Top 100 Lake County home sales for August 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Lake County in August 2020, according to

In August 2020, there were 412 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $165,000 in Lake County.

Top 100 home sales in Lake County for August 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
J C MitchellKirtland Hills8335 King Memorial Road$1,550,000
Peter K. SussenWaite Hill9492 Creawood Drive$725,000
John and Ellen TiemeierKirtland8785 Ascot Place$614,000
Gian KaurWilloughby Hills2964 Lamplight Lane$555,000
Matthew P. and Lauren A. ConveryKirtland10872 Angela Drive$539,900
Mike A. and Carol A. L. LeonisWaite Hill6791 Eagle Road$520,000
Ronald E. and Hannah P. BrehmPainesville8070 Humphrey Hill Drive$492,000
James and Amanda WochelePainesville10966 Quail Hollow Drive$480,000
Kristin Nicole Brewster and Michael McDaniel GoodellWilloughby Hills2463 Trailard Road$473,000
Edwin G. Sellers Sr.Willoughby Hills2398 Pine Valley Drive$470,000
David M. and Annette StonerPainesville8210 Rainbow Drive$467,000
Pio. Brenda M. and Daniel J. WatermanNorth Madison7183 Lake Road$452,500
Adam LulowPainesville11804 Girdled Road$440,000
Michael and Victoria M. HamPainesville10981 Stonewycke Drive$437,000
Daniel and Patricia DerubertisMadison2132 Chimney Ridge$435,000
Rebecca S. and Brian D. DombekPainesville12263 Meredith Lane$430,000
Matthew A. and Emily L. DanisWilloughby38707 Andrews Ridge Way$421,750
Dale A. and Mary M. TarascoConcord7283 Hunting Lake$419,000
Rosemary E. and Stephen R. TeresiMentor5502 Wixford Lane$415,000
Edward J. Evans Jr. and Dedra A. EvansPainesville10953 Stonewycke Drive$415,000
Lauren Onda and Eric WiedermanWilloughby38497 Gold Rush Drive$410,000
Daniel and Molly AdairWilloughby4635 Wood St.$400,000
Kristopher and Nicole FlenderEastlake35727 Galalina Blvd.$399,000
Michelle MassucciPainesville7043 South Meadow Drive$389,900
Matthew A. and Kathryn N. KubiakPainesville11423 Big Creek Court$385,000
Ryan S. and Erica M. DobieWilloughby Hills2870 Fowler Drive$384,000
Noreen Marlowe and Lindsay DefeoMentor7420 Rockwell Court$377,000
Taryl Jon and Susan Kay JasperMentor10065 College Park Drive$360,000
Brennen C SheltonMadison5801 Ridge Road$359,900
Shawn Lillie and Tara GagnonPainesville10604 Tallwood Court$358,000
Michael A. Naples and Ellen J. NowakMentor7603 Lighthouse Court$357,500
Michele M Caplinger and Ronald J PonsartPainesville6969 Williams Road$357,475
Steven J Oznowich and Kellie E Tvergyak-OznowichPainesville7408 Mountain Quail Place$352,000
Lynn T. and Jason L. EslingerMentor5708 Primavera$350,000
David T. and Meghan Elaine PaulKirtland8886 Kirtland-Chardon Road$350,000
Michael J. and Faith M. GoldfussPainesville25 Orton Road$350,000
Brian D. and Rebecca C. SwitalskiMentor6389 Dawson Blvd.$350,000
William and Michelle Ann PolewchakKirtland8720 Singlefoot Trail$348,000
Aliisa and Spenser BlosserWillowick188 Shoreland Circle$340,000
August T. Kristancic and Biljana DjureinovicMentor9440 Lake Shore Blvd.$340,000
Bonnie Rose and John Paul MakraiKirtland8299 Billings Road$340,000
Joseph and Catherine PrauseMentor7994 Newell Creek Drive$339,000
Donald J. and Lisa Ann ZerbyMentor7629 Bellflower Road$330,000
Jonathan H. and Melissa HodgeNorth Perry3331 Shady Pine Place$330,000
Matthew A. and Chasity A. LucasPainesville7790 Hermitage Road$325,000
James L. and Yvonne R. HarroldWilloughby Hills2294 River Road$325,000
Gareth C. and Amanda M. CaluducanMentor8500 Mansion Blvd.$320,000
