Mclean County had a median home sale price of $169,975 in September 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Mclean County in September 2020, according to

In September 2020, there were 314 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $169,975 in Mclean County.

Top 100 home sales in Mclean County for September 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Dev MandhyanNormal3700 Yellowstone Drive$575,000
Shakeel and Janelle FarooqueBloomington17 Lavender Lane$529,900
Carla Temple (trustee) and Carla Temple Family TrustBloomington2004 Longwood Lane$475,000
Zach James Boysen Quinn and Anna Kathleen MastBloomington2207 Fifer Drive$449,500
Keith L. and Susan J. HospelhornBloomington6 Emerald Crest Court$435,000
Normal House LLCBloomington1118 Monroe$425,000
Jaime A. and Kelly D. MapugayBloomington18 Smokey Court$425,000
Daniel J. and Kylie R. YoungBloomington2103 Crimson Lane$420,000
Chad D. and Stacey Jones BockBloomington16133 Inverrary Lane$415,000
Nasir and Mussarat P. KhokharBloomington1901 Woodbine Road$415,000
Steven W. and Nicole GorrieBloomington3203 Carrington Lane$402,000
Tejas JaniBloomington2807 Alana Way$400,000
Sowjanya Lakshmi Byggari and Ramesh RamamurthyBloomington2814 Mowrey Drive$385,000
James ThomasBloomington3106 Carrington Lane$385,000
Ramya T Eedara and Venkata Sujit VallabhaneniBloomington1312 Guiness Drive$378,500
Nathan B. and Desiree M. CampbellNormal2515 Red Rock Road$377,000
Brendan and Jocelyn DuncanBloomington1912 Hackberry Road$355,500
Louis P. and Morgan HartrichTwin Grove2 Cloverhill Circle$350,000
Preston and Anne HoldrenBloomington5 Northcrest Court$345,000
Juan Guevara Jr. and Lisa GuevaraBloomington802 Towanda Ave.$337,000
Tiffany MontgomeryBloomington3002 Neaves Drive$333,000
Brent Bynum and Dana JokerstBloomington502 Vale$332,500
Brian McDonald and Catherine Gleason DintamanBloomington2708 Crooked Creek Road$331,000
James R. Kauppila Jr. and Tamera A. KauppilaBloomington2012 Trotter Lane$330,000
Kyle O. and Rebecca Lynn RaveBloomington4 Cherrywood Lane$325,000
Kevin and Theresa JacksonNormal2501 Fieldstone Court$320,000
Roger T. ReynoldsBloomington1306 Crown Court$318,000
April M Schermann and Breanne R HallNormal1710 Fraser Drive$312,000
Joseph G. and Robin R. TonkinTwin Grove13683 Whitetail Drive$310,000
Pullaiah and Swarnasree ArumilliBloomington3903 Baywood Road$307,500
Buffie Burket and Cole and Hayley TirpakBloomington2511 Piney Run$307,000
Timothy and Allison YuhaszBloomington11 Cameron Court$299,000
Keenan O Wimbley II and Brea M Banks WimbleyBloomington4 Sable Oaks Court$297,000
Brian and Amy KirbyBloomington3311 Golden Eagle$295,000
Madhumohan Puvvadi and Madhavi MuppaBloomington1306 Longford Lane$292,500
Nicole KelleyHudson102 White Tail Lane$290,000
Abhishek Singh and Khushboo GaglaniBloomington7 Shaunessey Court$290,000
George G. and Dolores W. SampBloomington1409 Broad Creek$289,900
Cartus Financial Corp.Bloomington3615 Rave Road$289,500
Mark and Jamie MaestasBloomington3615 Rave Road$285,000
Colby and Maria BunnerBloomington2819 Huntington Road$285,000
Miranda and Cordero DominguezNormal1712 Flagstone Drive$285,000
Zachary F. and Lauren M. EllisBloomington3314 Golden Eagle Road$282,500
Katherine and Bhagyaraj PolaNormal2389 Sanford Lane$281,500
Mikel E. and Sherrita FongerBloomington4 Canterbury Court$280,000
