King County had a median home valuation of $387,000 of 1,315 homes in November 2020

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These are the top 100 home valuations for King County in November 2020, according to

In November 2020, there were 1,315 homes sold, with a median home valuation of $387,000 in King County.

Top 100 home valuations in King County for November 2020
Haifeng He and Ting JiangBellevue618 128th Ave.$1,000,000
IL Yong LeeSeattle1633 Fifth Ave.$1,006,000
Jack M FrostIssaquah (unincorporated)24211 106th Place$1,009,000
Thomas R. Parks and Parks Credit Shelter (trust)Kirkland (unincorporated)8815 Juanita Drive$1,017,000
Thomas R. ParksKirkland (unincorporated)8815 Juanita Drive$1,017,000
Jeffrey T Parks, Tricia R Alseth and ...Kirkland (unincorporated)8815 Juanita Drive$1,017,000
Jeffrey T Parks, Tricia R Alseth and ...Kirkland (unincorporated)8815 Juanita Drive$1,017,000
Debra Y Wu, Betty Wu Adams and ...Bellevue4802 Somerset Drive$1,019,000
Shilpa YadlaBellevue4802 Somerset Drive$1,019,000
Shilpa YadlaBellevue4802 Somerset Drive$1,019,000
Mobeen A. and Uzma ButteSeattle1721 33rd Ave.$1,020,000
Jerry W. and Carol C. DoerrMercer Island5851 84th Ave.$1,023,000
Ras Closing Services LLCRedmond (unincorporated)5728 238th Place$1,050,000
Thomas and Kacie StearnsRedmond (unincorporated)5728 238th Place$1,050,000
Yali Zhao and Jun LiuMercer Island4220 Crestwood Place$1,052,000
Eewd LLCShoreline17529 10th Ave.$1,053,000
Sujoy and Soma PaulSammamish1025 231st Place$1,061,000
Ozden Emek ErarslanSeattle12073 Lakeside Place$1,068,000
Ozden Emek ErarslanSeattle12073 Lakeside Place$1,068,000
Prabu Gunaraj and Valli ArunagiriBellevue14203 40th Place$1,095,000
Janice Elaine Brown and Brown (living trust)Sammamish20415 31st St.$1,096,000
Julie AndersonSammamish1919 205th Place$1,096,000
John A. Flickinger and Douglas E. BasingerSeattle1916 31st Ave.$1,106,000
Michael and Asmita RungeKirkland1806 10th Place$1,108,000
Vinay Patel and Meagan TeutschSeattle1425 Boston St.$1,127,000
McDaniel Levenberg Family Trust Clayton & Mandy and ...Seattle1068 Newton St.$1,128,000
Martin and Lynn DongBellevue2937 170th Ave.$1,131,000
Meghan and Brett CrossSeattle5503 Seaview Ave.$1,139,000
Valentin and Inna ZinchukEnumclaw (unincorporated)44128 244th Ave.$114,000
Jared Anthony MarinoSeattle2556 Juneau St.$114,900
Erin Hilary KodicekSeattle1623 14th Ave.$115,800
Jonathan Jeffrey and Patrisha Michelle VlachSeattle10523 Whitman Ave.$115,900
Steven R Giles and Jennine PufahlSeattle9223 Fauntleroy Way$1,161,000
Herbert L. HogueMercer Island2931 72nd Ave.$1,165,000
US Bank, NADes Moines907 277th Place$1,171,000
Alexey Pavlovich NikitinDes Moines25639 Marine View Drive$1,172,000
Zalema and Lessa Annette KueditukaAlgona320 Eighth Ave.$118,000
William Timothy D'Zio and Liping QiSammamish3121 204th Court$1,180,000
June A. Boeing and Boeing Qualified Personal Residence Residence of 1996 JuneSeattle1206 Lexington Way$1,197,000
David MarshallBurien13651 Des Moines Way$121,000
David MarshallBurien13651 Des Moines Way$121,000
Jie Ying and Huaying SunSammamish1417 238th Ave.$1,211,000
Michael Hiram II and Elise Noel MillerKenmore19513 75th Ave.$121,500
Sarah S. and Ross C. SilerMercer Island8150 Mercer Way$1,215,000
Tutino Brock Harmer and Danielle WeaverFederal Way30326 21st Ave.$123,000
Johanna Fern and Anja Susan KraemerEnumclaw3011 Division St.$125,000
Anja KraemerEnumclaw3011 Division St.$125,000
Ana Delmy RecinosSeattle (unincorporated)11823 10th Ave.$125,000
