Top 100 Stark County home sales for September 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Stark County in September 2020, according to

In September 2020, there were 609 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $140,000 in Stark County.

Top 100 home sales in Stark County for September 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
John R. Tte ButaAlliance2700 Fairway Drive$950,000
Aaron L. and Kristen J. ParkeHartville12495 Duquette Ave.$720,000
Emily McMullinCanton5575 East Blvd.$700,000
Keith G. and France E. MuchMassillon4964 Red Fox Ave.$635,000
Scott A. and Jennifer L. NoferCanton2639 State St.$595,000
Gregory A. and Laura J. DrenskyHartville24 E. Bay Circle$534,000
Gregory R. and Alyson R. OserHartville10664 Wolf Ave.$512,500
Lynne Snyder and Aaron ZaberCanton3680 Vineyard Ave.$509,900
Darrell and Joyce SchifanoMeyers Lake1372 Stardust Ave.$499,000
Brian S. and Charity L. MillerUniontown12291 Cantburg Ave.$496,000
Herman L. and Tajuana L. HillNorth Canton1585 Yorkshire Trace$475,000
Samuel and Lisa RanalliCanton6173 Isley Road$450,000
Michael J. and Krystal A. BuckridgeCanton5430 Downingsgate Circle$440,000
Robert P. and Angie MillerNorth Canton2427 Radford St.$433,000
Stephen G. VanchoffNorth Canton719 Magnolia Circle$430,000
Michael B. TempelNorth Canton1590 Yorkshire Trace$425,000
William D. Van Nostran and E Van SuzanneNorth Canton1483 Shiloh Run$425,000
Amy R. and Ronald F. JoyMoffitt Heights11490 Millersburg Road$424,500
Eric D. and Jessica A. FrederickMassillon8879 Sterling Place Circle$422,500
David A. and Kathleen A. ButscherAlliance8761 Pontius St.$418,000
Richard and Anne P. MrozCanton1520 Dunbarton Ave.$415,000
Gregory M. and Ashley E. RamosMassillon8849 Mudbrook St.$415,000
Ryan A. and Jenna N. GrosschmidtCanton9690 Gans Ave.$410,000
Robert L. III and Callie StephensCanton2335 Applegrove St.$402,000
Mark Beacom Jr. and Amy BeacomUniontown1494 Limonis St.$388,000
Gary K. and Kimberly A. OrumUniontown2969 Londonbury St.$383,000
Broderick G. and Jessica T. ColanerMassillon2715 Mill Ridge Path$382,000
Samer ZawahriCanton7139 Sugarwood Road$375,000
Jeffrey D. and Carla ConradMassillon2130 Championship Circle$374,000
Robert S. Catlin (revocable trust)North Canton6 Auburn Ave.$373,000
Makey and Dayavathi MeshackMassillon1155 Burd Ave.$370,000
Nichole and Nicholas NeelyMassillon11580 Forty Corners Road$365,000
Jean BarbatoMassillon9201 Hocking St.$361,000
Samuel J. Pedaline and Kirstin R EdickUniontown12530 Lineage Circle$355,000
James and Molly HalickiNorth Canton7330 Carmen Drive$345,000
Amanda J. and Dustin A. WigginsCanton6148 Margate Ave.$342,500
Mark C. MaguireMassillon8559 Noble Loon St.$340,000
Glen V. and Kathleen A. StrongGreentown3636 Shepherd St.$339,900
James J. Sterling Jr. and Allison R. SterlingMassillon4965 Stanbury Circle$339,000
Rodney S HostetlerHills and Dales2450 Larchmoor Parkway$335,000
Bradley R DeckerCanton1650 Cadney St.$334,000
Gary R. and Lynn M. LewisMassillon8813 Appleknoll St.$329,300
James Rondall Jr. and Trisha A. RondallUniontown12524 Lineage Circle$325,000
Christopher Lee and Stephanie M. ChapmanNorth Canton2464 Radford St.$323,200
James Benedict Fenske and Mary AnnNorth Canton15 Auburn Ave.$315,000
Derek S. and Tammy L. JanesCanal Fulton7483 Diamondback Ave.$311,000
Michael A. Laura A. KirkpatrickGreentown3335 Shepherd St.$308,000
