108 homes sold in Adams County with a median home sale price of $124,250 in September 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Adams County in September 2020, according to BlockShopper.com.

In September 2020, there were 108 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $124,250 in Adams County.

Top 100 home sales in Adams County for September 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Scott D. and Stacy M. LarsonQuincy4612 Willow Creek Bend$449,000
Michael B. and Ashley M. Miller-2711 Old Orchard Road$427,000
Meghan M. and Marcus K. MedskerQuincy2125 Grove Ave.$365,000
Ryan M. and Rebecca C. Shinn-4200 Catamaran Court$348,000
Penny S Mummey and Billy L Mummey Jr.Quincy4009 Hampton Lane$330,000
Christopher J. Meyer and Hope G TuckerQuincy825 Ridgewood Drive$319,000
Hugo A. Magliocco (trustee), Maurine Magliocco (trustee) and Maurine Maglicco (trust)Quincy3921 Harrison St.$295,000
Todd Grimm-1642 2903rd Lane$287,500
Martin B. McCarthy and Melissa M McKelvieQuincy1420 Kentucky St.$280,000
Joseph F GianfriddoQuincy1835 Wilmar Drive$275,000
Dustin C. and Lacey A. Petersen-2101 1950th Ave.$274,000
Michelle WrightQuincy4301 Abbey Ridge$272,000
Jeffrey L. and Samantha J. WilsonQuincy3001 Cabot Road$265,500
John and Ashley Winters-1307 Kieferlund Court$262,500
Richard P. and Judith P. and Nathan S. NashQuincy1813 Wilmar Drive$252,000
Betty J. ShoreQuincy3521 Wysteria Lane$216,000
Isaiah T Akins-2880 1750th St.$208,000
Albert L. Utterback-3421 Chapel Valley Drive$205,500
Barbara BransonQuincy1811 York Lane$204,000
Michael F. and Hilary S. Davis-1204 2453rd Lane$189,000
David and Kendra DahlQuincy2107 Hampshire St.$186,500
Daniel and Rosemary WattsQuincy1900 Jefferson St.$186,500
Amy L. StevensQuincy918 50th St.$180,000
Lacey M. and Anna V. WhaleyQuincy2327 Hampshire St.$174,900
Nicholas C. Scranton-1731 Willer Drive$174,000
Quentin A. and Emily M. ClarkQuincy2702 Harrison St.$173,000
Brenda J OhnemusQuincy908 Pawn Ave.$170,000
Aaron R. and Kelsi ReiterQuincy2200 Hampshire St.$169,000
Lindsey JonesQuincy425 18th St.$169,000
David M. and Janne R. McCleeryQuincy2230 Madison St.$167,500
Lauren N. and Henry J. VossQuincy2114 Payson Ave.$162,500
Ariel A. ProstQuincy3950 Abbey Ridge Court$161,500
Kevin M. and Davina C. Pavon-4718 Rosedale Court$160,000
Zane D. and Brittany A. Higgins-2453 2700th St.$159,000
Department of Veterans AffairsQuincy2201 Brookmeade Drive$154,157
Qtown Properties LLCQuincy4334 Bishop St.$153,500
Sarah J. Barry-2513 Curved Creek Road$150,400
Adam VenvertlohQuincy900 Pawn Ave.$150,000
Christopher J. Elbus and Makayla N. Edmunds-1732 Maas Road$145,500
Vincent A. and Angela H. UdryQuincy1600 Vermont St.$145,000
Jason P RizzaQuincy2535 Elm St.$145,000
Bodie MaasQuincy1623 Mickey Meadows$142,000
Danielle N MeffordQuincy2806 Lind St.$140,000
Logan D. Cannady and Erin J Vukovich-6631 White Oak Road$136,000
Luke H. Merritt-368 Highway 96$136,000