Winfred HarrisNormal902 Ironwood$280,000
Brendan and Joy HeffnerNormal2706 Shepard Road$279,900
Patrick MainieriTwin Grove9082 Hardesty Run$272,500
James WellmanBloomington903 Jefferson$270,500
Deepak Varma Brahmarouthu and Shyamala KesirajuBloomington37 Paige Place$267,000
George Ryan HypkeNormal2324 Corrigan Way$265,000
Jerome A. and Vicki A. MajercinNormal3043 Grey Hawk Drive$264,900
Tyler D. and Hillary A. TarmannNormal2219 Emory Lane$264,900
Zhengsi Qi and Bijiao WeiNormal3193 Marimarsh Lane$263,888
Shelley Lynn DexterNormal3151 Turquois Way$262,000
James J. and Deanne L. CarrollNormal1203 Ironwood$258,000
Joel and Amanda ReedNormal1224 Big Horn Way$254,000
Travis KoetzBloomington16 Lexis Court$254,000
Casey and Anna HeatonBloomington15 Buckhurst Circle$253,000
W. Gary and Nancy NorkiewiczTwin Grove9721 Windy Lane$252,000
Sylvia A. TurnerTwin Grove9245 Hardesty Run$250,000
Rosdina and Foad J. BecerraBloomington16085 Huntington Drive$249,000
Jacob C. Abner and Katie J. ParrottBloomington3209 Cave Creek Road$248,000
Brian Lee and Elizabeth Ann HowlandBloomington2504 Piney Run$248,000
John P. Henderson III and Brittany M HendersonNormal1601 Windsage$248,000
Harish Reddy Marrenna and Alekya AlleNormal2411 Corinth Lane$248,000
Cartus Corp.Hudson700 Trimmer Drive$247,800
Sean and Ashley HayesHudson700 Trimmer Drive$247,800
Barbara GibsonBloomington26 Downing Circle$247,000
Michael and Elizabeth WalshNormal11 Thomas Drive$245,000
Steven M. and Amy Marie WillseyBloomington16180 Bush Blvd.$245,000
Roland SpiesBloomington3106 Cumbria Drive$244,900
Dale E. and Jill F. LempaBloomington15962 Old Orchard Drive$240,000
Paul and Leslie UrbanDanvers1004 1675 North Road$240,000
Bernadette A. Buck (trustee), James E. Buck (trustee) and Buck (living trust)Bloomington77 Crista Ann Court$238,000
Kevin and Laurie HusseyNormal2011 Towanda Ave.$237,000
Mark Aaron and Karissa Dawn YohoBloomington2513 Monica Lane$235,000
Steven L. and Shirley J. MillerNormal221 Riss Drive$232,500
Bryce and Danielle MortonBloomington15 Fountain Lake Court$230,000
Caleb and Jaci SmithNormal1301 Bryce Court$229,000
Donna J. Minser (trustee) and Donna J. Minser (living trust)Bloomington17 Crista Ann Court$228,230
Nicholas LarsonNormal1812 Chuck Murray Drive$228,000
Selby Vernon ProudNormal1098 Ironwood$225,000
Daniel M. YuhaszBloomington320 Locust$225,000
Matthew D. Gromer and Julia N. OsslerNormal1510 Estate Drive$224,900
Mary W. and Todd D. BaucumBloomington31 White$222,500
Larry KarchBloomington3120 Creek Side Road$221,500
Richard and Gail MaggiBloomington13 Yukon Creek$220,000
Sercan SengunNormal1609 Ashbrook Court$220,000
Veryenia and Christopher GillottBloomington7 Chesterfield Court$217,500
Pruthikrai and Phornsawan MahatanankoonNormal211 Edwards Drive$215,000
Christopher and Kimberly McGrawBloomington1902 Woodfield Road$215,000
Steven J. and Cynthia S. MoodyNormal303 Gambel Court$215,000
Wesley and Linsy StockhamLexington208 Main$211,000
Jeremy SuttonHudson25005 Wood Thrush Circle$210,000
Matthew A. and Amber K. ThomasNormal1909 Berkshire Gardens$209,000
Samuel D. and Nicole M. NowackNormal306 Wildberry Drive$208,000
Elie K Kalonji and Elisabeth TshikayaBloomington1319 Moss Creek Road$208,000
Dwight and Michelle HouchinBloomington2203 Woodfield Road$207,000
Ginger L McKinneyNormal1108 Kings Mill Road$206,000

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