1,247 homes sold in Hamilton County with a median home sale price of $170,000 in July 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Hamilton County in July 2020, according to BlockShopper.com.

In July 2020, there were 1,247 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $170,000 in Hamilton County.

Top 100 home sales in Hamilton County for July 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Brian McNair (trustee)Indian Hill6155 Shadyglen Road$1,740,000
Kevin and Katrina BernhardtMontgomery35 Traditions Turn$1,710,000
J. Eric Kattus (trustee)Sycamore Township8590 Concord Hills Circle$1,510,000
Amanda L. and Jeffrey J HolbrookIndian Hill4865 Miami Road$1,108,000
Andrew T. and Jessalyn H LeonhardIndian Hill5435 Hobbit Road$1,072,000
John A. III and Lauren JohnstonTerrace Park1 Circle Place$960,000
Eric and Keren RambowCincinnati1333 Park Ridge Place$959,900
Christopher Scott and Sara Marie HameyTerrace Park211 Miami Ave.$950,000
David Joshua and Kristin Latimer HallIndian Hill8125 Clippinger Drive$900,000
Timothy P. and Emily L. ObrienSycamore Township7867 Keller Road$900,000
Bona Reza Ghoorkhanian and MacKenzie L HammelMontgomery8181 Margaret Lane$892,500
Gregory R. and Holly G McLeod WaughMariemont6550 Mariemont Ave.$870,000
Brian H VeithAnderson Township509 Rollingrock Lane$832,500
Britta and Tom Hackett HakkilaIndian Hill4891 Drake Road$820,000
Ahmad and Tammy Holm SedaghatMadeira6776 Woodland Reserve Court$810,000
Jay and Ashley Walkup SlouffmanAnderson Township2776 High Pointe Drive$805,000
Daniel and Kara KingMadeira6593 Carriage Hill Lane$796,000
Peter and Mary PhillipsIndian Hill7425 Demar Road$785,000
Michael G. and Kristin A. TheobaldMadeira6513 Foxchase Lane$775,000
Jay C. and Robyn W Cambron HardyIndian Hill9060 Spooky Ridge Lane$769,000
Rachel L. Gutbezahl (trustee)Montgomery132 Village Gate Lane$766,000
Elliott Mitchell and Lindsay Jean CulterMontgomery9630 Zig Zag Road$750,000
David E. and Esther Ah Tak Cheng LongCincinnati1 Cypress Garden Ave.$730,000
Lane L. and Michael R. Fink FrasierAnderson Township349 Sunny Acres Drive$723,000
Jeffrey MillerSycamore Township8505 Concord Hills Circle$699,000
Chetana PatelAnderson Township2736 Lakewood Pte$688,000
Emily and Christopher Chen BowersCincinnati3519 Brookwood Meadow$685,000
Katherine S. and John R. FogartyCincinnati1330 Park Ridge Place$680,000
Andrea and Henry SchmidtAnderson Township5721 Chestnut Ridge Drive$670,000
Patricia A. Zesch (trustee)Cincinnati1366 Custer St.$660,000
Michael and Kristina RitterAnderson Township3250 Dry Run View Lane$650,000
Eric and Jennifer MuenchIndian Hill6900 Drake Road$650,000
James M. and Aris TaylorCincinnati3448 Aultwoods Lane$648,000
John H. and Susan A. DorrSycamore Township11785 Winthrop Lane$648,000
Molly C. and Christopher M. HjelmMariemont3727 Indianview Ave.$644,900
Joe and Timothy Aultom MillerCincinnati2300 Bedford Ave.$640,000
Lauren M. and Christopher F. JanowakNorwood5333 Indian Mound Ave.$635,000
Curtis and Karen JacksonCincinnati1482 Riverside Drive$635,000
Helmut (trustee) and Sharon K. Aston Schellhas (trustee)Blue Ash9537 Park Manor$618,000
Kenneth P. and Linda M NephewSymmes Township9031 Terwilligersridge Drive$617,500
Yuka RabbCincinnati2229 Bedford Terrace$612,500
Christopher I. and Stacy L WilliamsSymmes Township11887 Spiral Pass$610,000
Marc A. and Jeanice RosenblumCleves6415 Morgan Road$610,000
John and Laura CoyneWyoming810 Burns Ave.$600,000
Thomas and Jennifer AllmanCincinnati2558 Erie Ave.$590,000
Linda L BerthyCincinnati3593 Linwood Ave.$590,000
