Mecklenburg County had a median home sale price of $276,000 of 1,999 homes in December 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Mecklenburg County in December 2020, according to

In December 2020, there were 1,999 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $276,000 in Mecklenburg County.

Top 100 home sales in Mecklenburg County for December 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Lavie Acquisition LLCCharlotte5725 Carnegie Blvd.$77,250,000
Orei Kelston Property Owner LLCCharlotte1239 Kelston Place$36,300,000
S2 Woodbridge LLCCharlotte6609 Yateswood Drive$19,200,000
Archdale Noah LLCCharlotte1205 Lakemist Drive$18,500,000
Tinker Place LLCCornelius16700 Tinker Place$6,600,000
Leet E. and Patsy DentonCharlotte2251 Vernon Drive$4,800,000
Or Eastover Holdings LLCCharlotte401 Eastover Road$4,450,000
Jeffrey and Staci MillsCharlotte2421 Forest Drive$4,000,000
Phillips M. and Leslie McLean BraggDavidson15619 Davidson-Concord Road$3,250,000
Christopher A. and Shannon Leigh CadyCharlotte8359 Providence Road$3,000,000
Mooresville Lodging LLCCharlotte1433 Drexel Place$3,000,000
8425 Discovery Lane Charlotte LLCCharlotte8425 Discovery Lane$2,812,000
Kenneth M. and Aryelle L. CampbellCornelius17529 Paradise Cove Court$2,650,000
Eric J. and Patricia KropfCharlotte1120 Queens Road$2,575,000
Bradley and Kathryn KlausCharlotte4842 Carmel Club Drive$2,350,000
Erskine B. and Crandall C. BowlesCharlotte6408 Providence Road$2,304,000
6336 Providence Road LLCCharlotte6300 Providence Road$2,300,500
James and Yvonne TannerHuntersville16141 Weatherly Way$2,100,000
Nicolas McLain and Blakely InfanteCharlotte701 Museum Drive$2,100,000
Marion Wooten IV and Margaret M. PeeblesCharlotte2820 Wintergreen Drive$1,990,000
David and Biana M. VoroninCharlotte9100 Winged Bourne$1,950,000
Jeffrey and Tamarie HowaldCornelius17806 John Connor Road$1,945,000
Benjamin and Blair ThompsonCharlotte514 Sedgewood Lake Drive$1,850,000
Michael M. and Ellen E. MeyerCharlotte2729 Lemon Tree Lane$1,837,500
Crldc LLCHuntersville12653 McCord Road$1,796,500
Frederick Laughton and Mary K. ShermanCharlotte4425 Cameron Oaks Drive$1,775,000
David Farache and Cecilia PlavnickCornelius21109 Lakeview Creek$1,750,000
John Arthur IV and Rosemary Kane ReaganCharlotte1500 Andover Road$1,705,000
MSD2 Prosperity Church LLCCharlotte12830 Eastfield Road$1,700,000
Stephen G. and Lauren Patterson LockeCharlotte3005 Manor Road$1,649,000
Steven and Pamela BlackCornelius18805 Flat Shoals Drive$1,595,000
Karan Rekhi and Saloni BurmanCharlotte4420 Town Country Drive$1,590,000
William C. and Jeanne Grier and Jeanne Marie O'NeilCharlotte901 Linda Lane$1,575,000
Fourthree LLCCornelius19805 Shearwater Point Drive$1,495,000
Edward Neal Deaton and Clarence Blake MillsCharlotte2117 Beverly Drive$1,481,000
Thomas Peterson and Evelyn Ageenko AdelmanCharlotte2209 Pembroke Ave.$1,450,000
Timothy A. Stump Jr., Sarah Dillard and Timothy Allen Stump Jr.Charlotte1514 Scotland Ave.$1,450,000
Eqm Enterprises LLCCharlotte919 Colville Road$1,450,000
Stephanie Elise Mann and Nancy E. WalkerCharlotte1000 Habersham Drive$1,435,000
Michael D. and Meredyth L. HoldenridCornelius16806 Lake Shore Drive$1,400,000
Henry L. III and Elizabeth W. FallsCharlotte867 Museum Drive$1,400,000
Wrenn C. and Rachel McGowen WellsCharlotte412 Kingston Ave.$1,398,000
Justin and Julie BusbyCornelius17914 John Connor Road$1,358,000
Matthew J. and Karen M. KucharskiCharlotte1300 Aylesford Road$1,330,000
Austin William and Ashley Day ScottCharlotte226 Anthony Creek$1,325,000
Ashwani and Manisha BhardwajCharlotte4417 Piper Glen Drive$1,300,000
Kent PhillipsCharlotte12705 Marsh Wren Court$1,300,000
