Ramsey County had a median home sale price of $259,950 of 536 homes in July 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Ramsey County in July 2020, according to BlockShopper.com.

In July 2020, there were 536 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $259,950 in Ramsey County.

Top 100 home sales in Ramsey County for July 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Aop Holdings LLCSt. Paul1776 Maryland Ave. 101$1,800,000
Nj Marshall LLCSt. Paul2127 Marshall Ave.$1,180,000
A Minnesota LLC Perch Properties LLC and A Minnesota LLC 3721 Chandler LLCSt. Anthony3721 Chandler Drive$1,125,000
Michael B. and Rebecca RoeslerNorth Oaks22 Evergreen Road$1,100,000
Scott and Mary PostNorth Oaks14 N. Oaks Road$1,025,000
Daniel R. and Johanna K. FoxRoseville2971 Milton Court$975,000
Brian and Heidi AndersonArden Hills3489 Siems Court$950,000
Daniel B. Karpowitz and Laura E. KunreutherSt. Paul96 Virginia St.$800,000
Noel and Adam DoironSt. Paul1988 Lincoln Ave.$734,000
Mohammad Anwar KhasawnehSt. Paul1442 Jefferson Ave.$725,000
Charles Michael HaldermanSt. Paul1800 Hampshire Ave.$707,500
Eric CarraraRoseville257 S. McCarrons Blvd.$702,500
Benjamin KallasNorth Oaks5 Evergreen Road$700,000
Erik and Heather RasmussenShoreview3236 Owasso Heights Road$695,000
Zindziswa McCormick and Timothy DrinanSt. Paul525 Holly Ave.$640,000
Lauri and Bruce DrosterSt. Paul80 Western Ave. 101$630,000
Amy TruongLittle Canada786 Carla Lane$608,000
Ryan Doyle Zimmel and Sarah Michelle BeanNorth Oaks26 Deer Hills Drive$586,500
Alan M. Davis and Katharine L. LlopSt. Paul1286 Raymond Ave.$575,291
Thomas Proepper and Michele BassettMaplewood846 Palm Court$575,000
Liesl Koehnen and William DokkenSt. Paul1011 Linwood Ave.$575,000
Marina and Benjamin BraselNorth Oaks4 Oriole Lane$565,700
Edward Alphonse LebertSt. Paul221 Exeter Place$560,000
Razmick D. and Stacey A. SarkissianVadnais Heights445 Vadnais Lake Drive$560,000
Jeffrey OCHS and Tian WangSt. Paul1900 Bohland Ave.$557,000
Patrick Owen and Elizabeth Anne CrosbyShoreview5921 Oxford St.$550,000
Laura Chesnut and Kevin SchwabSt. Paul1910 Pinehurst Ave.$541,000
Amos and Stephanie BriggsSt. Paul1410 Raymond Ave.$528,700
Tyler W. and Melia K. MurphyWhite Bear Lake4330 Whitaker Court$525,000
Heather and Omar AwadShoreview4292 Snail Lake Blvd.$525,000
Julia R. Westhoff and James M. SenterSt. Paul2211 Eleanor Ave.$520,000
Matthew Peters and Christine CarrageeSt. Paul549 Dayton Ave.$515,000
Mary Ellen and Gerald Allen DercksSt. Paul1157 Laurel Ave.$510,000
Terry C. and Marlo K.E. TorsonShoreview1026 Sherwood Road$505,000
William J. Kuhns and Michelle KuhlsSt. Paul1996 Marshall Ave.$495,500
Sarah LofgrenArden Hills1700 Chatham Ave.$495,000
Ian D. and Kelli H. MacLeodSt. Paul1709 Bohland Ave.$492,500
Samuel and Renee NaylorWhite Bear Lake2434 South Shore Blvd.$490,000
Stephen John and Elizabeth PalmerLittle Canada2415 Edgerton St.$490,000
Amy Elizabeth and John F. HolewaSt. Paul1835 Pinehurst Ave.$483,750
Lee YanShoreview5998 Highview Place$482,000
Drew Mitchell KirvidaArden Hills1637 Glenview Court$476,500
Scott ThoresenSt. Paul1194 Laurel Ave.$475,000
Erik Bjorn Vorhes and Erica Leigh SchemperSt. Paul2165 Scheffer Ave.$474,900
David Pedro John and 2019 the John Family Dated August 21 (living trust)St. Paul2106 Dayton Ave.$462,600
Joseph and Sarah OslundSt. Paul449 Selby Ave.$461,250
Charles John Billington Jr. and Jennifer Allen BillingtonSt. Paul1213 Watson Ave.$460,000