Ana Delmy and Eliseo Jesus Andrade RecinosSeattle (unincorporated)11823 10th Ave.$125,000
Gayle and Brian OliverMercer Island8380 43rd St.$1,272,000
Yan Huo and Zhijun MaMedina620 86th Ave.$1,275,000
Ajay LLCClyde Hill9529 31st St.$1,280,000
Russell Lane and Julie Anna Collins and ...Seattle3357 46th Ave.$1,282,000
Wendy G. and Martin R. HaackAuburn31222 55th Ave.$129,000
Kimberly Ann PowellPacific403 Fourth Ave.$130,000
Saaid A. Khan and Amna BilalBellevue13772 140th Ave.$1,308,000
Mary J. and Randall P. ProfferSeattle (unincorporated)11853 Occidental Ave.$131,000
Kant Tak and Carmen Manyee KwongBellevue (unincorporated)3722 146th Ave.$131,100
Xiaoli Cai and Cai (living trust)Yarrow Point4315 92nd Ave.$1,326,000
Chander KishoreKent (unincorporated)20412 110th Ave.$133,000
Brian Joseph and Gina S. ReganSeattle1811 Ninth Ave.$1,330,000
Mitchell L Johns Sr. and Trust Mithcell L. Johns Sr.Seatac17326 34th Ave.$134,000
Steven J Hummel and Steve Hummel (revocable living trust)Woodinville (unincorporated)23435 156th Place$1,359,000
Matthew C. CookTukwila3115 133rd St.$136,000
Joyce A. K. and Michael MenakerSeattle3812 42nd Ave.$1,360,000
Shelley GreeneCovington26114 195th Place$138,000
Kathryn V. and Disclaimer Trust Kathryn ComptonShoreline18136 14th Ave.$1,391,000
Jessica MendenhallSeattle9843 61st Ave.$140,000
Timothy and Alissa WilkinsonMercer Island7627 Mercer Way$1,405,000
Cesar RangelDes Moines19423 10th Ave.$141,000
Brett A. Meldahl and Sarah J. SwainRavensdale (unincorporated)33830 Hudson Road$142,000
Samantha L. CrawleyDes Moines401 216th St.$143,000
Khoa Nguyen and Thu N LeSeattle (unincorporated)10440 18th Ave.$143,001
National Transfer Services LLCSeattle3805 Pine St.$1,437,000
Christopher E. Manzini and Vernon L. Manzini-ShimwellSeattle3805 Pine St.$1,437,000
Mirinda KristekAuburn19 F St.$144,000
Anna ThompsonEnumclaw1789 Gossard St.$146,000
John MorimotoRenton770 Queen Ave.$147,000
Leslie Fausto and Virginia PolinesWhite Center (unincorporated)1316 113th St.$148,000
Bt Property Investments LLCSeattle901 Holden St.$148,000
Grant L. and Nancy M. MorrisNorth Bend (unincorporated)15929 Uplands Way$1,481,000
Jose Guadalupe Martinez Garcia, Yadira Torres Fernandez and ...Auburn (unincorporated)34836 Military Road$149,000
Alida Torres OlmedoAuburn (unincorporated)34836 Military Road$149,000
Renee and Finnigan FisherBellevue1510 100th Ave.$1,507,000
Davinder Kumar and Manjit BhambritSeatac3602 175th St.$151,000
Harkamal Singh and Ravinder Kaur Bhatti and ...Seatac4728 172nd Place$152,000
Dorothy & Frank S. Seeley (revocable trust)Renton935 Ferndale Circle$152,000
Gabriel J. and Elizabeth L. AulDuvall (unincorporated)16020 145th St.$1,521,000
Ronald G. and Colleen Cook StewartBellevue420 145th Ave.$1,523,000
Matthew LuedtkeSeatac13411 25th Place$154,000
Jesse PezzulloFederal Way2328 302nd St.$155,000
Matthew L. GreenAuburn (unincorporated)29816 47th Place$155,000
Christine A. and Jeffery A. ChristensonMercer Island7404 78th Ave.$1,568,000
John Robert and Jenni Ranee PresleyRenton812 Dayton Ave.$157,000
Judith McDonald and James William Moses and ...Medina329 Overlake Drive$1,581,000
Mercado Angel MacIel MacIel and Angeles Emma Minerva VillarrealTukwila13317 37th Ave.$159,000
Edin Ernesto Rodriguez and Guadalupe Gracias SegoviaBurien13426 12th Ave.$160,000
Janice L BellRavensdale (unincorporated)32823 310th St.$162,000
John Patrick and Heidi Lee NevinNewcastle (unincorporated)6841 Ripley Lane$1,625,000
John E. Oates and Yuka S HayashiTukwila13902 53rd Ave.$163,000

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