John Kenneth and Alexis Christean SchiemanAnderson Township665 Balbriggan Court$585,000
Xinsen Zheng (trustee)Cincinnati923 Riverview Place$575,000
Aaron D. and Christina M RichardsonCincinnati1085 Tuscany Place$570,000
Michael MeisterCincinnati3300 Hardisty Ave.$570,000
Richard Todd and Natalie McKee BlockMadeira6468 Oldbarn Court$560,000
Audra and Philip KimmetNewtown3827 View St.$560,000
Stephen T. BascomMadeira6800 Kenwood Road$560,000
Anil V. and Kanchan RajadhyakshaKenwood5849 Bayberry Drive$559,500
Phillip Alexander Johns (trustee)Cincinnati2950 Grandin Road$557,000
Michael and Liza Bronner MurrisonCincinnati2706 Cleinview Ave.$555,000
Houman and Mona Mirheydari VarghaiCincinnati650 Reisling Knoll$555,000
Sean M. Hulgin and Dennisha Marquia GreenMack North7101 High Pointe Lane$555,000
Stanislav Eli GrinbergMadeira6983 Juniperview Lane$550,000
Melissa SynderSymmes Township9990 Alydar Court$550,000
Curtis and Kelsey HeidelMiami Township7572 Silver Creek Road$550,000
Tad and Holly B KrafftCincinnati1125 Inglenook Place$548,400
Tad and Holly B KrafftCincinnati1125 Inglenook Place$548,400
Jean F. DreasCincinnati185 Lafayette Circle$548,000
Perry and Amanda B. RamseyerSymmes Township8642 Calumet Way$546,800
Colin and Emily Waxler FogelCincinnati3552 Paxton Ave.$544,000
Ericka L. and Darrell BettsWhite Oak West3792 Hubble Road$540,000
Charles A. and Jacqueline R HawkinsMiami Township3272 Cherryridge Drive$540,000
Jonathan and Adria Marie StecklMontgomery9849 Forestglen Drive$535,000
Nicholas A. and Brittany Jones EberlySycamore Township8824 Lyncris Drive$531,750
Matthew L. and Danielle M Kessinger KnoepflerKenwood8779 Haverhill Lane$530,000
Robert M. and Renee M MoeddelDent4852 Wellington Chase Court$530,000
Raquel M UlmaCincinnati4120 Allendale Drive$529,000
Xizojun and Suxing Zeng WangBlue Ash3751 Chimney Hill Drive$525,000
Ryan and Aubrie WelshWyoming266 Elm Ave.$525,000
John B. and Chellie McLellanIndian Hill7520 Indian Hill Road$525,000
Bryan Francis (trustee) and Kerry Anne Shooner (trustee)Amberley Village6700 Fair Acres Drive$515,000
Jason T. and Eileen WickesBlue Ash3719 Fallen Tree Lane$515,000
Sotiris PagdadisCincinnati3565 Burch Ave.$510,000
Andrew and Rachel Mahan CarsonIndian Hill8348 Wooster Park$510,000
Kyle NeffKenwood5314 Autumnwood Drive$510,000
Hope and Phillip ManningSycamore Township11317 Gideon Lane$500,000
Derek C. and Elizabeth Leon SchwartzMadeira6482 Shawnee Run Road$496,000
Jennifer Ruopiam and Wei Kun Liu LinBlue Ash9240 Bluewing Terrace$495,000
Adam F. and Megan E. BiancoWyoming73 Hill Lane$493,000
Geoffrey and Lauren Turgeon ParkerCincinnati3261 Lambert Place$492,000
Christopher and Meredith Baer LuckeCincinnati3163 Niles St.$489,000
Ethan and Courtney GrobCincinnati1210 Halpin Ave.$488,000
Gerald Patrick and Brenda GallofSymmes Township10115 Chatham Woods Drive$485,000
Christina L. and Benjamin L. Callahan-11820 Riveroaks Drive$484,000
Juanita J. and Akmal Abdeljaber HedgesEvendale9847 Pondside Court$483,900
Michael and Kimberly WadeMariemont3917 Pocahontas Ave.$482,000
Bryan and Katlyn BuechnerMadeira7547 Miami Ave.$480,000
Shawn Michael and Alicia M TaylorAnderson Township849 Forest Acres Drive$475,000
Martin WilhelmyCincinnati1812 Keys Crescent Lane$472,500
Andrew B. FitzpatrickCincinnati488 Missouri Ave.$470,300
Benjamin and Jessica Sattler SattlerCincinnati3616 Kendall Ave.$470,000
Maria E. and Andrew LucasWhite Oak6145 Rose Petal Drive$470,000
Brad KindtAnderson Township1170 Eversole Road$470,000
Doug KnightSymmes Township9651 Stonemasters Drive$470,000

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