Ibrahim Aqel and Manal AlmeghthaVadnais Heights4214 Rice St.$460,000
Samuel N. and Katie W. LouwagieShoreview662 White Birch Drive$459,900
Thomas C. and Christine M. RooneySt. Paul1670 Jefferson Ave.$455,848
Anthony G. and Caitlin E. SchulerMounds View7805 Gloria Circle$455,000
Amy and Aaron JohnsonSt. Paul1004 St. Paul Ave.$455,000
Erick and Laurie LarsonLittle Canada2992 Vanderbie St.$452,500
Karla Koppendrayer and Alexander OelkeWhite Bear Township5840 Red Pine Blvd.$452,000
Jesse and Rebecca ReynoldsWhite Bear Township5955 Mallard Ponds Drive$450,000
Peter Joseph Znameroski and Kassie Jane KnutsonVadnais Heights455 Oak Creek Drive$450,000
John NorusisSt. Paul1992 Grand Ave.$450,000
597 Blair LLCSt. Paul597 Blair Ave.$440,000
Jay Christopher and Laura Kay GoebelNew Brighton1261 Long Lake Road$435,000
Steve Victorey and Jovan KnutsonSt. Paul1327 Scheffer Ave.$430,000
Kevin Maxwell and Patricia A. KorandaRoseville2997 Highcourte$429,900
Lauren Anne GaetaSt. Paul1115 Iowa Ave.$422,900
Peter CornieaMaplewood979 Oday St.$420,323
Martha and Michelle PedinaSt. Paul883 Iowa Ave.$420,000
C4D LLCMaplewood2976 Frank St.$420,000
Jacob M. RileySt. Paul2152 Berkeley Ave.$410,000
Sheryl LavioletteShoreview1054 Westcliff Court$405,000
Samuel J. Riley and Sara J. RyanSt. Paul2213 Emerald Lane$400,000
Travis Tyrone and Angela Michelle MarcellusNew Brighton2229 Leona Drive$400,000
Bryce and Rae WangSt. Paul2122 Randolph Ave.$399,900
Arthur and Sara QuinnRoseville89 Mid Oaks Lane$398,000
Marianne D. and Paul D. PaulosShoreview1220 Silverthorn Court$395,000
Marcelle and Loren John DresslerWhite Bear Township4858 Moon Lake Circle$394,000
Brandon James TernesSt. Paul1385 Eustis St. C$390,000
Wendy K.Z. and Matthew Rz AndersonSt. Paul1677 Wellesley Ave.$387,500
Mai Kou LorMaplewood790 Dorland Road$385,000
Jeffrey Heikes and Jennifer MurphySt. Paul544 Desnoyer Ave.$385,000
Derek and Andrea OsborneWhite Bear Township5423 Jefferson Court$382,000
Aaron Stuyvenberg and Upasana Sunil ArvidamNew Brighton1365 16th Ave.$380,000
John P. WebbMaplewood2922 Duluth St.$379,000
62NDS2 Roseville LLCRoseville655 Larpenteur Ave.$378,731
Anne B. and David R. VailWhite Bear Lake5152 Wild Marsh Drive$377,500
CB Owasso Gardens Ltd. PartnershipRoseville3033 Rice St.$377,000
Wilfred L. and Nancy A. PieperShoreview5620 Royal Oaks Drive$375,000
Jack L. and Christina K. BensonRoseville485 Grandview Ave.$375,000
Minh V Ly and Sandi LeeShoreview1565 Oakwood Terrace$375,000
Sarah J. and Michael J. WotipkaSt. Paul1407 Grand Ave.$375,000
Adam Bachmeier and Kellie Siembieda-BachmeierSt. Paul1966 Iglehart Ave.$374,350
Michael J. and Erina E.A. EdzardsSt. Paul1776 Juliet Ave.$371,000
Moises CabreraArden Hills1424 Indian Oaks Court$370,800
Wade MaddenSt. Paul1217 Thomas Ave.$370,000
Randolph B. and Eleanor M. FrazierRoseville949 Sherren St.$365,000
Matteo G. Fonda-Bonardi and Sarah A. ThiesNorth St. Paul2081 Henry St.$365,000
Elle Roesner and Mitchell ErdmanSt. Paul1143 Cleveland Ave.$365,000
Matthew and Katherine SauerShoreview4200 Victoria St.$365,000
Jamison PfaffMaplewood1008 Sextant Ave.$364,000
Jared N. and Amy R. WassShoreview3428 Milton St.$362,750
424 Smith LLCSt. Paul424 Smith Ave.$362,500
Jose Ernesto Guadarrama Castillo and Alexann Nadine KoecherSt. Paul896 Nevada Ave.$362,000
Neimeyer Real Estate LLCSt. Paul1061 Lombard Ave.$360,000

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