StLouisCity County had a median home sale price of $157,450 in July 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for StLouisCity County in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 537 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $157,450 in StLouisCity County.

Top 100 home sales in StLouisCity County for July 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Dineo Khabele and James W. HunterSt. Louis6115 Lindell Blvd.$1,300,000
Daniel T. Dorsey and Ashlee N OgrzewallaSt. Louis29 Kingsbury Place$964,000
Lewis J. Thomas IV and Kathleen DonovanSt. Louis5044 Westminster Place$827,000
Zoom REI LLCSt. Louis818 Gustav Ave.$812,555
Gustav Apartments LLCSt. Louis818 Gustav Ave.$812,555
Alicia M BrocklandSt. Louis70 Waterman Place$640,000
Michael and Haley BlackSt. Louis3013 Hawthorne Blvd.$625,000
J. Matt and Sarah SutherlandSt. Louis5221 Wilson Ave.$620,000
Robert and Hilary BrichSt. Louis915 Olive St. 1603$585,000
Bracken and Christine ArmstrongSt. Louis1424 Mississippi Ave.$579,000
Steve and Meridith PerkinsSt. Louis3838 Flora Place$575,000
Shawn and Monica MullenSt. Louis246 Woodbourne Drive$570,000
Nathan and Nicole DrozSt. Louis1959 Lynch St.$531,500
John MitchellSt. Louis4 Aberdeen Place$530,000
Paula L WatsonSt. Louis4248 Maryland Ave.$529,000
Jeffrey Alan and Kaitlin Colleen JonesSt. Louis4944 Washington Blvd.$520,000
Thomas S. Saggio and DJ KaiserSt. Louis3501 Sidney St.$519,500
Michael Don and Kevin John S. McDanielSt. Louis3513 Pestalozzi St.$519,000
Geoffrey M. Hill and Jennifer A. Hill (trust)St. Louis2211 Marconi Ave.$516,750
Travis Pendergrass and Amanda MichaudSt. Louis4450 Laclede Ave.$513,000
Christopher and Anne Maureen WangardSt. Louis4165 Flora Place$503,000
Tim and Jamie GarveySt. Louis3644 Castleman Ave.$475,000
Anthony W ArendSt. Louis3400 Magnolia Ave.$470,000
Gemini Apartments LLCSt. Louis3656 Bates St.$469,900
Gabriel WoodSt. Louis1319 McCausland Ave.$462,500
Gabriel Vazquez Velez and Evelyn CraigenSt. Louis4904 Pershing Place$460,000
Zerman Family TrustSt. Louis1620 Mississippi Ave.$457,000
Jaclyn MeyersSt. Louis3661 Utah Place$456,000
Matthew and Sara HallermannSt. Louis5873 Itaska St.$450,000
David and Kara BrothertonSt. Louis4113 Lafayette Ave.$448,124
Kevin J. and Julie A. KillianSt. Louis3707 Utah Place$445,000
Matthew and Meggin MartinSt. Louis1920 Hickory St.$440,000
Bridget Keeley and Brian TaitSt. Louis2918 Allen Ave.$435,000
Jonathan and Samantha PollockSt. Louis6109 McPherson Ave.$430,000
Scott MaurySt. Louis3008 Henrietta St.$425,000
1415 Vandeventer LLCSt. Louis1313 Kentucky Ave.$400,000
Gena and Peter CubaSt. Louis3644 Flad Ave.$400,000
Beulah AskewSt. Louis7201 Field Ave.$399,900
National Residential Nominee Services Inc.St. Louis4112 Russell Blvd.$396,000
Kellyn Angell and Ryan J. MiddletonSt. Louis4112 Russell Blvd.$396,000
Kirsten JansenSt. Louis1903 LaSalle St.$395,000
Sowmya Sree Chevuru and Vikas Bhumireddy LakshmiSt. Louis4037 Cleveland Ave.$390,000
Belcott LLCSt. Louis5908 Nagel Ave.$385,000
Matthew S. Gaynier and Chriska N MustafaSt. Louis6909 Wise Ave.$380,000
Samuel Peele Jordan and Megan Renee GraySt. Louis1550 Mississippi Ave.$380,000
Carl Rudroff and Jamie O'BrienSt. Louis3518 Connecticut St.$379,900
Abdiel Louis and Abdiel Louis and Valense Acquah-Louis (trust)St. Louis3304 Halliday Ave.$375,000
