Cook County had a median home sale price of $260,000 in November 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Cook County in November 2020, according to

In November 2020, there were 9,036 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $260,000 in Cook County.

Top 100 home sales in Cook County for November 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Kenwood Portfolio LLCChicago4013 Ellis Ave.$9,475,000
Katherine Ann and Robert Jerome MelmanChicago105 Bellevue Place$4,800,000
Stephen and Kate BrownChicago441 Belden Ave.$4,550,000
Write Home Prop LLCChicago10215 Aberdeen St.$4,300,000
Samuel R. and Jenny StalkerChicago2929 Leland Ave.$3,720,000
Shane Keoni AndradeChicago1061 80th St. 1$3,281,250
Denise K. Majerik the (trust), Denise K. Majerik (trustee) and Michael T. Majerik (trustee)Chicago1459 North Park Ave.$3,150,000
Mrr 2034 W Arthur LLCChicago810 Randolph St.$3,109,000
Maria A. DraveckyChicago4830 Winnemac Ave.$2,803,500
Katherine and Timothy ClarkeChicago2550 Lakeview Ave. N6-01$2,800,000
Susan R. Homan (trustee) and Susan R. Homan (trust)Chicago2550 Lakeview Ave. T30-1$2,775,000
Pinkham-Dai (trust)Chicago1720 Mohawk St.$2,737,500
Shelly and Daniel ObrienWilmette1216 Chestnut Ave.$2,650,000
Chicago Title Land TrustChicago1912 Burling St.$2,600,000
Mariana Rouaix Dalto and Todd BenigniKenilworth534 Essex Road$2,550,000
2021 N Clifton LLCChicago2021 Clifton Ave.$2,500,000
Bernard and Vanessa FrazerWinnetka346 Sheridan Road$2,400,000
Laura H. and Matthew S. GrayGlencoe533 Lincoln Ave.$2,350,000
Christopher J. Novak and Mary Ellen G. PavoneChicago1804 Cleveland Ave.$2,250,000
Carpenter Carroll LLCChicago1328 Hubbard St.$2,200,000
Ana M. Couri (trust) and Ana M. Couri (trustee)Evanston110 Burnham Place$2,200,000
Ardsley (trust) and Sheri E. Warsh (trustee)Winnetka740 Ardsley Road$2,200,000
Bryan Dickinson and Maura DickinsonofChicago5015 Ellis Ave.$2,150,000
Michael Carrillo and Pamir WangChicago2107 Lakewood Ave. First$2,075,000
Chicago Title Land Trust Co. (trustee)Kenilworth325 Richmond Road$2,025,000
1938-42 Halsted LLCChicago1942 Halsted St.$2,000,000
Eleven Paulina Dev LLCChicago1109 Paulina St.$1,980,000
Michael SvanasciniWestern Springs4833 Grand Ave.$1,975,000
Andrew Hoog and Chee-Young KimOak Park407 Kenilworth Ave.$1,975,000
Anne B. and Jaxon ReillyWinnetka177 Del. Windt Road$1,950,000
Gretchen and Michael KaplanChicago3251 Lakewood Ave.$1,940,000
Andres E Mendoza Pena and Maria Del Rosario LimaChicago2632 Burling St.$1,900,000
Colin EyreChicago2741 Pine Grove Ave.$1,900,000
Caroline and Dave LiuWilmette1150 Romona Road$1,895,000
Chi Mu and Ning LIChicago2324 Wayne Ave.$1,890,000
Tyler C. Murray and Lisa M NolerChicago1447 School St.$1,877,500
Talos Prop LLCKenilworth227 Raleigh Road$1,870,000
Marina SaulChicago855 Webster Ave.$1,860,000
Jennifer and Vincent SollecitoKenilworth614 Essex Road$1,850,000
Simon and Joan YohananChicago1024 Wolfram St.$1,840,000
A. Washburn Patricia (trust) and Patricia A. Washburn (trustee)Winnetka44 Indian Hill Road$1,810,000
Keystring Investments LLCChicago1225 Addison St.$1,800,000
Jason J. and Yolanda N. TylerRiver Forest1147 Ashland Ave.$1,800,000
Ankit Mehta and Mona Chandra SoniNorthbrook1243 Ridgewood Drive$1,775,000
Maria Mosolova and Farhan BananiChicago918 Webster Ave.$1,770,000
Patrick Henry and Shannon FordKenilworth423 Abbottsford Road$1,770,000
Ames WalkerChicago1142 Diversey Parkway$1,750,000
