula AllisonQuincy1601 Chestnut St.$120,000
Ashley M. Bickhaus and Alec Cain-630 Hickory Grove$119,830
Karen HennessQuincy3125 Brentwood Drive$119,500
Clark ZellermanQuincy2201 Maple St.$118,000
James L. and Naomi J. HuberQuincy2008 Van Buren St.$118,000
Michael D. Scoggan and Anne K. BlentlingerCamp Point307 Prairie St.$117,500
Taylor R. Houghton and Alexander H S Bugg IVQuincy3024 Lindell Ave.$115,900
Derek G PetersQuincy1660 Kentucky St.$115,000
Joshua M. GlasgowQuincy3031 Rutledge Place$115,000
James Leroy RupertQuincy1608 Payson Ave.$115,000
Erika R WhittakerQuincy519 15th St.$112,700
Logan PeterCamp Point216 Eastview St.$112,000
Connor GriggsQuincy1936 Jefferson St.$111,000
Evin MainQuincy2125 State St.$110,000
Natalie R. ZangerQuincy1526 20th St.$109,000
Jessica and David NicholsQuincy1101 Madison St.$108,000
Brent D. and Tracy L. HoltmanQuincy2819 12th St.$107,500
Patrick J. and Ashley E. HastingsGolden503 Wendell St.$102,000
Margaret K. FiowerreeQuincy2623 Chestnut St.$99,900
Kathryn DavenportGolden504 Hanna St.$98,000
Tracy J SchieferdeckerQuincy3531 Holford Drive$96,900
Phelps Property Management LLCQuincy1301 24th St.$95,800
Dianne L DicksQuincy2927 Bluff Ridge Drive$95,000
Melissa A. PattersonQuincy1223 Locust St.$95,000

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