Christopher Herbst and Kristen MiceliSt. Louis3504 Wyoming St.$374,600
John Juarez and Mary Caroline LiebscherSt. Louis6934 Fyler Ave.$372,000
Rachel E. HarsleySt. Louis6006 Westminster Place$370,000
Stephen Alan Montgomery and Julissa Marlene GrossmanSt. Louis2612 Gurney Court$367,000
Leah Lynch and Jake CallahanSt. Louis1018 Allen Ave.$365,000
Rochelle BalentineSt. Louis6114 Westminster Place$365,000
Alleen Patton and Junsue ParkSt. Louis4331 Sulphur Ave.$361,650
Steven M GoodnickSt. Louis6749 Plainview Ave.$352,675
Robert P. WilsonSt. Louis3311 Lemp Ave.$350,000
Patrick and Rebecca SommerSt. Louis4117 Alma Ave.$350,000
Nallely Mejia and Alan Arturo DaySt. Louis2200 Indiana Ave.$350,000
Joseph Michael and Jacqueline Ann KnightSt. Louis6353 Devonshire Ave.$347,450
A. Seat at the TableSt. Louis4176 Flad Ave.$347,000
English (trust)St. Louis5840 Itaska St.$345,000
Kevin Warner and Arianna AerieSt. Louis3914 Botanical Ave.$343,500
Brandon SneadSt. Louis1926 Wyoming St.$342,000
Suzanne and Paul Todd MitchellSt. Louis3415 Wisconsin Ave.$339,900
Augusta R Toppins and Jason MeyerSt. Louis6121 Westminster Place$335,000
Nicholas LoganSt. Louis3403 Utah St.$335,000
Lauren E. DruesselSt. Louis6555 Oleatha Ave.$330,000
David and Kerri DwarsSt. Louis5834 Delor St.$329,500
Robert William Nolan III and Jane Margaret SpikowskiSt. Louis2926 Salena St.$327,000
Prestige Property Group Alpha LLCSt. Louis3955 Jamieson Ave.$326,000
Colleen and Benjamin SmythSt. Louis3551 California Ave.$325,000
Big Lou Properties LLCSt. Louis7000 Clifton Ave.$325,000
C & P Real Estate LLCSt. Louis6239 Nagel Ave.$325,000
Georgi Dimitrov and Ivan PeychinovSt. Louis3934 Cleveland Ave.$324,000
Christopher BennettSt. Louis915 Olive St. 1401$322,000
Phyllip Chase Taylor-AlonsoSt. Louis5008 Jamieson Ave.$317,000
Micah J Heintz and Dominique H DigregorioSt. Louis5800 Pernod Ave.$315,000
Lydia Nicole Reader and Brian AdlerSt. Louis4527 Oakland Ave.$314,000
Jennifer GiudiciSt. Louis1935 Berra Court$311,000
Jennifer Dunn and Sytse PiersmaSt. Louis5793 Waterman Blvd.$310,000
Beulah Properties LLCSt. Louis1200 Allen Ave.$310,000
Jesse M. TandlerSt. Louis4954 Winona Ave.$309,500
Nolan D. and Sarah Jayne MatarazziSt. Louis6110 Elizabeth Ave.$305,000
Ryan and Mary NicholsonSt. Louis3214 Morgan Ford Road$302,000
Daniel R. DokeSt. Louis4011 Humphrey St.$300,300
Aea Properties LLCSt. Louis1909 Allen Ave.$300,000
Christopher M. ThiemetSt. Louis3401 Lawn Ave.$300,000
Brian P Steinbach and Simone D BecqueSt. Louis4238 Swan Ave.$299,900
Johnathan PelikanSt. Louis10 Lawn Place$299,000
George Brandon BrownSt. Louis4466 West Pine Blvd. 6C$298,500
Zachary J. Pudlowski and Anne M. SchwartzSt. Louis6222 Pernod Ave.$297,000
Jaime Gil Nunez and Michelle C VernerSt. Louis3717 Hartford St.$295,000
Jordan and Anne AlexanderSt. Louis2415 Menard St.$295,000
Jennifer Lee WatrousSt. Louis5455 Childress Ave.$294,900
Amanda PopeSt. Louis6477 Devonshire Ave.$294,000
Rayn B. and Amanda DampfSt. Louis5346 Magnolia Ave.$293,500
Julie ConradSt. Louis2270 Jefferson Ave.$290,000
Brittney A. HaffnerSt. Louis5604 Itaska St.$290,000
Whitney L Benns and Samuel Wolfgang StrausSt. Louis2801 Victor St.$287,000
Brandon Sean and Brianna Schootman ZellersSt. Louis3915 Juniata St.$285,750

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