Jeffrey Kyle Bartow and Jo Hannah TrahmsChicago1807 Fremont St.$1,745,000
David M. and Jennifer D. StottWestern Springs1206 Walnut St.$1,740,000
Sean P. and Allyson Furr ParkWinnetka361 Hawthorn Lane$1,735,500
Aristihis LoukasKenilworth220 Warwick Lane$1,735,000
Sorin ButaciBarrington Hills90 Brinker Road$1,700,000
Sharon and George V. DeshChicago33 Elm St.$1,675,000
Pattiela Luker and Andrew LakinHinsdale664 Sixth St.$1,625,000
Monika Lusiak and Odishu MalikHinsdale531 First St.$1,620,000
Christopher K. Ching and Cynthia L ChenChicago232 14th St. 1$1,615,000
Jennifer J Delvecchio and Marc EversleyChicago1340 Melrose St.$1,610,000
Tara Alexandra FumertonChicago4056 Lowell Ave.$1,600,000
Brian Graybill and Eryn KingsleyRiver Forest1046 Franklin Ave.$1,600,000
Youjin Lee and Joungkeum LimGlenview1668 Saratoga Lane$1,600,000
Sushant and Dipak JainGolf55 Overlook Drive$1,585,000
Patrick and Paige OneilChicago2142 Waveland Ave.$1,580,000
Catherine A. and Jeffrey R. HadenEvanston1038 Sheridan Road$1,575,000
Robert and Courtney KerrWinnetka811 Sunset Road$1,575,000
John M. III and Barbara P. ByrneNorthbrook670 Midfield Road$1,555,000
Diana M. and Matthew R. GrinnellChicago3423 Hamilton Ave.$1,550,000
Christopher KanzeChicago4342 Hermitage Ave.$1,550,000
Mary Jo and Stephen C. CorbyGlenview630 Glenayre Drive$1,550,000
Damoni Hurt and Jennifer Dairyko-HurtChicago1713 Wrightwood Ave.$1,537,500
Christopher and Martha RomanChicago1622 Hermitage Ave.$1,530,000
James Fox and Denise MichelleChicago1843 Fremont St.$1,525,000
Tera Washburn and Nick CromydasKenilworth140 Oxford Road$1,517,500
Hartley Nisenbaum and Kara GoldmanChicago3636 Wayne Ave.$1,510,000
Benjamin and Celia BalsonChicago4333 Claremont Ave.$1,507,000
Chelsea N. and John E. Zur IIIGlenview1425 Baffin Road$1,506,000
Daniella Remolina and Matthew T. StevensWilmette106 Sixth St.$1,500,000
Susan C. and Raymond S. Shipley IIIWinnetka1045 Sheridan Road$1,499,000
Megan RichChicago2035 Wolcott Ave.$1,495,000
Michael and Katherine Anne WemhoffChicago1927 Wood St.$1,457,500
Christopher GaryOak Park633 East Ave.$1,450,000
Jennifer L. and Justin I. RobinsChicago1835 School St.$1,450,000
Carol Kim and Ronald E. JuergensSouth Barrington12 Back Bay Drive$1,450,000
Anjali S. Nakhooda (trustee), Anjali S. Nakhooda (trust), Zahid Nakhooda (trustee) and Nakhooda Zahid (trust)Chicago1736 Erie St.$1,435,000
Prd Elm LLCPark Ridge317 Elm St.$1,426,000
Paul and Maureen HindsleyWinnetka1200 Whitebridge Hill Road$1,425,000
310 Linden St. LLCWinnetka310 Linden St.$1,425,000
Theresa Mary PeytonChicago1555 Astor St. 26W$1,425,000
Emily Nash and Lawrence MabesEvanston2405 Colfax St.$1,413,000
Richard Falconer and Amanda VerstegenChicago1940 Wabansia Ave.$1,410,000
5941 N Magnolia LLCChicago5943 Magnolia Ave. 1$1,400,000
22 E Elm Corp.Chicago100 Huron St. 2805$1,400,000
Kathryn Sue and Arda KutluWestern Springs1410 Sunset Terrace$1,400,000
Daniel Suarez and Elizabeth A. ShakespeareChicago1925 Henderson St.$1,396,000
Renata Gazzi-Johnson and Craig JohnsonChicago1642 Nelson St.$1,380,000
Katharine and Christopher SpencerWinnetka479 Sunset Road$1,375,000
Rui Yi and Duo WangWilmette1025 Ashland Ave.$1,370,000
Laura and Andy CopilevitzNorthbrook1127 Eastwood Drive$1,365,000
TRP 1930 Cermak LLCChicago1930 Cermak Road$1,350,000
1455 W Summerdale LLCChicago1455 Summerdale Ave.$1,350,000
Sns 1457 LLCChicago1459 Foster Ave.$1,350,000

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