Top 50 Scott County home sales for November 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Scott County in November 2020, according to

In November 2020, there were 68 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $212,950 in Scott County.

Top 50 home sales in Scott County for November 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Laurie J Rudbeck and Jason J NislyBettendorf3218 Crow Lake Drive$655,900
Robert and Kellie Erwin Joint RevtrBettendorf7053 Alvie Lane$495,000
Adam Daniel and Sarah SchwabBettendorf5178 Auburn Court$485,000
Gautam D. and Rajashree TotekarBettendorf6020 Emery Court$480,000
Kyle and Erin L. InmanBettendorf4822 Mason Run$466,391
LMC Holdings LLCBettendorf16 Crow Lake Place$448,000
Phillip W. Haan and Kelly G CunninghamBettendorf2922 Summertree Ave.$428,000
Kriston and Alison BeardsleyBettendorf674 Mississippi Blvd.$423,000
Jody and Byron BrittonBettendorf4126 17th Ave.$410,000
Brandon C. and Kimberly A. MeyerEldridge408 Tombergs Drive$409,000
David and Jessica CollierLe Claire419 Eighth St.$378,500
James R. and Tamara S. McCartneyLe Claire1098 Bridgeview Place$373,000
Brabeck Trust No 2019Park View319 Hillside Drive$362,500
Tracy BoothEldridge805 Third St.$350,000
Austin B. TaylorBettendorf4819 Norfolk Place$335,000
Anne M. ClarkBettendorf2908 Greenview Drive$332,000
EFH LLCBettendorf2604 Grant St.$320,000
Carrie M. and Nathanial G. ComerLe Claire502 Davenport St.$315,500
Cheryl L. and Eric R. EhrlerBettendorf3698 Deertrail Road$310,000
Nathaniel A. and Mayela P. Martinez GilletteBettendorf2132 Cliff Side Drive$302,400
Nikhil and Charoo KumraBettendorf4696 34th St.$290,000
Eric S. and Paige E. JewelLe Claire2220 Tara Lane$280,000
Natalie E. Werthmann and Kristopher D WilliamsBettendorf5196 Coachman Road$270,000
Matthew WeilandBettendorf6400 Valley Drive$269,900
Seth and Jenelle WilsonBettendorf6362 Dodds Drive$266,700
Vickie L Felger and Eric D BrownPrinceton404 River Drive$265,000
Darryl L. and Viola M. WestphalEldridge1796 Lomar St.$249,000
Chad Steven and Shueree BoleyEldridge321 Leclaire Road$235,000
Robert SchumacherDurant605 15th Ave.$230,000
Shawn L LonganeckerBettendorf4050 Prairie Lane$220,000
Jeremy and Heather TewkesburyBettendorf4056 Prairie Lane$220,000
Mark A. and Debra G. SlifkaRiverdale358 Circle Drive$215,000
Breeann BeinkeBettendorf2510 East Crest Ave.$215,000
Ashley SchwalmBettendorf3590 Manchester Drive$215,000
Herman A. and Sheila D. SmithEldridge100 Sheridan Drive$210,900
JAG Home Refurbishing LLCBettendorf3870 Lexington Court$200,000
Chad Michael and Caroline BreuerBettendorf3021 Sunburst Drive$199,900
Benjamin J. DegeeterBettendorf1504 14th St.$189,900
Joshua T. FranzenBettendorf2136 Glenn Court$185,000
John S. PolaschekBettendorf2731 Thorn St.$185,000
Nathan W. and Melinda R. BradleyPanorama Park5808 Valley Drive$185,000
Christopher C. Wolfram and Katelyn C TharpBlue Grass532 Terrace Drive$183,500
Martin and Tara FarringtonBettendorf3037 Bellevue Ave.$178,000
Shannon DavisMaysville9230 New Liberty Road$175,000
Phillip P. GrohBettendorf940 30th St.$170,000
Ashley and Timothy HernandezBettendorf3503 Clover Hills Drive$169,000
Kuehl Investment Group LLCBettendorf4685 Davis St.$168,000
Bobby J HarrisBettendorf3735 Eastwood Court$167,000
Rachel A. BradleyBettendorf3739 Cedarview Court$166,900
Jason Patrick SpiesBlue Grass714 Moselle St.$164,000

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