Cody Allen Barrett and Logan FletcherUniontown3058 Pixley Circle$305,000
Benjamin D. and Jessica L. WilliamsEast Canton6529 Orchard View Drive$305,000
Darren C HudachUniontown11082 Trenton Road$302,000
Angel S Montano OlivasCanton6522 Amblewood St.$300,500
Courtney A. Smaranda and Murat BakanCanton3507 Blackburn Road$300,000
Justin and Kristine SowaCanton333 52nd St.$299,900
Name Withheld By Request.Alliance14652 Cenfield St.$295,000
Cathy L. and James A. GiammarcoMassillon2310 Mount Union Ave.$295,000
Paul M. and Melissa E. HadnettCanal Fulton7638 Diamondback Ave.$294,700
Matthew D. and Logan L. MulletCanton3379 Stratham Circle$289,500
Tanya Danea McSwiggen and Paul JasonUniontown11412 Billingham Ave.$289,000
Sara R. and Jesse L. EdgeinMassillon2337 Wagon Trail$289,000
Chad M. and Stephanie A. DennisCanal Fulton9927 Agate St.$288,683
Pavio F LisovetsCanton6114 Woodcrest Ave.$286,500
Bryan K BakerGreentown9067 Bletchley Ave.$285,000
Corey M. and Monica B. StreetLouisville1630 Main St.$282,000
Lejahnice Faith McKie and Marcus CarterCanton158 21st St.$280,000
Jack E Ward Jr. and Theresa J. WardHartville1437 Wisteria Ave.$279,900
Carla R SarrattCanton3049 Cloverhurst St.$277,000
Glenn and Nancy DumoulinMassillon8259 Bricker Road$275,000
Jeremy S StillwellUniontown3287 Crosby St.$272,000
Hugh S. UtterbackNorth Canton2185 Radford St.$271,000
John M. II and Stephanie DukemanCanton6125 Anchorport Circle$270,000
Edward William Shorter and Ann RitaMassillon1840 11th St.$265,100
Dennis A. WarnerNorth Canton7709 Fox Run Ave.$265,000
Jennifer A. MenegayUniontown1905 Hampshire Circle$265,000
Cathryn L ClawsonHartville1541 Cornerstone St.$265,000
Andrew J. and Paxton S. HodousLouisville2393 Maplegrove Ave.$264,500
Bradley E. and Jillian BellCanton4645 Monica Ave.$262,000
Dennis R. and Patti A. CarperLouisville2202 Briarwood St.$260,000
Stacey and Michael DentlerCanton6270 Doral Drive$260,000
Sidney and Dorothy GraftonAlliance2690 Queensbury Road$259,900
India V. and Tyler D. NignEast Canton8591 Lisbon St.$257,000
Martin and Jessica StoradNorth Canton530 Holl Road$256,500
George Michael L. and George Barbara B.North Canton245 James St.$255,000
Sharon K GoldHartville1220 Street Abigail St.$255,000
Matthew C. and Melissa MurphyUniontown11922 Shoshone Ave.$253,000
Sharon Shearer and Michael Shearer Jr.Uniontown11453 Peach Glen Ave.$252,000
Michael V. and Kathleen A. ClayCanton4538 Earlington Circle$251,400
Fred F. and Deborah R. NassehiCanton7161 Fenwick Ave.$250,800
Bernard David J. and S Trustees LindaMassillon410 Joshua St.$250,000
Dwan A. RussellCanal Fulton9871 Beryl St.$245,000
Nicole and Matthew JqcquesUniontown10900 Thoresby Circle$245,000
Dawn M. and Jermaine MyersNorth Canton1378 Stonington Road$244,900
Kenneth M. and Wanda V. HaganHartville1123 Lauren Crossing$244,800
Joseph Donofrio Jr. and Lyndsay D DonofrioKendall Heights1140 Durham Circle$240,000
Weekley's Real Estate Investing LLCNorth Canton6386 Sylvian St.$240,000
Scott C. and Nicole A. JonesUniontown1034 Meandering Creek$240,000
Jacob T. TolinCanton1954 Lovers Lane St.$235,400
Michael R. and Martha MillerNorth Canton7372 Ashburton Circle$235,000
Stephan A. and Sandra J. BoydstonWestview5245 Dolores St.$235,000
John L. MillerWillow Brook Heights2338 Raintree St.$235,000
Ronald D. and Debra K. RoyLake Slagle5520 Bexley Circle$235,000

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