Dawn M. and James W. OverbergerMentor9685 Yellowwood Drive$315,000
Donald A. Bertleff Jr. and Gina M BertleffMadison5065 Turnbury Drive$315,000
Benjamin ZilicMentor5931 S. Shandle Blvd.$314,900
Natalie and Scott SchlachtWilloughby3674 Abbotts Mill Drive$312,000
Shane RadosevichWillowick31207 Lake Shore Blvd.$310,000
Richard M. Grycan and Allison E. GriffinMentor8451 Prospect St.$310,000
Jeffrey Alan and Kimberly Jan MeyerAvenues Mobile Estates57 Stratford$309,900
Chad D. and Sara A. ParcellMentor9310 Kathleen Drive$305,000
Christopher B. and Jennifer P. ColwillMentor-on-the-Lake7510 Salida Road$300,000
Joseph A. and Dawn M. BokarKirtland10599 Tibbitts Road$300,000
Matthew Michael and Lindsey June KochMentor7747 William St.$300,000
Aldranon LloydWickliffe2233 Country Club Drive$297,500
Robert and Stacie Leigh SabanNorth Perry4679 Katie Court$295,000
Marc Work, Kellie Work and Patricia WorkKirtland10861 Chillicothe Road$295,000
Michael C. and Ashley JankovichMentor7803 Low Ridge Lane$290,000
Hector and Shannah LescanoKirtland8817 Far Bar Road$290,000
Nathan H. LarsonNorth Perry4156 South Ridge Road$290,000
Scott E RichardsonPainesville321 Barrington Ridge Road$290,000
Nathan M. and Vanessa L. SchoenMentor7720 Mountain Ash$286,000
Alexander Joseph and Julie Elizabeth DestefanoMentor7750 Daleford Drive$285,000
Patricia J Charielle and Mark J. LatessaNorth Perry4287 Lane Road$284,900
Michael and Hannah TurnerPainesville10231 Cherry Hill Drive$284,900
Jennifer M. and Nicholas A. SanfordMadison172 Huntington Woods Drive$284,500
Craig N. and Nicole J. WilhelmPainesville1286 Bowdoin Court$283,500
Norman and Parthena WalkerMentor7260 Hart St.$280,000
Elizabeth ShaefferWilloughby Hills34602 Parkview Road$280,000
Jacob L. and Bridget R. HuffmanMentor6435 Hudson Ave.$279,000
Marcus K. and Anna M. HawkinsPainesville10245 Cherry Hill Drive$276,000
Eric R JonesMadison5610 River Road$275,000
Stephanie A. Wasilisin and Chase W HelmlingMentor7099 Jackson St.$274,000
James P. and Diane E. ThompsonMentor7800 Mountain Ash$274,000
Timothy Charles Schunk (trustee) and Kimberly Kurtz Schunk (trustee)Painesville1624 North Shore Drive$273,800
Michael A. and Linda M. KaehlerMentor5322 Lorrey Place$273,000
Dawn M AlbertsMentor6922 Appleton Court$272,000
John and Mary CirinoMentor7527 Cadle Ave.$270,000
Robert D. and Christine V. WilsonWilloughby1411 E. Cross Creek Drive 30$270,000
Patrick M. Nolan Jr. and Naomi K. NolanMentor9254 Hidden Valley Court$270,000
David A. and Sandra G. GriesmerMentor7135 Bunker Cove$269,000
Allison RubyMentor7190 Hulls Cove$268,000
Jennifer L BaxterMentor7369 Sharonlee Drive$268,000
Todd J. and Lauren C. PesekWilloughby4830 River St.$267,400
Danielle Duguid and Matthew PepperneyWilloughby38420 Crossbrook Ave.$265,000
Timothy W. and Dorothy J. JewellPainesville7604 Preserve Trail 40$260,000
Kelley Kaczmarek and Michael F. WoodsMentor6272 Lakewood Court$260,000
Todd LevstekMentor6243 Foxwood Court$260,000
Brian R. and Charlotte R. EatonWilloughby4264 Windsor Ave.$260,000
Ryan James Friedel and Elizabeth Victoria KrainzPainesville6717 Stratford Road$259,800
Michael D. DiffenderferMentor9300 Buena Vista Drive$258,000
Betty and Robert C. SchmiermundMentor4632 Spinnaker Court$255,000
James and Diane HartfordNorth Madison7177 Lake Road$255,000
Andrew T. and Devyn M. MunkMentor7871 Oakridge Drive$254,000
Travis D MooreNorth Perry3535 Call Road$252,200
Courtney L LemmoKirtland8100 Elmwood Drive$250,000

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