Peoria County had a median home sale price of $121,000 in August 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Peoria County in August 2020, according to

In August 2020, there were 391 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $121,000 in Peoria County.

Top 100 home sales in Peoria County for August 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Peoria8334 Bramberry Lane$825,000
-919 Copperpoint Drive$767,500
-919 Copperpoint Drive$767,500
Peoria2302 Lake Ave.$715,000
Peoria7312 Edgewild Drive$685,000
-10221 Grange Hall Road$650,000
Peoria5126 Primrose Court$595,000
Peoria3523 Oak Creek Court$540,000
-5719 Nettle Creek Court$530,000
Peoria6408 Waterstone Way$507,500
-6124 Salem School Road$505,000
Peoria10541 Dahlia Court$455,000
-11810 Deerfield Drive$450,000
Peoria11104 Onyx Lane$436,000
Peoria11104 Onyx Lane$436,000
Peoria Heights5030 Prospect Road$435,000
-5820 Dickison-Cemetery Road$435,000
Peoria11315 Pawnee Road$427,500
Peoria800 Grand Oak Drive$405,000
Peoria11022 Moonstone Court$400,000
Peoria4928 Deermeadow Drive$393,000
-11605 Nettle Creek Drive$380,000
Peoria Heights5026 Prospect Road$375,000
-6911 Saddlebrook Drive$374,000
-4123 Walnut Point Drive$372,500
Peoria11032 Moonstone Court$369,500
Peoria1227 Wexford Place$357,500
Peoria5527 Ancient Oak Drive$342,000
Peoria7512 Edgewild Drive$330,000
Peoria6709 Grand Fir Drive$330,000
Peoria2929 Wessex Drive$325,000
Peoria2820 Willow Ridge Drive$325,000
Peoria2929 Wessex Drive$323,000
Peoria401 Water St. 1$320,000
-13009 Kelstadt Road$320,000
-11001 Evans Mill Road$320,000
-11107 Trigger Road$320,000
Peoria5207 Briarstone Drive$315,000
Peoria5207 Briarstone Drive$315,000
Peoria2403 Chandler Court$315,000
Peoria10502 Butterfly Drive$313,000
Peoria416 Mossville Road$305,000
Peoria416 Mossville Road$305,000
Peoria2311 Chase Drive$299,000
Peoria2025 Murphy Drive$299,000
Peoria2218 Chatsford Court$297,500
Peoria7535 Walnutbend Drive$289,900
Peoria11010 Jason Drive$287,500
Peoria3804 Linden Lane$285,000
Peoria11520 Ballymore Ave.$280,000
Peoria11520 Ballymore Ave.$280,000
Peoria514 Wolf Road$280,000
Peoria7110 White Fir Drive$278,900
Peoria3801 Thistle Lane$278,500
Peoria135 Coventry Lane$274,900
Hanna City601 Phil Gould Drive$270,000
Bartonville4012 Deer Run$269,900
Peoria3801 Thistle Lane$267,500
Lake Camelot9504 Whittingham Point$265,000
Peoria2816 School St.$262,500
Peoria5500 Holly Hedges Court$262,000
-12306 Wood Ridge Court$262,000
-11913 Windcrest Court$260,000
Peoria5308 Stenning Drive$259,900
-3624 Cameron Lane$250,000
Peoria122 Coventry Lane$250,000
Elmwood517 Hurff Drive$250,000
Dunlap506 Breckenridge Drive$245,000
Peoria10708 Dana Drive$243,500
Peoria11229 Jason Drive$242,000
-11908 Greenleaf Court$241,725
-21201 Foster Road$239,900
Peoria819 Country Meadows Lane$238,000
Peoria10519 Manchester Drive$237,500
Peoria10519 Manchester Drive$237,500
-6504 Hicks Hollow Road$237,000
Peoria1007 Applewood Lane$235,000
Dunlap116 Hillside Court$230,500
Peoria6306 Greenmont Road$229,900
Peoria11707 Scotts Trail$228,000
Peoria2402 Chase Drive$226,500
Peoria5728 Autumn Ridge Court$222,900
Peoria2503 Sesame St.$222,000
Peoria3501 Trail Wood Court$222,000
Chillicothe1529 Logan St.$220,000
-7205 Trivoli Road$219,900
Peoria2320 Molly Lane$219,000
Peoria906 Kensington Drive$217,500
Lake Camelot5007 Lake Camelot Drive$211,000
-6508 Cheyenne Drive$209,900
Peoria4614 Gladstone Place$209,000
Peoria10412 Churchill Drive$208,000
Peoria318 Hollyridge Circle$205,000
Peoria9109 Picture Ridge Road$205,000
Peoria11214 Oakwood Drive$205,000
Peoria1704 Kingsway Drive$200,000
Peoria1300 Holly Hedges Drive$197,500
Peoria6300 Jamestown Road$196,000
Peoria5013 Woodview Ave.$195,000
Peoria3004 Romany Court$195,000

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