Gregory J. and Trina S. ProctorCharlotte1423 Providence Road$1,300,000
M Joseph Fernando and Robin LinkCharlotte365 Tranquil Ave.$1,250,000
Amanda Denton and Matthew John MannaCharlotte4134 Columbine Creek$1,245,000
Aaron Michael and Marycobb Randall ReevesCharlotte2034 Sharon Lane$1,228,000
Yang Yuan and LI LICharlotte1111 Chollywood Drive$1,220,000
Clark Colin and Megan ClarkCharlotte944 Bridlepath Lane$1,210,000
Carrie Spell and Peter Joseph SeeberDavidson19015 Wildcat TL$1,202,000
William Christopher and Shelley Beason MillerCharlotte2049 Greenway Ave.$1,195,000
Stokas Family TrustCornelius17307 Wavecrest Court$1,195,000
George Marcus and Danyeale Leagh ChungCharlotte4000 Hough Road$1,195,000
Richard B. and Cynthia A. DeutschCharlotte2504 Marshall Place$1,185,000
Michael and Julie HoerttCornelius16720 Yardarm Lane$1,175,000
Michael Lee RadfordCharlotte214 Perrin Place$1,175,000
Gerald and Mary K. SplonskowskiCharlotte13726 Claysparrow Road$1,175,000
Chiott LLCCharlotte3633 Arborway$1,150,000
Gregory Thomas II and Kimberly Louise KastenCharlotte2115 La Gorce Drive$1,150,000
Jason D. and Melissa Schoolcraft VandevereCharlotte2211 Sutton Springs Road$1,105,000
Txi Operation LPCharlotte11916 Nations Ford Road$1,084,000
Raymond Lawrence JohnsonCharlotte511 Lorna St.$1,077,000
Rachel V. and Jason E. ColgateCharlotte4202 Gosford Place$1,075,000
Donald B. Kamerer Jr., Mary Frances Caputo-Kamerer and Mary Frances Caputo KamererCharlotte5138 Bevington Place$1,063,500
Mark Fitzgerald and Laetitia Allen BassCharlotte5508 Hardison Road$1,062,500
Jeffrey Scott and Duffy-Marie BengelCharlotte6823 Conservatory Lane$1,060,000
Dennis and Christina LallyCharlotte2517 Chesterfield Ave.$1,050,000
Lauren Voler and Jason ShraderCharlotte1607 Dilworth Road$1,050,000
Brian A. WinterCharlotte301 Canterbury Road$1,040,000
Westwood LLCCharlotte1931 Ferncliff Road$1,000,000
Thomas A. and Blanca BoyleCornelius18943 Peninsula Point Drive$1,000,000
Arundeep Singh Kahlon and Amrita Kaur DhillonCornelius19005 Lakehouse Pointe Drive$1,000,000
Nicholas Adams BellHuntersville14808 Henry Harrison Stillwell Drive$979,000
Charles R. PriceCharlotte2020 Harris Road 1$965,000
Martin and Lisa FoilCharlotte2161 Colony Road$958,000
Carrie Ann BaldwinCharlotte2224 Sarah Marks Ave.$950,000
Ryan Blum and Krista Ann HarveyCharlotte2209 Hassell Place$950,000
Thomas Carter and Razida NashCharlotte230 Tryon St. 1206$940,000
Christopher Ryan AtwoodCharlotte501 Tremont Ave.$939,000
Francis Gerard ByrneHuntersville11015 Arthur Auten Road$938,000
Christopher B. and Kristen G. TranterCornelius20211 Sloop Court$935,500
Richard L. and Polly E. KigerCharlotte15508 Eagleview Drive$917,500
Eric and Bryce HilgenfeldtCharlotte6111 MacDara Glenn Court$900,000
George H. and Jessica E. WebbCharlotte3808 Woody Grove Lane$894,500
Samuel H. Poole Jr. and Ashley S. PooleCharlotte2337 Greenway Ave.$875,000
Randall Dale MastersCharlotte3216 Glen Trail$865,000
Vesta Investments LLCCharlotte1810 Shoreham Drive$850,000
Connor and John P. Donoghue and Nicole StilesCornelius20535 Lagoona Drive$850,000
David Sean Stewart and Sophia Louise ZonCharlotte2201 Lockhart Drive$844,500
Noah and Mara GoldbergCharlotte2016 Waltham Lane$840,000
James A. and Christine M. WheelerCharlotte7821 Pemswood St.$835,000
David J. and Niamh BarkerCharlotte6711 Wakehurst Road$835,000
Virginia E. FrankelDavidson18530 Green Knoll Tc$835,000
Donald O. and Frances D. EvansCharlotte7035 Marching Duck Drive 312$833,000
Benjamin Alan and Kimberly Short KirkCharlotte5501 Hardison Road$830,000
Iain E. and Emily JenkinsCharlotte1431 Sterling Road$830,000

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