Ethan and Megan Linnemeyer-1701 2453rd Lane$135,000
Thomas HarrisQuincy701 Oakland Ave.$132,000
Breann Maylee and Christopher Ray LandisQuincy2053 College Ave.$132,000
Donald W. MartinQuincy4008 Pine Ridge Drive$127,900
Jane E. InmanQuincy1416 Madison St.$125,000
Jay E. and Karen R. DeuserQuincy2134 State St.$125,000
Ryan and Jessica CarlinQuincy1023 Gerard Ave.$125,000
Jacob R. Moon and Elizabeth M. BaileyQuincy2310 Grawe Court$125,000
Mark E. FlynnPayson510 Fulton St.$125,000
Mary LeezerQuincy1511 Harrison St.$123,500
Jeff and Tracy Schutte-2752 Highway 96$123,000
Brock A. and Melissa A. Paben-2647 2400th St.$123,000
Marybeth Ann Noel (trust) and Marybeth Ann Noel (trustee)Quincy714 Hamilton Ave.$122,400
McKenna UplingerQuincy2027 Washington St.$119,000
Deborah M BellQuincy1500 Curtis Creek Road$119,000
Michael T. McCarterQuincy1417 Van Buren St.$117,500
Corey J DozierQuincy2104 Payson Ave.$116,500
Derek B EgerQuincy2828 Lind St.$115,500
Mark E. and Amanda A. AlexanderPayson408 Briarwood Drive$115,000
Everett K. McGraw-500 Main St.$111,000
Deborah and Stephen SouthwardQuincy613 Edgewood Drive$110,000
Mikel A. WileyQuincy1429 Adams St.$110,000
Steven K. and Marjorie G. SinnockQuincy717 Pine Ridge Drive$110,000
Bernard C. and Jacquelyn K. and Caroline WeisenburgerQuincy620 21st St.$105,000
Daniel A. and Dana J. WitthouseQuincy700 Adams St.$100,000
Daniel A. and Cheryl L. Sowell-3931 46th St.$100,000
Michael G. SibbingQuincy1620 Chestnut St.$98,000
Ashley R. BrownQuincy1402 Payson Ave.$95,100
Patsy L Bergman, Linda S Mock and Debbie K DuffyQuincy2537 Lind St.$95,000
Kyle D SparrowQuincy1332 20th St.$93,000
Gladys Marie LashbrookQuincy2939 Bluff Ridge Drive$92,225
Crystalyn MilanMendon231 Washington St.$90,000
Elizabeth K. and Travis G. HoffmanQuincy2418 Wheatland Drive$90,000
Deborah L CasulaQuincy1254 South Park Terrace$85,000
Jamie L WorthingtonQuincy923 36th St.$84,500
Paul D. Landsom-420 1300th St.$82,500
Shawn H. and Brandon C. BuehlerQuincy741 16th St.$82,500
Jacob WatersCoatsburg101 Mendon St.$80,000
Gage M Mast and Victoria N. KindhartQuincy2034 Maple St.$75,000
Todd W. and Gina J. AschemannQuincy1612 Melrose Drive$72,000
YANKEE6 LLCQuincy1410 State St.$60,500
Molly EvansQuincy1831 Washington St.$55,000
Cody J HoenerLoraine420 Oak St.$52,000
Jeffrey ArmstrongQuincy710 Van Buren St.$47,500
William W. Lierly-3107 Center Drive$46,000
Robert J. and Deeanna L. BairdQuincy700 18th St.$46,000
Robert C. Moore-9032 Broadway St.$45,000
Qtown Properties LLCQuincy314 11th St.$43,000
Todd W AlexanderQuincy1008 Monroe St.$34,500
Gretchen and Randy RossonMendon318 State Road$31,500
Kevin R MartinLiberty201 Park St.$26,000
Mark L. UhlandPlainville123 High St.$25,000
Tuley Properties LLCQuincy649 Monroe St.$21,000
Brian Andy CaleyQuincy509 Madison St.$20,000
Nicholas James TaylorQuincy2022 Maple St.$18,406

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