Top 100 Peoria County home sales for December 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Peoria County in December 2020, according to

In December 2020, there were 312 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $101,250 in Peoria County.

Top 100 home sales in Peoria County for December 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Peoria3211 Elmcroft Terrace$650,000
-16117 Wolford Road$650,000
Peoria236 Detweiller Drive$650,000
Peoria6505 Stonebrook Drive$605,000
Peoria4410 Deermeadow Drive$565,000
-5713 Nettle Creek Court$545,500
Peoria11312 Stone Creek Drive$485,000
Peoria4415 Longmeadow Court$440,000
Peoria6833 Basket Oak Drive$415,000
Peoria Heights5191 Prospect Road$415,000
Peoria6416 Fieldtree Court$379,000
-7404 Thornridge Drive$369,000
Peoria2919 Windpointe Drive$329,500
-9910 Andy Court$327,000
Peoria9909 Townsend Drive$323,000
Peoria3820 Knoxville Ave.$312,000
-14109 River Crest Drive$310,000
-14401 Fussner Road$300,000
Peoria11514 Dunmore Drive$299,900
Dunlap600 Breckenridge Drive$295,000
Princeville419 Santa FE Ave.$290,000
Peoria510 Thousand Oaks Drive$290,000
-702 Santa FE Road$290,000
Peoria7116 White Fir Drive$289,000
Peoria2013 Liams Way$285,000
-19515 Route 150$279,900
Peoria3504 Trail Wood Court$263,000
-5113 Cameron Lane$262,500
-7521 Country View Drive$259,000
Peoria508 Northgate Road$253,000
Peoria1014 Kensington Drive$250,000
-9513 Fuller Lane$250,000
Peoria1313 Institute Place$249,900
-4606 Sable Way$248,500
Bartonville906 Desoto Drive$247,000
Bellevue500 Fox Den Cove$245,000
Peoria11120 Brookhaven Court$244,050
Peoria1607 Meadowview Drive$242,000
Peoria10211 Forrest Drive$240,000
Peoria2608 Sesame St.$240,000
-14929 Carlton Court$240,000
Chillicothe509 Taylor Drive$238,000
Peoria6911 Hunters Trace$230,000
Peoria5318 Rothmere Drive$230,000
Peoria2700 Sesame St.$228,900
-3924 Route 90$227,500
-8811 Bartell Drive$227,000
Peoria217 Hollyridge Circle$222,000
Peoria217 Hollyridge Circle$222,000
Peoria5505 Isabell Ave.$222,000
Peoria369 High Point Road$220,000
-111 Curtis Drive$220,000
-1022 Hiawatha Court$218,000
Peoria3818 North St.$217,000
Bellevue513 Denver Court$216,000
Peoria1311 Moss Ave.$214,500
Peoria9250 Timber Lane$213,000
Peoria2512 Kaylie Court$212,500
Peoria9013 Picture Ridge Road$209,900
Peoria1017 Northmoor Road$207,000
Dunlap128 Hillside Court$206,800
Peoria3518 Knoxville Ave.$205,000
Chillicothe606 Stillwater Drive$203,000
Lake Camelot9920 Lake Lancelot Drive$195,000
Bartonville706 Cedar Point Court$194,900
Glasford313 Glasford Road$194,000
Peoria5200 Knoxville Ave. 1$191,000
Peoria808 Northcrest Ave.$189,900
Peoria301 Kickapoo Terrace$187,000
-15917 Parks School Road$185,000
-2905 Rome Road$183,000
Peoria2221 Jubilee Lane$180,000
Peoria2201 Jubilee Lane$179,900
Peoria1813 Bel Aire Drive$177,000
Peoria1626 Devereux Drive$176,000
Peoria3923 Knoxville Ave.$173,500
Peoria6110 Frostwood Parkway$173,000
-1355 Wonderview Drive$169,900
-1420 Schneblin Lane$169,000
Peoria6810 Fawndale Drive$169,000
Peoria6229 Post Oak Road$167,000
Peoria505 Merle Lane$166,000
Peoria5611 Woodbriar Lane$165,000
Elmwood211 Holly St.$165,000
Peoria903 Raven Road$162,500
Chillicothe911 Stanley Drive$160,000
Peoria8645 Picture Ridge Road$159,900
-4902 Hopewood Lane$159,900
Peoria2209 Jubilee Lane$159,500
Peoria6412 Brookwood Lane$159,000
Peoria3628 Breckenridge Court$157,000
Peoria3307 Biltmore Ave.$157,000
Peoria1713 Kingsway Drive$155,000
Peoria3227 Bigelow St.$154,900
-11812 Farmington Road$154,000
Peoria512 Ridgemont Road$153,000
Peoria136 Oak Park Drive$152,500
Peoria1005 Northcrest Ave.$151,000
-825 Mossville Road$149,000
Peoria3332 Lexington Court$149,000

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